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Muse: The magazine of science, culture, and smart laughs for kids and children

Muse: The magazine of science, culture, and smart laughs for kids and children

Janaury 2021

Kids who can't help wondering whether video games really kill their brain cells, or what a gentleman ladybug is called, will find the answers here, in articles written by award-winning authors and accompanied by high-quality illustration and photography. MUSE is perfect for any kid interested in science, history, and the arts. Grades 5-9

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meet the characters!

CATE PORTER-PINE TIME TRAVELER CATE was born in 3001 as part of a mysterious experiment. Her adoptive parents founded a very special school, Mnemosyne, in an alternate dimension. Fearless and adventurous, Cate treats friends like family. AARTI OKONKWO DOCUMENTARY ENTHUSIAST AARTI invented a color ray to earn admission to Mnemosyne. She’s smart, creative, and loyal, and an interdimensional incident granted her the power to visit every version of herself in the multiverse. WHATSI TAMATOA THOUGHTFUL MAKER WHATSI emerged from a tragic childhood accident as a cutting-edge cyborg. His mom showers him with love, and sometimes fresh bio-tech. A great listener, Whatsi is fond of comics and meditation. O TYCHO HAPPY-GO-LUCKY O invented a human-animal communication device. He can pull totally reasonable people into shenanigans, even childhood pal Aarti. O sometimes wonders if he’ll ever find his own extraordinary powers. MS. ACORN HOLOGRAPHIC CONSTRUCT…

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not raised in a barn

Howdy y’all! I’m a cowgirl from Texas that rides my horse every day to school. You can find me lassoing my cattle, and spending time with my best buds in the barn: my horses and chickens. Just kidding! I am a regular girl that lives in the posh and developed city of Plano, in Dallas, Texas. I ride my CAR every day to school, and you can find me on my COMPUTER web designing. You can find me VIDEO CALLING my best friends on my phone. On that note, I also do not like spending time with animals. I actually don’t like animals at all, I’m just going to end right there. Anyways, I was wondering how stereotypes develop in the human brain. By the way, I LOVE Muse. I…

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muse mail

Science Fiction Science Facts I’m a normal kid, not some weird god of an HBP planet. I have been getting Muse for years! I miss Kokopelli, but the new Muses are pretty good. Whatsi is my favorite—I think it would be AWESOME to have bionic limbs! I LOVE Star Wars! I know all sorts of random facts about it. The sound of TIE fighters is a combination of elephant sounds and tires on a wet road. The Executor Super Star Destroyer is nearly 12 miles (20 km) long! Could you do a science-fiction themed article? I love reading and watching science fiction. If you send this into the fan mail pit, I won’t send armies of rainbow crocodiles to swarm Muse HQ, but I might be sad . . . (and send…

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muse news

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME Hot Dogs in a Hurry EVERY YEAR IN NEW YORK CITY, PEOPLE ENTER A CONTEST TO SEE HOW MANY HOT DOGS THEY CAN EAT IN 10 MINUTES. Competitors gulp down each dog and bun in just a few bites. The 2020 winner scarfed 75 hot dogs. Now a scientist says he has calculated the highest this number can go. The scientist studied data from 39 years of the same contest. Over time, the winners have eaten more and more hot dogs. But there must be a limit to how quickly people can eat—right? The researcher used math to predict records over time. He found that the limit should be 8.3 hot dogs per minute. That works out to 83 hot dogs in a 10-minute contest. This maximum eating speed is…

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e. paul zehr

In the Marvel comics and movies, a sickly army recruit named Steve Rogers becomes Captain America after receiving an injection of “super soldier” serum and being irradiated with Vita-Rays. Such a transformation may not yet be possible in real life, but science and technology are quickly catching up, says E. Paul Zehr. Zehr is a neuroscientist in Canada. He’s also a martial arts master and a writer who explores the science of superheroes. In his most recent book, Chasing Captain America, Zehr explores the wild technologies that could make superpowers possible. He says that biology, tech, and engineering are converging to surpass the limits of human body. His previous books have focused on superheroes too. Becoming Batman outlines the athletic training a person would require if they wanted the abilities and…

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how captain america “broke the rules”

Inside almost every living cell is a material called DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA looks like a very long spiral staircase, with two chains that coil around each other and are connected by “rungs” made of molecules called nucleic acids. DNA contains the blueprints that a cell uses to build proteins, which do the work of keeping a living thing alive. The section of DNA that tells a cell how to build a specific protein is called a gene. Scientists use the word “genome” to describe all of a person’s DNA, including genes. All living things—plants, animals, corn, cats, yeast, mosquitoes—have genes. Genes determine many things about a person, including hair color and eye color. They determine the color of a cat’s fur, or the number of kernels on an ear…