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December 2021

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train with the best! with cora kasperski @badass_cora_

"WHAT WORKS FOR ME IS SIMPLICITY AND CONSISTENCY." Cora, everyone has their own special story about how they got involved in health and fitness. Could you tell us a little bit about your journey to where you are today? My fitness journey began when, as a little girl in the Philippines, I saw my first woman with muscles. She looked so beautiful. So powerful. And I wanted to be just like her. What’s amazing is that I became great friends with this woman once we all immigrated to the US. Her name is Yoli and she was one of the first female competitor I ever knew, and she was my initial guide into the fitness world. My first husband was also a major influence as he taught me the basics of…

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hot list

NUTRITION USN UNFLAVOURED BLUELAB 100% WHEY PROTEIN The new Unflavoured BlueLab 100% Whey contains only the highest quality, imported whey protein and is free from colourants, sweeteners and flavourants. It has a neutral, creamy taste making it the ideal addition for smoothies, cooking and baking. It’s packed with 23g of rapidly-absorbed whey protein and contains no added carbohydrates, sugar or soy. It’s gluten-free, GMO-free and vegetarian-friendly. If you are looking to gain or maintain lean muscle mass and speed up recovery, BlueLab 100% Whey is for you. GEAR FITBIT VERSA Live your best life with Fitbit Versa — an all-day health and fitness companion that lasts 4+ days and uses personalised insights, music and more to help you reach your goals. The Versa has a long-lasting battery, is water-resistant and has interchangeable accessories. It’s lightweight,…

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from the inside out

OUR COVER MODEL: Karina Elle Instagram: @karinaelle Sponsors: Gym Shark, IdealFit Website: WHEN IT COMES TO appreciating sweat equity, there are early adopters—and then there’s Karina Elle. “I remember in sixth grade using exercise to fix my mood when I was sad or mad or whatever,” recalls the budding fitness icon, 27, whose 1.4 million Instagram followers check in daily for workout tips, healthy recipes, humour, motivation, and more. “So from a young age I’ve had a grasp on how to transfer my emotions into energy.” Growing up Elle had plenty of opportunities to do just that, excelling in everything from cross-country and track to cheerleading. Then a 10-inch growth spurt at 16 changed the game. Recruited as a model, the now statuesque French-Vietnamese beauty experienced that life in Miami, New York, and Singapore…

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fast faves

TIME OF DAY TO WORK OUT? “Morning. I get it done right when I wake up, then I feel good for the rest of the day. You have to fill your own cup before you can pour it out to others, you know?” WORKOUT SPOT? “Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. It’s hard to work out there because it’s so busy, but there’s a lot of love, a lot of good energy.” WORKOUT MUSIC? “Anything you can ride a unicorn to—happy-go-lucky, inspiring, uplifting. At the moment, it’s Avicii.” GUILTY-PLEASURE FOOD? “Thin, golden, super-crunchy french fries with tomato sauce.” MEAL TO COOK? “It changes, but right now I’m into this black bean spaghetti that tastes like real pasta.” WAY TO RELAX? “I love stretching, coloring, painting, gardening, cooking, and reading. Anything that makes me be present in the moment and forget about my…

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karina’s keys

TRAIN THOSE TASTE BUDS “Whatever you eat, your body will adapt to and crave. So enjoy the pleasure in learning how to make delicious foods with a healthy twist and knowing exactly what’s in them.” PSYCHE YOURSELF UP “Get some good music and a cute outfit and a state of mind where you’re gonna kick ass. Tell yourself you’re an Olympian, find that badass persona, and channel that inner warrior to attack your workout.” CONSISTENCY AND INTENSITY RULE “Halfway is better than no way. Even if you don’t go to the gym for an hour, if you go every day and do 15 minutes intensely, there’s gonna be a payoff.” TEAM UP “Cultivate camaraderie in your community. Having that accountability and training with a friend or partner is fun. We’re such an interdependent species, and we need…

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build badass legs

JUMP SQUAT: With feet shoulder-width apart, squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor and then explode up until feet leave the ground. (3 x 10 reps) BARBELL BACK SQUAT: Keeping your core tight and chest up, squat down with a loaded barbell on your traps. (4 x 5–10 reps) SINGLE-LEG DEADLIFT: Hold a dumbbell in one hand, feet shoulder-width apart, and lift the foot opposite of the hand holding the dumbbell off the floor. Hinge at your hips until dumbbell is at midshin level. (3 x 3–10 reps per leg) OVERHEAD PLATE WALKING LUNGE: Lunge forward with one leg until both legs are bent at 90 degrees while holding a plate overhead. (3 x 8–12 reps per leg) BALL LEG CURL: Lie on back with feet on a Swiss ball and lift…