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from canada to the world

After a turbulent period, Bombardier reassumes its key role with the announcement of new members of the extra-long range business aircrafts family of the brand. The Canadian manufacturer, who changed the course of the industry by launching the CSeries program and again agitated the market when selling it to Airbus, now focuses most of its technological vocation on the luxurious Global 5500, 6500 and 7500. Invited by Bombardier, we travelled to Montreal to know in detail the assembly line of the new jets and, in this issue, we present what is behind the manufacture of these real masterpieces of the aviation, our cover of this month. Also talking about launches, we show how will be the new Airbus special cargo aircraft, which was given the suggestive name of a whale. The…

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when shall i use an oxygen mask?

An issue almost never remembered in simple aircrafts without cabin pressurization system or only in those famous initial messages of commercial flights, oxygen masks are items that can be mandatory even in smaller aircrafts and helicopters. With a specific legislation, this may vary from country to country, the use of a mask for supplementary oxygen supply is usually mandatory for crew members in flights with over 30 minutes duration between altitude pressures of 12,500 to 14,000 feet. On the other hand, for flights at altitude pressures between 14,000 feet to 15,000 feet, the use of masks with supplementary oxygen, in many countries, is mandatory for crew members during the entire flight time at these altitudes. Following the same logics, above an altitude pressure of 15,000 feet, the use of masks is mandatory…

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ground vehicles at the service of aviation

In the regular operation of an aircraft, few times we notice the number of ground vehicles involved almost simultaneously. A commercial jet being prepared for an international flight can actually have around it nearly ten several vehicles, from the pushback tractor to self-propelled baggage belt loaders. We have prepared a list of them. BOARDING STAIRS Some models are self-powered and others depend on being tugged. In general, they are used for passenger boarding, buy may be dedicated to maintenance and cleaning teams. CONTAINER LOADER They are special lift trucks used to handle large palletized cargo or cargo in containers. PUSHBACK TRACTOR Perhaps it is the most famous of ground vehicles. It is responsible for maneuvering the aircraft under diverse situations. HYDRANT TRUCK AIRCRAFT REFUELER They are fuel pumps mounted on a truck that pump to the aircraft the…

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the new bombardier

Over the last years, Bombardier should have been the business jet manufacturer that underwent more transformations, and this was not without traumas and uncertainties, but it decidedly leaves it more strengthened from this process. During years, especially in 2014 and 2015, it was attacked from every side with competitors arguing – also in the press conferences at NBAA – that the company was giving huge discounts to be able to market its jets. Competitor salesmen applied there a correct reasoning, that buying an aircraft from a company with problems could become a very bad business, as perceived the owners of the Hawker jets in the death throes of the Beech negotiation by Textron. The Learjet 85 project cancellation and the problems in the company’s commercial aviation unit definitively contributed to…

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under new configuration

The organization of Latin America’s largest business aviation fair has changed. In 2018, the Y-arrangement of the static exhibition and the access to the covered pavilion at the two ends of a circuit allowed the visitors to walk more comfortably through the LABACE corridors. Although being more compact, the new configuration opened space for the creation of a pavilion with a centered stage where the organizers made a series of lectures addressing the sector capacity, highlighting themes such as piracy (in the hiring of charter flights, maintenance completion and spare parts supply) and the aeromedical service. OPPORTUNITY The event brought excitement to sales teams, keeping an eye on the opportunity to talk directly with those who decide the purchase of jets, turboprops, piston aircrafts and helicopters. Even in view of the uncertainty…

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general aviation numbers

CONNECTIVITY Of the 5,570 municipalities in Brazil besides the Federal District, 1,225 were served by general aviation in 2017, at 2,429 aerodromes. Regular commercial aviation flew to just 126 counties last year. FLEET The civilian fleet used outside regular air transport reached 15,406 aircraft in May this year, with 769 jets, 1,325 turbo-propellers, 2,084 helicopters and 11,201 conventional aircraft. The regions with the largest fleet increase in 2018 were the Midwest (with a further 52 aircraft, including 15 turbo-propellers) and the Northeast (with 26 aircraft). Highlight for Mato Grosso and Maranhão. OPERATIONS In 2017, total aviation operations totaled 583,000 landings and take-offs, 13% more than in 2016 - but well below the 2012 record of 772,000 operations. General aviation accounts for 12% of the operations at the six main airports: 22% in SBRJ, 6% in…