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three into one

An especially agitated date for AERO Magazine’s editorial office. It was a Wednesday, and three events were taking place at the same time, one in each country, which demanded an unprecedented mobilization of our editorial team. In São José dos Campos, in the interior of Sao Paulo, Embraer announced the type certificate of its E190-E2 regional jet. During this time, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in Paris, Dassault launched the Falcon 6X program, detailing to a small group of visitors the new jet characteristics. Finally, in Las Vegas, the world’s largest helicopter airshow was taking place, the Heli-Expo. We marked presence in all of them, and here we show the best we have seen in Brazil, in France and in the US. The press coverage of the fair promoted…

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volcanoes and aviation

Earlier this year, Indonesia issued flight warnings around Mount Sinabung volcano, which had its biggest eruption in recent times. The gigantic ash cloud reached an altitude of 7,276 m, going towards the north of the Island of Sumatra. Governments were afraid that the volcano, one of the world’s most active, could enter into a large scale eruption stage, partially or totally impeding flights in the region with the world’s highest air traffic growth. Volcanoes and aviation have an intrinsic relationship. Data are impressive. ACTUAL DAMAGES In June 1982, the Boeing 747-200 that carried out the flight Speedbird 9 of British Airways, between Heathrow and Auckland in New Zealand, entered an ash cloud near the island of Java, Indonesia. In a few seconds, the four engines stopped working. After numberless attempts, the pilots…

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how do i prevent the stall ?

The stall is a situation that no pilot wants to go through. The classic definition of stall refers to a detachment of the air flow from the airfoil, making the lift to be lost. This may occur in aircrafts and in helicopters as well. This situation happens when it is surpassed the critical limit of the angle of attack of the wing or the main rotor blades. Stall may also occur inside the turbines, when the same phenomenon of air detachment takes place, but from the compressor vanes caused by turbine overspeed or some compressor anomaly, such as wear or breakage. However, there are some variations that should be remembered here. They are essential to prevent entering into the situation, or if it does happen, to get out from it. VARIATIONS Being within…

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falcon 6x, the journey of the hero

Impossible not to think on the hero’s journey theory of Christopher Vogler. A narrative constructing that we find in the mythology heroes’ history, in Disney characters and even in Star Everything began in 2014. In late April that year, we went to France to witness the birth of Dassault Falcon Jet’s two new products, the Falcon 5X and 8X. The 8X was an upgrade of the winner 7X with more range and room, Wars saga script. In it, an apparently common entity while the 5X was the company’s beloved child, a concept renovating project taking into account the market desires of more comfort for users and the incorporation of new technoloan adventure, is given supernatural help, overcomes successively higher ordeals, but succumbs to a challenge that places it between gies and…

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embarrassing situation at nbaa

In the marathon of simultaneous press conferences at NBAA, we ended by choosing those that we will personally follow up. The one who decided not to be at Dassault 2017 press conference regretted, since he lost the most interesting journalistic moment of the fair. Generally, press conferences are used for companies to exalt what is going well in the company and to hide the troubles, already indicating solutions. However, none of this occurred that day. Eric Trappier, CEO of Dassault group did not sugar coated when revealing that some days before was informed that once again development problems of Silvercrest engines were impairing the program. Visibly uncomfortable, Trappier informed that a definite decision about the project would be made by the end of the year and he only looked a little satisfied…

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competitive advantages of the 6x

FOR PILOTS • Work load reduction with the sidesticks (path control device) • Flaperons that work like a classic flap and like an aileron, making possible to increase lift and roll control as well • Larger HUDs combining Enhanced Flight Vision (EFVS) with Synthetic Vision (SVS), and the possibility of dual HUD so the copilot can share the pilot’s situational awareness • Organized viewing of tracks • Safety of fuel tank pressurization system with nitrogen (On Board Inerting Gas Generation System - OBIGGS) • Access to batteries through dedicated door • Automatic fuel tank water drain (under study) • Wireless synchronization between pilot’s tablet and the flight deck FOR OPERATORS (AIR TAXIS) • Short hop with remaining range of 3,600 nm • Projected operating cost of $ 3,700 per flight hour…