911 & Porsche World Issue 322

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mixed emotions

With the promise of lockdown lifting in the coming weeks, many of you will be looking forward to finally being able to hit the road. Some of our readers will already be in charge of a Stuttgart-crested sports car or SUV, others buy this magazine to be inspired in advance of dipping their toe in the used Porsche market. Whatever situation you find yourself in, we hope the expert advice across the following pages will help you to decide which Porsche best suits your requirements when working with a budget of between £4k and £40k. We appreciate that’s a broad scale, and we know there are owners who don’t want to buy a new car, but simply want regain enthusiasm for the Porsche they already posses, affection easily lost during…

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base passions

Are you one of those marque enthusiasts who reckons a Porsche isn’t a ‘proper’ Porsche unless it’s rear-wheel drive? If so, say hello to the first Taycan observing your preference for power pushing from the back. Save for the 911 and its Carrera nameplate, as with every other current Porsche model range, there’s no trim identifier on the base-spec Taycan — you simply settle for the standard Taycan script at the rear. And, while our strangely coloured Zuffenhausen-supplied demonstrator looks a lot like the Taycan 4S (which landed in 2019 ready for the 2020 model year), what makes this new base model stand out from the crowd is the fact it’s propelled by a single electric motor. The unit is mounted on the rear axle, along with its attendant two-speed…

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the bulletin

QUEEN OF THE GREEN HELL, SABINE SCHMITZ, HAS PASSED AWAY As outlined across the following pages, in less than a week in mid-March, the world of motorsport lost three key figures, all with strong links to Porsche. Sabine Schmitz, known as the Queen of the Nürburgring, passed away on 16th March following her three-year battle with cancer. She was just fifty-one years of age. Along with her two sisters, Schmitz was raised in the Hotel am Tiergaten, operated by her parents within the Nürburgring Nordschleife. She claimed her first lap of the Nürburgring was from behind the wheel of the Schmitz family car, which she borrowed without her parents’ permission not long after her seventeenth birthday. Despite graduating in hotel management and catering, not to mention opening her own hotel in Pulheim,…

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NINEMEISTER LIGHTWEIGHT FLYWHEEL FOR 981 & 718 BOXSTER/CAYMAN S/GTS/GT4/SPYDER Warrington-based independent marque specialist, Ninemeister, has long been regarded as a leader in the development of aftermarket tuning products for Porsches of all ages, a reputation sure to be further galvanised by the introduction of the firm’s new lightweight flywheel for 981 and 718-generation Boxsters and Caymans (Spyder, GT4, GTS or S models). A huge forty-five percent lighter than the factory part it replaces, this CNC-machined, high-carbon-forged, billet transmission upgrade is a direct fit and can operate with the host vehicle’s standard clutch, if the driver so desires. Improved throttle response — coupled with faster progress through the rev range — is promised, culminating in noticeably faster acceleration. As you’d expect, Ninemeister offers a separate fitting service, as well as a wide…

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tim harvey

Perhaps the biggest motorsport news during winter was the promise of Porsche returning to Le Mans as a factory team from 2023, taking up residence in the new LMDh prototype class. This is the new Hybrid ‘Hypercar’ (I really do detest that word!) category, which seems to have captured manufacturers’ interest and, it must be said, not before time – the last few years of seeing Toyota as the single top tier manufacturer entry has resulted in hugely processional racing and frustratingly predictable results. The only question to ask was “which Toyota will be allowed to win?!” Porsche’s return to Sarthe will come with a car jointly developed to run in the IMSA Sportscar Championship, meaning Daytona in January 2023 could be the first race for the exciting new prototype. Stealing…

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patrick o’brien

Some people consider the 986 Boxster to be a cheap Porsche. It isn’t — there is a world of difference between something being available at a low price and something being ‘cheap’. The 986 Boxster is far from the latter, possessing the same amazing engineering as any other Porsche product. The fact an early Boxster is mostly 911 beneath its open-top, two-seat silhouette is testament to what amazing value for money the roadster is in the current climate. The fact prices of the model are increasing, helped by extra attention brought about by media coverage of the original Boxster’s twenty-fifth anniversary in 2021, adds to the appeal of getting in on the act. From my workshop in Walsingham, Norfolk, I’ve been lucky enough to serve many of the county’s enthusiastic Porsche…