911 & Porsche World Issue 321

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box clever

It hardly seems possible the Boxster has been around for a quarter-century. Earlier, in 1993, the motoring world was wowed by the 986 concept shown at the year’s Detroit Auto Show. Unlike most design studies showcased on manufacturer trade stands, that early incarnation of the mid-engined, rear-driven, open-topped chartbuster was so accurately pitched that very little was changed for series production. The Boxster’s significance is so much more than its inclusion in the Porsche product line-up. Reflecting a new way of thinking from fresh minds in the company boardroom, the radiant roadster was the car responsible for bringing Porsche back from the brink of financial ruin at a time its hold on the sports car sector was coming under attack from all angles and its manufacturing processes were looking decidedly dated.…

13 min.
platinum blonde

The aura surrounding early 911 Turbos from the mid-1970s glows with age: as that halcyon decade recedes further into history and we reach for tangible objects that encapsulate the era, few cars carry the flame as radiantly as the 930. I’m with Mick Pacey of Export 56 at his Cranfield base in rural Bedfordshire, contemplating one of a trio of three-litre 930s. Between 911 & Porsche World and its sister title, Classic Porsche, we’ve published several features focusing on 911s in Export 56’s custody to date, and our star car, the Platinum Blonde, is the latest to get our pulses stirring. Mick has owned Porsches since 1978 and takes care of close to fifty Stuttgart-crested classics at Export 56’s headquarters. “I’ve always had a soft spot for three-litre Turbos,” he says.…

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the bulletin

PORSCHE TAKES NEW 911 GT3 OFF THE LEASH AT THE GREEN HELL The seventh edition of the 911 GT3 (where does the time go?!), developed in close collaboration with Porsche Motorsport, has finally been unveiled. This awesome new track attacker borrows much from the successful 911 RSR race car, including double wishbone front axle layout, sophisticated aerodynamics, a swan neck rear wing and the RSR’s diffuser. The four-litre six-cylinder boxer powering the 992-generation GT3 is based on the drivetrain of the GT3 R, tried and tested in endurance racing and producing 503bhp in the new GT3’s factory specification, though we’re certain tuning houses are already rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of significantly hiking the engine’s power output. With a top speed of 199mph (even faster than the 991 GT3…

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BERGVILL F/X T-LIGHT V3 HEADLAMP UPGRADE FOR 993 Aftermarket automotive electronics specialist, Bergvill F/X, has added to its portfolio of products for Porsche models by introducing a new T-Light headlight upgrade kit for the 993-generation 911. The company has enjoyed many years of international success with the original T-Light kit, which is a plug and play HID upgrade, replacing the 993’s standard halogen low-beam headlights without the need for changing optics or other components, save for the original bulbs. In 2020, Bergvill F/X launched an upgrade for its 993 low-beam offering, optimising output beam and light pattern, as well as offering a 6000K variant (over the standard 4300K version) for drivers who like whiter light. Fast-forward to today, and the company has added to the range with an upgrade for the 993’s…

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tim harvey

I’m often asked who I think is the best driver in whatever category is being discussed, be it F1, BTCC, GT, prototype racing or Porsche Carrera Cup. The meaning of ‘best’, however, is different to everyone. Some think it means the fastest over a single lap, while others consider it the driver with the best record of success. It can also mean the driver best at performing under pressure, maintaining the most consistent lap times, having the least tyre degradation, the most efficient overtaker, a natural leader of the team and a whole host of other definitions. For me, ‘best’ is a combination of all the above. Of course, I appreciate the majority of motorsport enthusiasts want to know which driver is fastest. At different times in history, certain drivers have…

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ben lane

My technicians and I are big fans of exotic European sports cars, with a particular fondness for those wearing the Porsche crest. As you can imagine, in the near fifty years Elite Motor Tune has been trading, we’ve seen every variety of 911 pass through our workshop, but I’m always blown away by what brilliant value for money the Boxster is when compared to its rear-engined big brother. Admittedly, if we’re talking early Boxsters, I’d take a 996 Carrera 4S over the same-age roadster, but on the whole – this is a view shared by many in the motoring trade – the 986 and 987 Boxster is a better buy than its corresponding two-wheel drive 911. Don’t get me wrong, the rear-driven 996 and 997 are good cars, but having all…