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dilemma between pilot and machine

An automatic device is at the center of the debate about the new Boeing’s aircraft family after two fatal accidents in less than six months. As is well known, the 737 MAX version was given improvements in relation to the Next Generation, which has generated efficiency gains, especially due to the change of engines. But the change has also demanded adaptations in the aircraft navigation system, which has incorporated, among other items, the MCAS. In a special report, without taking hasty conclusions, we have scrutinized some important aspects about the use of this technology, having as a basis the preliminary data of the investigations of both disasters and the own decision of the entire world authorities to temporarily suspend the flights of the Boeing 737 MAX. Also in the US, we…

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what precautions shall i take when entering and exiting a helicopter?

Contrarily to aircrafts, helicopters allow passenger boarding and unboarding at helipads with the engine on and the main rotor blades rotating. There are discussions about whether this procedure is safe or not; but what has to be understood here is what can or cannot be done in accordance with the aircraft operating characteristics. Helicopter blades are its wings, and while moving they produce great air displacement. With this air mass in movement, anything that is loose may fly out totally without control. Which means, on an elevated helipad, objects may fall from the top of the building and hit property or people on the floor, or else, in any other situation, they could get into the vortex created by the main rotor and colliding with the helicopter blades, causing serious damage…

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air fun

This year, Sun ‘n Fun, the traditional aeronautical meeting in Lakeland, Florida, has commemorated 45 years of existence with a series of actions and many exhibited novelties, as well as a significant change of name. The traditional Aerospace Center for Excellence was renamed as Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo. The center of excellence in education is one of the prides of the organization. Its secondary school has graduated 450 students in 10 years, out of which 45 went to the university with the money of Sun ‘n Fun intended for who is willing to participate in aero spatial courses, in addition to having helped in the training of 93 private pilots in six years. AIR SHOWS Among the air shows, has attracted the attention the presentation of the Blue Angels, the acrobatic team…

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air defense

The 2019 edition of LAAD Defense and Security, which again has occurred in Riocentro convention center in Rio de Janeiro, has attracted over 450 domestic and international exhibitors from the defense and public security sectors. The proposal of the event, created in the 1990s, is to foster defense sectors in Latin America, a region considered with great growth potential, justly because the serious public security problems, but that have historically faced budgetary restrictions. THREE FORCES The Brazilian government has made investments to improve the police and military forces, as well as to reinforce the prison system. The great military novelty was the announcement of the consortium that won the project of Brazilian Navy for Tamandaré-class corvettes, as well as the submarine program. Although apparently distant from the aviation universe, the definition to…

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cutting the engines

The Japanese company All Nippon Airways (ANA) officially has become the last operator of Airbus giant four-engine aircraft, the A380, which will be discontinued from 2021. ANA received its first A380, out of three, in a special ceremony in Toulouse, France, thus becoming the fifteenth and last company to operate the superjumbo. The aircrafts have a configuration with 520 seats in five classes, out of which, eight first-class suites, 56 executive seats (that can be reclined up to 180º), other 73 premium economy seats, in addition to the 383 seats in economy class, with 60 couch seats, with larger room. With the delivery of the first A380 of ANA, the model will have 232 aircrafts in service, operating in 120 destinations around the globe. Emirates Airline continues to be the main user…

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the navigation of the 737 max

Two accidents in less than six months with the death of 346 people have determined the suspension of flights of the new generation of the most popular aircraft family of all times. In a chain effect, authorities throughout the world temporarily restricted the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX in its different versions – in total there are over 350 aircrafts. The causes of both accidents – the first one of Lion Air in Indonesia in 2018 and the second one of Ethiopian Airlines in Ethiopia in 2019 – are still being investigated, but the aeronautical community discusses what will be necessary for some of the main airlines of the globe, including the Brazilian Gol, to come back to normality. THE MCAS WAS DESIGNED TO CONTROL A PITCH DOWN WHEN RECOGNIZING…