911 & Porsche World Issue 329

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floating on air

As much as the clothes we wear and the haircuts we favour (well, not me, obviously), trends in automotive styling serve future generations as an insight into what life looked like years beforehand. It’s a funny thing — though the appearance of old buildings rarely changes, archive footage of the places we know can seem surreal, depicted as they are with the shape of once commonplace four-wheelers long forgotten or seldom seen. But wait! Rolling into shot is the unmistakable shape of an air-cooled 911. Few manufacturers have succeeded in achieving vehicle design standing the test of time, but Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche’s coachwork for the 356’s successor is as popular today as it ever was, not only through the way the curves drawn from his pen almost sixty years ago permeate…

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product of the environment

When polar ice melts, it harms habitats as far away as Asia and Africa. In 2022, conservationist (and Christopher Ward Challenger) Tom Hicks will lead an expedition to the North Pole to measure ice melt rates for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF). On his wrist will be the C60 Anthropocene GMT. Able to monitor two time zones at once, waterproof to 600m and with a sapphire dial that recalls polar ice, it can withstand whatever the Arctic throws at it. And with five percent from the sale of each watch going to DSWF, it’s playing its own part in the fight against climate change. Christopher Ward Ingeniously English. Unsurprisingly Swiss. christopherward.com…

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categorically speaking

We can only imagine what it must have been like to be a fly on the wall in the Porsche product planning meeting when someone suggested the company apply its legendary GT badge to a Stuttgart-crested SUV. “Nein!” was likely screamed from a far corner, promptly followed by the complainant snatching up their cup of coffee and storming out of the room. We picture this happening repeatedly until the naysayers returned to their seats after spending a few minutes crunching numbers and realising the idea isn’t so crazy after all. You see, the GT label has been reserved for the purest of Porsche sports cars since 1955. It makes modern models (primarily GT2, GT3 and GT4) so revered. We already have the Cayenne GTS (Gran Turismo Sport), though. Surely, this…

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the bulletin

968 L’ART CAR: RETRO LOOK TRANSPORTED TO THE MODERN ERA Parisian clothing label, L’Art De L’Automobile, prides itself on emphasising the connection between vehicles and fashion. The brand’s appropriately named founder, Arthur Kar, has now fulfilled a lifelong dream in collaboration with Porsche: the realisation of a Kar-styled 968. Developed as part of the model’s thirtieth anniversary celebrations, the resulting 968 L’ART roadster made its debut during the recent Paris Fashion Week. Created over a period of eighteen months, the finished car is painted a unique shade of green and features a completely redesigned rear end with bespoke lighting. The nose has also been reimagined. Many of Porsche’s commercial partners, including TAG Heuer, Recaro and BOSE, added products of their own design to the interior. These include a one-off TAG Heuer stopwatch in…

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ROUE WATCH 910-INSPIRED TPS WRISTWATCH Available in five different dial finishes (black, silver, blue, black and yellow, blue and silver), the Roue TPS wristwatch is a tribute to the legendary 910 prototype race car, winner of the 1967 1,000km of Nürburgring. With an interesting pulsometer calculator feature, this beautifully presented timepiece is strictly limited to 1,000 units and features triple-layer dial construction with Swiss Super-Luminova printing. Measuring 40mm, the TPS is powered by the Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz movement, combining reliability and accuracy with the cultivated manoeuvre of a mechanical chronograph boasting a dry click and instant reset. The watch’s screw-back case features embossed 3D artwork depicting a 910, while two easy-click interchangeable straps (one leather, one silicone) are included with each purchase. The 316L low-carbon polished stainless steel case features a…

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tim harvey

Participating in a road trip in good company. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy life and, more specifically, the ownership of your Porsche. I’ve just returned from a six-day trek around Europe, taking in Zolder, Spa-Fancorchamps and the Nürburgring, during which I nudged my GT3 RS’s mileage by 1,445 miles. You may recall one of my earlier 911 & Porsche World columns, when I explained how this trip was planned earlier in 2021, before COVID-driven travel restrictions forced it to be postponed. Frustrating, but this only made expectation all the greater. I was joined by Darren Anderson, Greig Daly and Ollie Preston, best known as technical, commercial and sales directors of independent marque specialist, RPM Technik. A few of the firm’s customers, all with a similar itinerary, also came…