220 Triathlon Guide to Peak Performance

220 Triathlon Guide to Peak Performance

220 Triathlon's Guide to Peak Performance takes your triathlon to the next level. This 148-page special edition uncovers the training secrets of the world's elite, shortlists the cutting-edge training tools to maximise every session and delivers unmissable advice to conquer Ironman. INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER… - The must-do triathlons to test your limits - What to look for in aerobars, aero helmets and deep-rim wheels - Why now is the time to buy a power meter - Breakthrough swim, bike and run sessions - Why fasted training is key to faster racing in 2019 - 18 pages to make the most of your off-season - Alistair Brownlee's bike-fit masterclass - Everything you need to know to tame Ironman

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from the editor…

What does peak performance mean to you? Vicky Holland sealing her first world title? Alistair Brownlee striding to successive Olympic golds? Undeniably outstanding achievements but, here at 220, peak performance is about you – the committed age-grouper. It’s about helping you to move from a completer to a competer or, even further up that performance ladder, refining your training regime so you hit the top 10%. That’s why you’ll discover advanced advice like the benefits of block periodisation, why low-intensity fasted sessions equal more speed and, of course, the most extreme triathlons to challenge, inspire and motivate. Prepare to train and race at the next level… SUBSCRIBE TO 220 TRI MAGAZINE See p141…

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three ways to smash your 2019 goals!

TOP-END GEAR GUIDE You’ve already got the triathlon fundamentals. Now it’s time to aim higher thanks to power meters, aero helmets, aerobars and wheels that wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery p40 OFF-SEASON TRAINING The 2018 race season’s drawn to a close, meaning it’s time for advanced turbo-trainer sessions, a spot of off-road running and high-intensity rides around the velodrome p84 COMPETITIVE EDGE Why glycogen-depleted sessions are a must; how visualising success can lead to real-life success; triathlon-specific gym workouts; and the importance of your parents! p100…

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MUST DO RACES IRONMAN WALES 15 September 2019 3.8km swim / 180km bike / 42.2km run Since its debut in 2011, Ironman Wales has established itself as one of the most atmospheric, noisy and beautiful 226km courses on the Ironman circuit. With over 2,000m of climbing on the bike course alone, it’s also nestled its way to the top of the toughest M-Dots in the world, with the climbs at Ludchurch and Heartbreak Hill in Saundersfoot already entered into Ironman folklore. As for the run, it’s undulating with a total elevation of 350m, so it’s wise to adjust your pace on the climbs and descents to ensure you maintain a consistent effort. ironman.com ALPE D’HUEZ TRIATHLON 2019 date TBC 2.2km swim / 118km bike / 20km run A 700m-high swim in a mountain reservoir opened once a year;…

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age-group inspiration

The fleet of kayaks and support boats struggle to maintain position as the wind picks up. The chilly water of the San Francisco Bay ebbs toward the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. Two-thousand athletes from 54 countries gaze out at the water and the small but growing crop of white caps standing between us and dry land, a mile and a half away. The captain of the San Francisco Belle throws the engines into reverse one final time to hold this spot, 50m off Alcatraz Island and the infamous prison colony it once housed. The ship’s horn blows and the pro racers rocket off our port side and into the roiling water below. The 38th running of the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is underway and I’m about to leap. KARL STAYS…

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conquer alcatraz

1 Come out a day or two early to take part in one of the organised practice swims to help familiarise yourself with the water conditions and pick up some pro tips. 2 Leave the tri bike at home. The course is super technical, with few long straightaways, and the road conditions are horrible. Stick to a more manoeuvrable road bike. Disc brakes are a plus, and don’t forget extra tubes. 3 Use some earplugs to keep out the cold water, which can really throw off your equilibrium during (and after) the swim. 4 Swim socks not only help to keep your toes warm during the swim, they provide enough support and protection to complete the warm-up run without having to stop to put on a pair of shoes at the mini-transition.…

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maximise power & aerodynamics

When you race the bike leg of a triathlon, most of your effort goes into overcoming air resistance. At 25mph, the aerodynamic drag accounts for about 85% of the forces acting against you. Reduce the drag and you’ll ride faster. If you’ve ever put your hand out of a car window while you’re travelling along, you’ll have felt drag clearly. Hold your hand upright and it’ll get buffeted; hold your hand flat to the ground and it’ll slip through the air much more easily. Straightforward enough. So the ideal bike set-up for triathlon is the one that lets you slip through the air most easily? Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated … Trek bike-fit specialist Jez Loftus says: “In triathlon, it’s all about finding the absolute compromise between aerodynamics and comfort, and…