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Mother Earth Living September - October 2018

Mother Earth Living will bring you all the best and latest information you need to choose natural remedies and practice preventive medicine; cook with a nutritious and whole-food focus; create a nontoxic home; and garden for food, wellness and enjoyment. In every issue, you will find recipes for healthful foods suitable for a wide range of special diets; tips to avoid dangerous toxins in cosmetics and personal care items; hands-on gardening tips to help you grow earth-friendly gardens; and detailed information on the traditional medicinal uses of plants.

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mindfulness in the mundane

MY PARTNER is a talented cook with a flexible work schedule, so I’m blessed to come home to made-from-scratch meals most evenings. However, not cooking means I’m on dish duty every single night. I recently noticed I had developed a bad attitude around doing dishes. Rather than feeling grateful to come home to these meals infused with my partner’s love for me and his passion for whole, real foods, I would grumble to myself about being stuck with the drudgery of cleaning. Instead of having a delicious meal to show for my hard work, I just had the same dirty dishes, crumb-laden floor, and sticky countertop night after night. I convinced myself that I’d gotten the short end of the stick. Around this time, I stumbled across advice for how to…

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your remarks

Protecting the Plants I recently read your article “Sourcing Sustainable Essential Oils” (May/June, 2018). I am an essential oil beginner and want to start using them for my personal use. Can you kindly recommend a good company to purchase oils from that is environmentally friendly, and that does not contribute to plant extinction? Any suggestions would be very helpful to me as I start to explore using essential oils. I truly enjoy reading your magazine and appreciate all of the helpful information it provides, as well as its positive stance in protecting our planet. PATRICIA L. SHERIDAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania EDITOR’S RESPONSE: Great question, Patricia, and congratulations on embarking on your aromatherapy journey! Some of our favorite essential oil companies include Eden’s Garden, Pompeii Organics, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Aromatics International. All of these companies source…

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equipment for a complete kitchen

Traditional Linen Apron | $47 This full-length apron made of natural linen fits most body types. It ships from Lithuania, but it’s worth the wait. www.Etsy.com/Shop/notPERFECTLINEN Natural Water Filtration System | $330 This 3-gallon system removes harmful bacteria from drinking water without power, plumbing, or pressure attachments. www.MotherEarthLiving.com/Store 6” Tosagata Knife | $55 Made in a centuries-old style, this blue steel and wrought iron Japanese mincing knife is high-quality and affordable. www.JapanWoodworker.com Harvesting & Gathering Bag | $65 Easy to carry and to empty, this waxed-canvas bag with a removable liner is a harvesting and foraging essential. www.BarebonesLiving.com Universal, Reusable K-Cup | $15 Keep using your Keurig without adding to plastic K-Cup waste with this durable, BPA-free filter. www.Keurig.com…

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industry news

A NEW ORGANIC STANDARD “USDA Certified Organic” and “Non-GMO Project” food labels promise high standards in terms of chemical inputs and seed use; however, neither of the terms guarantee that the farmer is concerned with animal welfare, employee rights, soil health, or land management. Recognizing this, the Regenerative Organic Alliance created the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC). The ROC will ensure ongoing sustainability by emphasizing the regeneration of the resources farms use. Learn more at www.RegenOrganic.org. AIRLINE AMENITIES Practicing wellness on a crowded airplane may seem like a distant possibility, but an increasing number of global airlines want healthy options for their passengers. United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and British Airways passengers now have access to digital meditation services. American Airlines collaborated with the bedding brand Casper to redesign pillows and blankets to increase passenger…

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meals on wheels

www.MealsOnWheelsAmerica.org WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: 10 million seniors in America struggle with hunger, and another 15 million live in near-isolation. Meals on Wheels, a nationwide network of more than 5,000 volunteer communities — one of which includes our very own Ogden Publications — delivers daily nutritious meals, a safety check-in, and simple human interaction to seniors who are housebound or have limited mobility. WHAT IT DOES: ✽ Allows nearly 2.4 million seniors to live in their own homes rather than relocate to nursing facilities. ✽ Sets up a payment policy based on each community’s local needs and resources; no one is turned away because of an inability to pay. ✽ Saves millions of taxpayer dollars, as the cost of one year of Meals on Wheels is roughly the same as one day in a hospital or…

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beyond the page

Here at Ogden, a favorite summertime task is tending to the office garden — an approximately 20-by-20-foot plot of abundant perennials. Once a week during the growing season, The Garden Group gets together to weed, water, and eventually harvest the plants that thrive just outside our front door. Started by the Mother Earth News editors in 2010, the garden once held tomatoes, spinach, and other annual vegetables. We now enjoy the beauty of culinary herbs, including oregano, thyme, sage, and lavender, along with ornamentals, such as hollyhocks, catmint, columbine, yarrow, and California poppies. And that’s not to mention the large milkweed patch — what a joy to see monarch butterflies visit the garden throughout summer! As with all gardens, alongside the bounty come a few struggles. Lately, bindweed has been doing its…