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the industry novelties

Congonhas airport, in the city of Sao Paulo, has one more time received Latin America’s largest business aviation fair. With new design and larger area, the LABACE 2019 has brought together nearly 50 aircrafts and helicopters in its static exhibition, which may move to Campo de Marte in 2020. This year we have prepared a special matter with the machines present at Labace, organized by price range. Our cover of this month was one of the highlights of the fair in Sao Paulo. We have piloted the Praetor 600, that has been recently certified and we give our impressions about Embraer’s new super mid-size jet. Derived from the Legacy family, the aircraft incorporates new tanks to fly longer and shows the best that the Brazilian manufacturer offers in terms of technology,…

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a brave legionary

Embraer has an eye on one of the most powerful segments of the business aviation market, the super mid-size jets. The strategy team of the Brazilian manufacturer explains that, with range increase in relation to the Legacy family, the recently certified Praetor 600 becomes an attractive alternative in this niche, due to the low operating cost, mainly for charters that use to fly with four or less passengers. The Praetor 600 derives from the Legacy 500 platform, with the addition of two ventral tanks, new winglets and cockpit improvements. Among the novelties in the command cabin there are vertical cut radar, ADS-B In, supplying direction and altitude information of other traffics to the crew, E2VS technology, combining synthetic with infrared vision, providing a more realistic image of the external object by…

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flight data

TAKEOFF Departure place Embraer São José dos Campos Time 16:30LCL ATIS information Foxtrot Roof and visibility Cavok Temperature 24 degrees Celsius Wind Calm Atmospheric pressure 1.016 hp People on board 3 Fuel 6,200 pounds T.O. Weight 31,000 pounds Takeoff flap Flap 1 V1 109 KIAS Vr 115 KIAS V2 123 KIAS VFS 141 KIAS T.O. distance 3.549 ft Climb SIKEM 1ª CRUISER Cruiser level FL 330 Speed in Mach 0.82 TAS 485 KIAS LANDING Airport São José dos Campos SBSJ Runway 15 Temperature 21 degrees Celsius Wind Calm Roof and visibility CAVOK Procedure ILS Landing Weight 28,000 pounds Vref 106 KIAS Vapp 110 KIAS Vfs 134 KIAS…

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praetor 600

Manufacturer Embraer Price US$ 22 million Occupants 12 passengers + 2 pilots Hold 145 m3 / 550 kg ENGINES Model Honeywell HTF7500E Quantity 2 Push 7,528 lbf EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS Length 20.74 m Height 6.41 m Span 21.5 m INTERNAL DIMENSIONS Height 1.83 m Width 2.08 m Length 8.37 m Volume 23.4 m3 PERFORMANCE Operating ceiling: 45,000 ft T.O. distance 1,438 m Landing distance** 660 m Cruising speed 450-485 KIAS Range 4,018 nm WEIGHTS Empty 24,659 lb Ramp maximum 42,990 lb Maximum takeoff 42,858 lb Fuel 16,138 lb Payload 4.001 lb Payload with full fuel 2,194 lb…

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praetor military version

It is an early alert and intelligence aircraft based on Praetor 600 platform. In practice, a compact version of the famous E-99, derived from the EMB-145. The P600-AEW is one of the smaller aircrafts within the category of Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C). Although it is based on a super mid-size business aircraft, the model benefits from the advances of on-board electronics, allowing the installation of a complete on-board control station and multiuse radar, mounted in an aerodynamic cocoon on the fuselage, which will not demand great engineering changes in the project. The aircraft will be produced in partnership with the Elta Systems Israeli firm, which will supply a wide fourth-generation electronic system, including ELM-2096 early warning radar, in addition to information collection, surveillance and intelligence sensors. Embraer will be…

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large cabin

Bombardier has undergone a deep restructuration in its aeronautical division, cancelling projects such as the Learjet 5, selling almost all its commercial programs and focusing its efforts on a fairly differentiated market niche. The focus on large cabin and long-range aircrafts has a reason to be, after all, it is one of the segments with less competitors and higher profit margins. When launching the new versions of the Global family, from 6000 to 8000, Bombardier intended to create business jets above the standard of the Global series itself. Following the strategy, recently the Global 7000 has become Global 7500 and has incorporated important changes in a series of items, from larger windows to range higher than 7,500 nautical miles. At first sight they do not seem to be surprising characteristics, since Gulfstream…