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Mother Jones March/April 2018

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REBECCA LEBER has broken so much news about Scott Pruitt’s epa that the agency no longer sends her all its press releases. Leber, who has spent a year tracking environmental deregulation under President Donald Trump for Mother Jones, compiles her encyclopedic knowledge of the EPA chief’s history and dealings for this issue (“Toxic Avenger,” page 22)—a good thing, because her friends are sick of hearing her talk about him at parties.While investigating the failure of Ohio’s largest charter school, JAMES POGUE moved back in with his parents for a month and listened to his mom, a retired public school social worker, suggest angles (“Least Likely to Succeed,” page 32). The trip home was a relaxing break after two years of hiding from the FBI, toting guns, and racing around with…

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is there a vaccine for propaganda?

CEO MONIKA BAUERLEINYOU’VE PROBABLY HAD this experience: You’re talking to someone you love and suddenly a gulf opens up between your reality and theirs. Say, you discover that they are a vaccine skeptic. Not an active denier perhaps—just someone who, in the words of a relative of mine, feels she “doesn’t know where the truth is on this.”When I asked this relative, who is both smart and careful to avoid misinformation, why she didn’t recognize what I assumed to be staggeringly obvious—that vaccination is needed to protect not just our children but the entire community—she looked at me apologetically and said, “I’m not a parent, and this isn’t something I’ve had a chance to look at in-depth. All I know is there is lots of controversy. There are people who…

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retake the house

“When you have no other housing available and you’re squatting, every fucking day is a victory.”CHRISTINE HERNANDEZ, a mother of four, slender in stature and bold in manner, knows how to scout for abandoned homes—the bleak dwellings with the boarded-up windows and ripped-out drywall, their innards packed with leftover syringes, rotting debris, and the peculiar loot of previous dispossessed tenants. She says it’s best to send someone who won’t draw too much suspicion from cops or neighbors. “I’m a woman, and small,” she notes. “Not super intimidating, you know?”It was about two years ago when Hernandez, who works at a community development organization, and her husband, Emilio, a painter, were forced to leave their ramshackle home in Oakland, California, after trying to get their landlord to make repairs. They started…

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in the name of the son

Activism, Lucy McBath says, “is in my DNA.” (MELISSA GOLDEN/REDUX)ON A FRIDAY morning in December, a freak storm has sent snow billowing down the wide streets of Marietta, Georgia. But despite icy roads and an accident-related traffic jam near her house, Lucy McBath comes walking through the ’50s-style double doors of the Marietta Diner, a smile spread across her face.As she settles into a booth beneath Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling, it’s clear no storm will stop her. “I have 100 percent security in the fact that God will lead me where I need to be,” she tells me. “I will continue to go through any door that he opens for me because that will allow me to make the best and the most important impact for serving people.”The…

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courting disaster

Judicial vacancies at start of first yearJudicial nominations in first yearTrump’s judicial nomineesAll federal judgesFor sources, go to motherjones.com/trumpjudges.Federal judges serve for life. 16 of Trump’s nominees are 45 or younger.42% of Obama’s appointees were women. Trump’s nominees are 23% women.61% of Trump appointees are affiliated with the conservative Federalist Society.2 of Trump’s nominees have been unanimously declared “not qualified” by the American Bar Association. Since 1989, only two other nominees have received such a rating.…

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how the gop pulled me into its war on the fbi

(VICTOR JUHASZ)IT WAS A GOOGLE ALERT that notified me I was part of the latest Republican conspiracy theory.The message, in mid-January, pointed me to a column by Rep. Jim Jordan, a very conservative Republican from a very Republican district in Ohio, posted on the very conservative site Newsmax. Jordan, who was an assistant wrestling coach before entering politics, had drawn up a list of “18 top questions to be answered about Russia and the FBI.” I was Question No. 16.In his introduction to this list, Jordan noted, “The American people deserve to know the extent of Russian interference into our free elections.” Yet for weeks, Jordan had been one of the leading Republicans decrying the investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal led by special counsel Robert Mueller. His 18 questions contained…