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Muscle Car Review

Muscle Car Review

January 2020

Get Muscle Car Review digital magazine subscription today for restoration and performance how-tos, comparisons of today's modern muscle against the legends of the past, plus the finest featured examples for the most passionate muscle car enthusiasts: • A Historical perspective including factory Super Stock specials that tore up the drag strips, Trans-Am racers from the series’ glory days, and even a few vintage Nascar racing legends. • Articles tracing the development of Detroit legends • Coverage of muscle events around the country and how-to stories with an emphasis on preserving and restoring muscle cars.

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muscle car review

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your stories

Our call for your cars and stories resulted in an embarrassment of riches, far more material than we could fit in our Nov. 2019 Readers’ Rides special and the day-two-themed story in this issue. These two letters didn’t quite fit our format, but they were too good not to share at least excerpts from them, as each talked about a different part of the muscle era. mcreview@sbcglobal.net I didn’t grow up in the muscle car era, but I was the next generation that had the luxury of those cars being at every car dealership. I got my license in 1979, and my first car was a 1971 VW. After a couple short months the horsepower bug was biting, and I bought a low-mile 1969 Cutlass S with side pipes and M50 tires…

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MULTIPURPOSE Holy moly, what kind of paper did you use in the Oct. 2019 edition of MCR? To say that it is stiff is an understatement. In fact, I’ve long considered putting subframe connectors under my 1995 Pontiac Firehawk convertible, but now I’m thinking I can save some money and just buy a few more copies from the newsstand and use them as an underliner for the carpeting. That should give me firmness and reduce body flex to achieve the desired effect that I’m looking for! William Craft “I regretted selling it” ANYONE SEEN THIS CAT? I enjoyed reading the stories of people reunited with a car they owned as a young person (“I Got it Back!” Oct. 2019). It’s exciting to read, and at the same time makes my heart ache for the 1977…

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letter of the month

RESTO OR NO? I have been a longtime subscriber to your magazine, and I was hoping you could help me with some restoration information. I am the owner of a 1969 Chevelle SS396. My father bought the car new, and it has been stored in his garage for more than 30 years. My father said the car is fully documented and all original, except he changed the quarter-panels years ago. He said the quarters are original GM. The car still runs, and he was careful to start it once in a while so it wouldn’t seize. I have all the original paperwork along with the Protect-O-Plate. We even have the original eight-track player. The car is a SS396 with 325 hp. My father is sick with COPD and ALS diseases, so this…

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up front

1969 SHELBY 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY Last summer the 1969 Shelby Mustang turned 50, and what better place to celebrate that milestone than at the Shelby American Automobile Club’s (SAAC) 44th annual convention? The event was held at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, and what an event it was. Two days of car shows and swap meets, three dinners featuring guest speakers, and, of course, plenty of track time thanks in part to sponsors Cobra Automotive, Shelby American, Inc., Tony D. Branda Mustang & Shelby Parts, Heacock Classic Insurance, and Team Shelby. The revelers in our anniversary celebration photo include: (front row left to right) Randy Sizemore, Robert Zink, and Ed Shaw; (second row) Robert Epperly Jr., Matt Shannon, and Mike Kincaid; (back row) Mike…

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rare finds

“It was a Friday. I was on my way to work,” Todd Reich recalled. From his car he spotted a cardboard, spray-painted “For Sale” sign for a 1970 Camaro. He says, “I pass by it every day. I thought, I’m going to have to take a look at that this weekend. I made a mental note of it.” Todd forgot about the car until Monday. This time he stopped. “I went up to the guy’s porch. He met me at the door. I started telling him about how I had a 1970 Camaro Rally Sport [with a 307] and always wondered if I’d ever run across it again. The guy said, ‘Well, this is a Super Sport.’” Todd knew big-block Camaros were all Super Sports in 1970. Sure enough, the owner, Steve Michel,…