101 World's Greatest Cities

101 World's Greatest Cities

101 World's Greatest Cities

The world is full of fascinating, diverse, exciting and cosmopolitan cities, each with its own extraordinary stories, culture, cuisine and history. In 101 World’s Greatest Cities we take you on a journey through the very best from each continent and bring you essential advice on planning your perfect city escape. Whether you’re looking for enchanting architecture, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, incredible history or something entirely different, there’s something here for everyone. From Rome and Rio to Toronto and Tokyo and everywhere in between, come and discover the many riches that the world’s greatest cities have to offer. Enjoy!

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Johannesburg is perhaps one of South Africa’s best-known cities, along with Cape Town and Pretoria, but isn’t one of the three capital cities – that honour going to Bloemfontein. However, it is the capital of the Guateng province, which is the smallest in terms of area, but biggest in terms of population. The explanation behind this is one of the major reasons to go to the city: gold. Guateng means ‘place of gold’ in Sesotho as it was the site of a major gold rush in the 1880s. People flocked to the area to mine for the precious metal. Nowadays people still flock to the city in order to take a look at the abandoned mines and learn about what life was like for the miners over 100 years ago.…

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You are invited to the biggest party in the world. You’ll have to fly to Salvador, the capital of Brazil’s Bahia, but the long-haul flight will be oh so worth it when the Afro-Brazilian beats are pulsing in your ears, the rhythm overtakes your body and all thoughts of work, to-do lists and DIY are banished as you dance, drink and celebrate with 2.5 million other like-minded revellers. The six-day Bahian Carnival is held annually in Salvador either at the end of February or the beginning of March. It is by far the largest street party in the world, and is Fun with a capital After all that partying, you’ll be crying out for a little R & R. Lucky for you, Salvador is teeming with beautiful beaches and small seaside…

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Whether you’re testing your resolve in its harsh winters or prefer to make the most of the Norwegian capital while the Sun still shines, Oslo is a city that’s ready and able to provide whatever the weather. While many may travel looking for a blanket of the white stuff to hurl themselves down a mountain, Oslo is just as suitable for summer trips, too. You may want to take a boat trip out on the fjords, for example, and the chance to glimpse a dolphin cresting the surface is likely not worth combating the bitter winds in winter. In fact, you’ll be thankful for Norway’s long summer days – where the Sun doesn’t really set until midnight – because when it comes to exploring Oslo’s natural environments, there’s just too much…

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Since it is divided into two halves of Buda and Pest, the side of the Danube you choose to stay on in Hungary’s capital perhaps says as much about you as it does the city itself. The former, on the west bank, is typified by its grand panoramic views over the city below, with a rather relaxed atmosphere as you stroll about the Castle District – though you may fancy taking the 19th century funicular to the top rather than brave the many steps to reach Fisherman’s Bastion. Pest, on the other hand, is the busier downtown area, meaning it’s here you’ll want to go for exciting spots to eat, drink and party in equal measure. As a tourist destination, Budapest is crammed with things to do. Architecturally, it’s one of…

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Berlin’s fascinating history as a city formally divided into east and west feels emblematic of a place that always has the potential to reflect an opposite aspect of itself: it has high-culture and pop-culture, historic monuments and cutting-edge architecture, offers both space for calm reflection and a vibrant nightlife, world-famous tourist destinations and little-known secrets for the intrepid to discover. This is a city that is able to give you whatever it is you are looking for. Two of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks are within a stone’s throw of each other and a must for visitors to the city. The Brandenburg Gate, completed in 1791, is not only a great photo opportunity, but a fascinating lens through which to view the tumultuous history of the city, from Napoleon all the way…

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Dramatically set high in the Andes, with the volcano of Pichincha providing a jawdropping backdrop to the city, Ecuador’s capital, Quito, is a city that will delight you with a variety of stunning sights. To get yourself a great view of the city, you’ve got a couple of options. One is to visit an important symbol of Quito, the winged Virgin Mary, located at the top of El Panecillo. Alternatively, jump on to the TelefériQo cable car for a ten-minute ride to the top of Cruz Loma. From that 4,100-metre (13,000-foot) vantage point, you can stare in awe at the surrounding mountains and the city nestled far below. Get stuck into the city itself by exploring Quito’s historic district, one of the oldest and best preserved old towns in the world. Consider…