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Cars & Motorcycles

MotorTrend June 2019

Motor Trend is the world's automotive authority. Every issue of Motor Trend informs and entertains with features on the testing of both domestic and import cars, car care, motor sports coverage, sneak peeks at future vehicles, and auto-industry news.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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12 Issues

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Editorial Editor-in-Chief Edward Loh @EdLoh Executive Editor Mark Rechtin @markrechtin International Bureau Chief Angus MacKenzie @Angus_Mack Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman @MT_Loverman Detroit Editor Alisa Priddle @alisapriddle Features Editors Scott Evans @MT_Evans, Christian Seabaugh @C_Seabaugh Manager, Visual Assets Brian Vance Photography Asset Editor William Walker @MT_dubdub Associate Photo Editor Robin Trajano Associate Photographers Brandon Lim, Jade Nelson Managing Editor Rusty Kurtz Senior Copy Editor Jesse Bishop @thejessebishop Copy Editor Claire Crowley Technical Technical Director Frank Markus @MT_Markus Testing Director Kim Reynolds @MT_Reynolds Road Test Editor Chris Walton Associate Road Test Editor Erick Ayapana @Erkayapana Road Test Analyst Alan Lau Art Creative Director Alan Muir Managing Art Director Mike Royer Contributors Correspondents Mike Connor, Todd Lassa, Randy Pobst, Derek Powell Photographers Wesley Allison, Brian Brantley, Daniel Byrne, Jim Frenak, Evan Klein, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Kenny Nakajima, Jessica Walker, Kevin Wing Artists Paul Laguette, David Kiss MOTORTREND Digital Senior Production Editor Zach Gale @ZachGale News Editor Alex Nishimoto @MT_NishiMotor Associate Online…

4 min.
your unicorn has arrived

The team put together a fascinating story entitled “Ditch Your Car” in the April 2019 issue. In it, we profiled an L.A.-area businessman who traded car ownership for full-time ride-hailing via Uber and Lyft. We’re big fans of cars and car ownership, and we know that you are, too, so I was curious what the response would be. I was not disappointed (and yes, this was a real letter). Dear Mr. MotorTrend: I imagine you’re some young squirt, all full of himself. You say it’s “clear that Uber and Lyft offer a superior experience to taxis with the ability to hail a ride via an app, pay via credit card, and rate your driver.” I say balderdash! The app is on my phone, which I can use to hail a taxi if…

4 min.
2020 toyota highlander

Let’s play a guessing game. Is this a new Subaru? Maybe a zippy Mazda? Ford Explorer? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. This fresh new face is the 2020 Toyota Highlander, which abandons its benign family-hauler look and gets a complete makeover. Moving the midsize SUV to Toyota’s TNGA global architecture, which underpins everything from the Prius, C-HR, and Corolla to the RAV4, Camry, and Avalon, was the perfect opportunity to redefine the Highlander. Working with such a clean sheet, Toyota’s designers created a refreshing change for a vehicle whose popularity was based less on looks and more on Toyota’s reputation for safe, reliable, durable, and functional family vehicles. Toyota wants to expand its base beyond families to include empty nesters and young, active buyers. That meant giving the Highlander a more powerful first impression…

2 min.
2020 tesla model y

We recently got a look at Tesla’s Model Y at an event at the company’s design center. Despite looking like a compact crossover, it’s second row is roomy. At 6 feet tall, I have about an inch and a half between the top of my head and the all-glass roof, and legroom is decent; with two other adults in the back seat, however, shoulder room gets tight. Tesla claims the Model Y can seat seven. Two folded seats are located behind the second row in the hatch, but this third row is clearly for children only, as headroom and legroom are compromised. In front is a clean, centrally mounted, horizontally oriented 15-inch touchscreen, similar to the one found in the Model 3. In fact, the Model Y’s interior appears to be lifted…

7 min.
ultimate 14-car supercar roundup!

If your oligarching, hedge-funding, hostile-takeovering year has been particularly lucrative and you’re eager to make the point for your fellow filthy-rich pals by piloting something low, pointy, crazy-fast, and seven-figure “exclusive,” you point your Gulfstream G650, Boeing biz-jet, or Cessna Citation toward Switzerland for the annual motor show. Few places gather as many rare and fast cars in one convenient place like this. Here’s the essential 411 on each 2019 Geneva Motor Show hypercar. Arcfox GT What: China’s first hypercar from Beijing’s BAIC, displayed in street and track variants. Powertrain: four-motor (street) or six-motor (track; two on each rear wheel), one-speed automatic (est), AWD Power: 1,005 hp (street), 1,609 hp (track) Torque: 590 lb-ft (street), 973 lb-ft (track) 0-62 mph: 2.59 (probably both, traction limited) Top speed: 160-plus mph Price: €1 million…

3 min.
peugeot is coming to the u.s.

There’s a fun old Simca commercial for the Aronde Elysee that includes the phrase “a triumph of French engineering!” These days, Americans hearing that tagline may find themselves stifling a giggle. French fashion? Oui. French culinary artistry? Mais certainement. But engineering—of cars? The last Peugeots and Renaults marketed in the U.S. didn’t exactly give Honda and Toyota a run for their JD Power rankings. But Peugeot says it’s coming back to the U.S., so we did some tire-kicking around the Geneva show floor. Peugeot 208 The small 208 generated the biggest buzz, making its global debut in gas, diesel, and full-electric guises. This one is almost certainly not coming to the U.S., as it’s a car, it’s a hatchback, and it’s too small—but as compacts go, it’s super stylish. The floating-element grille…