911 & Porsche World Issue 330

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the buying game

We’re approaching the time of year many Porsche enthusiasts consider taking their four-wheeled friend off the road for winter maintenance. Others start thinking about selling up in favour of a different Stuttgart-crested joy toy to enjoy when spring has sprung. If the latter sounds familiar, or if you’re dipping your toe into the wonderful world of Porsche ownership for the first time, you’ll be interested in our showcase of 2022’s best buys, catering for a variety of budgets from £20k to £110k. From 968 Sport to 992 Carrera GTS, there’s a variety of excellent sports machines for you to consider across the following pages. There’s also a ‘money no object’ proposition in the form of the Everrati 964 Gulf Signature Edition. Along with the other big-power EVs rolling out of…

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lights, camera, action!

The conditions are perfect. It’s been raining for most of the month, but today, the asphalt is bone dry and the 964 I’m driving has been equipped with fresh Michelin Pilot Sport 4S black circles. This super-sticky rubber is designed to provide maximum grip in exactly this kind of weather, but I’m going to challenge these tyres – I’m driving this torque-rich 500bhp beast harder than I’ve driven any car for a very long time. Strong into corners, a tonne of opposite lock, Michelins screaming in protest, the Porsche sliding sideways. Power on, out of the bend, foot to the floor and away we go. Exhilarating. I’m aware of the blue flashing lights surrounding me, of course. Uniformed police officers and ready-to-pounce squad cars appear everywhere I turn, but I’m not…

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the bulletin

TAYCAN GTS AND SPORT TURISMO REVEALED AT RECENT LA AUTO SHOW What does GTS stand for? Ah, yes. How could we forget? Gran Turismo Sport. This makes the latest addition to the Taycan line-up something of a mouthful – the new Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is, in fact, the new Taycan Gran Turismo Sport Sport Turismo. Interesting. Revealed at the LA Auto Show alongside the new Taycan GTS, the third body version of the Taycan model line shares its sporty silhouette and rearward-sloping roofline with the Taycan Cross Turismo. “The Taycan model range has grown steadily since its world premiere in 2019,” says Kevin Giek, Porsche’s Vice President of Model Line Taycan. “Three body variants with up to five engine options offer something for everyone,” he added, presumably aware there is no…

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NEW CHRISTOPHER WARD C60 CONCEPT WRISTWATCH Numbers. Easy to throw about, harder to support. With this in mind, let’s start with a figure which defines an irrefutable, easy-to-understand fact: 120. That’s the number of hours offered by the power reserve in the new Christopher Ward C60 Concept wristwatch. This figure sounds more impressive than five (the same measurement expressed as days) and it’s the kind of number one associates with high-end (read: expensive) watches capable of supporting the two barrels needed to power the C60 Concept for such an extended duration. Inside the C60 Concept’s brushed and polished 42mm Grade 2 titanium case is the latest development of the company’s in-house-designed and assembled SH21 calibre, of which over 8,000 have now been produced for Christopher Ward’s premium models. Launched in 2014 after…

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tim harvey

Motorsport’s silly season is the period of speculation and intrigue surrounding driver moves for the following year. It can be both frustrating and amusing in equal measure. It used take place during the winter months after a season had finished, but speculation now starts halfway through the preceding year – witness Daniel Ricciardo signing for McLaren’s 2021 season in mid-2020. At the time, he was enjoying a highly lucrative two-year contract at Renault and was seen as a leader, very much the team’s future star. Imagine how deflating it must have been for all concerned to see out the year with a driver they knew wanted to be somewhere else. Furthermore, Renault could no longer share any technical information or detail regarding upgrades with Ricciardo for fear of this data…

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rob langley

This issue of 911 & Porsche World focuses on identifying and buying any one of a number of hot picks for the year ahead. If you’re in the market for your next Porsche, there’s every chance you’ll have one to sell. Sure, you could get in touch with Phillip Schofield and accept far less than your car is worth, but the sensible thing to do is sell to an independent dealer, one which doesn’t want to take your car on a sale or return basis. There’s a perception dealers just want to sell, but half of what we do is buying. After all, in a business like Harbour Cars, where all Porsches being offered are owned by the company, cars need to be bought before they can be sold. For obvious…