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5280 Magazine

November 2020

Founded in 1993, 5280 is the largest local magazine in Colorado. The magazine's stories often make national headlines, and since 2005 5280 has been nominated for four National Magazine Awards. Get 5280 Magazine digital subscription today.

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fraud alert

As if 2020 weren’t already the worst year in recent memory, we’ve got one more thing to add to the running list: Consumer scams are up. We’ve seen the best of people in the form of medical professionals and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’ve also seen the worst of humanity as con artists have come out en masse to prey on us during this uniquely difficult time. Which is not to say that these shysters weren’t around before 2020—they were, and they’ve been steadily ramping up their schemes as more of our lives are conducted on the internet. The unfortunate truth is that if you’re online, getting scammed in one way or another is a question of when, not if. The best way to avoid being ripped…

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helping hands

Front Range foodies should feel grateful for Raquela “Rocky” Serber. After all, the 35-year-old chef-owner of Elita Specialty Market & Kitchen is here to help you cook Thanksgiving dinner. Community means everything to Serber, who grew up in Mexico and overcame more tragedy than most: Her mother died when she was seven; her father was murdered when she was nine; and she’d lived in 11 homes by age 10. At Elita, her six-month-old butcher shop and cafe inside Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace, the Johnson & Wales graduate marries the cooking of her childhood with the Mediterranean flavors she grew to love through her Tunisian aunt and her six years of living and catering in Israel. Her butchers case is filled with local and sustainable meats (turkeys start at $8.50 per pound);…

2 min.
the consummate camping setup

Warm up by the flames (PSA: always check for local fire regulations and restrictions!) with your outdoor buddy in Kelty’s mesh low loveseat, which includes insulated beverage holders. $110, kelty.com Lighten up your entire campsite with this rechargeable lantern from Littleton’s Fenix Lighting. The hangable illuminator has three brightness levels and a scope of 360 degrees. $60, fenixlighting.com Nab the Ascent down sleeping bag from Sea to Summit, whose North American headquarters are in Boulder. Its duck down is sure to keep you warm even on the most frigid night. Starting at $349, seatosummitusa.com Cortez-based Osprey’s backpacks are wildly popular among gear aficionados, and who are we to disagree? Pack your supplies in its updated-this-year Aether Plus 60/Ariel Plus 60—the mens and womens versions, respectively, include new foam back panels for comfort and…

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short supply

In the early weeks of the pandemic, gear stores braced for catastrophe. With people out of work and stuck at home, they feared sales would plummet. It didn’t take long, though, for Coloradans to realize that social-distancing-friendly trails, rivers, and campsites were open, leading them to Front Range shops to gear up. All at the same time. Exacerbating shortages even further, many manufacturers closed down production facilities due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. “It was like a whiplash,” says Rick Case, founder of Nite Ize. “Retailers were closing their stores, people were staying home, and the demand for product initially stopped.” Then, he explains, people started going outdoors, leading to boosted sales. Meanwhile, larger retailers such as REI struggled to keep up. “Our business is booming because…

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the best defense is a good offense

RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Ask your phone company about its spam filter technology. The 2019 TRACED Act requires voice service providers to develop authentication technology. Most of the larger companies already offer some measures of protection, but it can’t hurt to ask what’s available to you. 2. Freeze your credit. Sometimes called a security freeze, this free tool allows you to restrict access to your credit report, which makes it difficult for scammers to steal your identity and open new accounts in your name. Doing this does not affect your credit score, but you may need to temporarily unfreeze it if you need to open a new account. You’ll need to contact Equifax, Experian, and Transunion—the three credit bureaus—to freeze your credit. 3. Don’t post your entire life online. We know you reeeeally want to.…

3 min.
hiding in cyberspace

Listening to Martha Paluch talk about her job will destroy any anxiety-suppressing denial you might’ve been allowing yourself about the shadowy recesses of the internet and the threats that lurk therein. As chief of the economic crimes section for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado, Paluch discusses “money mules,” “tracking international IP addresses,” and the “dark web” like other people talk about the weekly budget report. However, the tenor of her voice changes from nonchalant to something approaching glee when the name Leonard Luton comes up. “We got lucky with that case,” she says, “because the fraudsters were here in Colorado.” Although Paluch couldn’t discuss details because Luton had yet to be sentenced at press time, a release from her office in February revealed that Paluch helped prosecute and convict the…