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Cars & Motorcycles

Motorcyclist July - August 2018

Each issue of Motorcyclist combines the excitement and color of today's cruisers, sportbikes, naked bikes and touring machines with credible information on road tests, riding gear, safety issues, riding skills and new products.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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In this issue

1 min.
carpathian madness

The 15th Red Bull Romaniacs gets underway on July 24. The race is a four-day hard enduro slog through the cruel and beautiful countryside surrounding Sibiu, Romania. Husqvarna factory rider Graham Jarvis is the undisputed king of Carpathia, having conquered the more than 370 miles of unwalkable mountainside, riverbed, and rock garden six times, more than any other rider. But none of the competitors from more than 40 countries come to Romaniacs for second place. They go because they’re the best enduro riders in the world, and because of all the difficult climbs scattered around the Romanian hills, none mean more than the podium at the end.…

1 min.
kickass, kevin gallas

Top-level enduro riders forsake technological trappings for an uncomplicated world that will always be more about the rider than the machine. Subjected to the rigors of a hard enduro, once immaculate two-stroke dirt bikes become little more than premix-lubed hammers to pound and lug over rocks. It’s determination, strength, tightrope-walking balance, and a knack for navigation that make the building blocks of a competent hard enduro specialist. Here, at the 2017 running of Romaniacs, German rider Kevin Gallas dips into the reserves of toughness that he’ll call upon to secure the 2018 FIM Super Enduro Junior World Championship.…

1 min.
analog adjustment

“DIBS ON BIKE.” Those were contributing editor Zach Bowman’s words after learning we’d be racing a pair of supercharged Kawasaki super-tourers across land and water for this issue. With frontiers of technology and performance to explore, and the stunning red-rock canyons of southern Utah laid out as incentive, Bowman—a grown-ass man—effectively licked his weapon of choice like a kid laying claim to a cookie. And I get it. There’s something about this hobby that rewards reductive thinking. A trust that, at its core, motorcycling itself is the right answer. That even devoid of technology, there’s always goodness to be had in a ride. Zack Courts argues that case well in this issue as he takes a lap in the mountains astride three tried-and-true dual-sport machines, all of which hit the market before…

1 min.

YELENA SOPHIA Yelena Sophia is a commercial art director working in Los Angeles. Her photography projects focus on motorcycling subculture and have taken her from the rural mountains of Cambodia to the brush in Madagascar, and now to the dusty trenches of Gorman, California, for Babes in the Dirt, on page 15. ELANA SCHERR Writer Elana Scherr majored in Art and English at UCLA. She’s since worked as a carbon-fiber fabricator (making motorcycle bodywork), as an editor at Hot Rod magazine, and as editor-in-chief of Roadkill magazine. On page 86 in this issue, she profiles the extraordinary effort it takes to run a Harley-Davidson in Baja. She currently owns several classic cars and an unreasonable number of minibikes. GARY “GAZ” BOULANGER Gary Boulanger is a San Francisco-based writer with a garage full of bikes. The…

1 min.
babes in the dirt

1 min.
pingel petcock

IT MIGHT BE the beginning of the end of the carburetor, but so long as there are bikes in sheds, there will be riders and wrenches bent on getting the most out of their fuel systems. Pingel has been around since 1967 and manufacturing its own products here in the United States since 1973. Put a close eye on any dragbike, and you’re likely to see Pingel jewelry on board. We’ve bought a pile of Pingel fuel valves over the years, replacing tired or cantankerous factory vacuum petcocks. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, they’ll fit just about any bike on the planet, and with a simple on/off design, there’s no wondering if your carb’s getting the fuel it needs. We admire them for that simplicity, but riders with…