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Mother Earth Living will bring you all the best and latest information you need to choose natural remedies and practice preventive medicine; cook with a nutritious and whole-food focus; create a nontoxic home; and garden for food, wellness and enjoyment. In every issue, you will find recipes for healthful foods suitable for a wide range of special diets; tips to avoid dangerous toxins in cosmetics and personal care items; hands-on gardening tips to help you grow earth-friendly gardens; and detailed information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants.

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self-care in the age of social media

@hannah_aften WE’RE ALL familiar with the philosophical thought experiment, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Lately, I’ve been pondering a different version: “If I experience something beautiful and don’t share it on social media, does it matter?” Sadly, the modern answer often feels like “no.” Because this is clearly an unhealthy cultural phenomenon, I’ve begun viewing social media detoxes as an important part of my self-care routine. Digital detoxes help remind me that I don’t need to seek validation from outside sources, nor do I need to be constantly entertained or distracted. If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a social media detox for yourself, here are the steps I’ve found most helpful: 1. Alert your online community…

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your remarks

Medicinal Seed Source The March/April 2018 issue of Mother Earth Living features so many informative articles. I will be saving the copy to reread in the future! I read the article titled “Healing with Gotu Kola,” and the author mentions that this herb is easy to grow. Could you provide a resource for ordering seeds or plants? JANA BRAYTON GAFFNEY Larsen, Wisconsin EDITOR’S RESPONSE: We’re glad you enjoyed the gotu kola article, and thank you for the feedback! One of our go-to sources for gotu kola seeds is Strictly Medicinal Seeds. They carry a wonderful assortment of medicinal seeds, and their germination rates are superb. Passionflower Advice I was delighted to read that your editor-in-chief, Hannah, is experimenting with growing passionflower (March/April 2018, “Inside This Issue”). It’s certainly one of my favorite plants, and it’s a medicine…

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best buys for health & beauty

All-Natural Yoga Mat | $49 and up Ethically produced and biodegradable, ZURA mats are named after the Sanskrit word for “warrior for good,” which embodies the company’s mission of strength, passion, and power. www.ZURAYoga.com Dead Sea Salt Soak | $16 for 6 ounces Hemp Sacred’s Epsom bath salts contain 21 beneficial minerals to help you feel deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, and hydrated. www.HempSacred.com Face-Brightening Day Cream | $30 for 2 ounces Derma-E’s tone-evening moisturizer is lightweight, vegan, and cruelty-free. It also offers UVA/UVB protection. www.DermaE.com DIY Hair Care | $60 Use this Oleum Vera kit to customize nine different hair masks, rinses, and treatments made with organic ingredients. www.MotherEarthLiving.com/Store Cleansing Clay | $9 for 1 pound Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is made up of 100 percent bentonite clay; just add apple cider vinegar for an amazing facial. www.Amazon.com…

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industry news

ONLINE SUPPORT SYSTEMS Dr. Gina Ghods recognizes how invaluable the help of others can be when experiencing trauma, but also how difficult some find it to attend a weekly support group session. Something so important shouldn’t be a challenge, which is why she founded aGroupForME (www.aGroupForME.com). This free, online service matches you with a support group who relates to your concerns, and you can meet with group members via webchat from wherever is most convenient. The sessions are moderated to ensure discussions remain relevant and to guarantee groups get the help they need from every resource available. HEALTHFUL HAND-HOLDING In 2018, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a study of young adult couples that proved holding hands synchronized couples’ brainwaves, more so when one of them was in mild…

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beyond the page

Have you discovered our Facebook Live videos? Every other Thursday at noon our in-house video team plans and produces a new segment to share on Facebook. From Fair speakers to gardening tips, from cooking with adaptogens to live chick hatchings, our video team covers enough content to intrigue everyone. Even our editors join the fun; above you can see Mother Earth Living editor-in-chief Hannah Kincaid and our social media coordinator, Queren King-Orozco, demonstrating two different, homemade, Oleum Vera face masks. (Watch the full face mask creation at http://bit.ly/2pdzGoU.) When you tune in to Facebook Live videos, you can watch and comment in real time. Often we host giveaways, with prizes going to those viewers most engaged with the content. And don’t worry if you miss one — you can always catch…

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homemade anti-acne pads

Supplies Needed ✽ 2 airtight glass jars✽ 1 cup alcohol-free witch hazel✽ ½ cup dried calendula flowers✽ 20 to 30 drops essential oils of choice✽ Organic cotton rounds Let’s Begin 1. In a clean jar, combine witch hazel and dried calendula flowers. You may use more or less of either ingredient depending on how many acne pads you want to make or how saturated you’d like the witch hazel. Mix until all of the flowers are covered with witch hazel. 2. Tightly cover the jar with an airtight lid. Store in a dry, dark place for at least a week for the strongest infusion. 3. After a week has passed, strain the calendula-infused witch hazel into a bowl. You can toss the spent calendula blossoms on your compost pile to get a little more use…