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man and machine

The cover matter of this month explores the enticing technological universe of the aeronautical industry. He have prepared a meticulous report on the TBM 940 single-turboprop, explaining the changes of the new member of a family that exists for over 30 years. It is impressive to verify the difference between the TBM 700, launched in 1988, and the TBM 940, certified this year 2019. In the article, is given a clear picture of the true revolution we have witnessed in a few decades, worthy of a turn of a millennium. The aircraft has become more intelligent, incorporating resourses that reduce pilot workload and increase machine efficiency, especially the autothrottle and the fully digital panel. Continuing the technology theme, we have shown the virtues of the new engine generation that is revolutionizing…

17 min.
an intelligent aircraft

The first TBM 940 begin to arrive to the American continent. We have had the opportunity to know closely the aircraft, with important increments regarding the previous version, in Brazil. They are new technologies, still unknown to many people, which we will decipher in this article. The new aircraft results from the evolution that began with the TBM 700, the first single-engine turboprop aircraft for passengers and cargo. The “TBM” initials were chosen to pay homage to the city of Tarbes (TB), in France, were the factory is located and to remember that the project resulted from a partnership with the American company Mooney (M). MOONEY In the early 1980s, Mooney Airplane Company, of Kerrville, Texas, had launched the Mooney 301, a piston engine aircraft with 360 HP, pressurized, with capacity for…

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the acquisition of quest

The announcement of the acquisition of Quest Aviation by the French Daher has created a new opportunity in the business aviation market. The union of the projects of single-turboprops Kodiak 100 and TBM under the same brand allows Daher to extend its global range and its project and production scale. It is expected that the business will be completed by late 2019, with a complete integration occurring in mid-2010. “The acquisition of Quest Aircraft Company represents an additional stage in our development in the United States and a general strengthening of our aircraft manufacturing businesses”, says to AERO Magazine the CEO of Daher, Didier Kayat in Oshkosh. “In addition to make Daher the world’s seventh largest aircraft manufacturer in executive aviation, it provided to us the first industrial unit in the…

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a swiss machine

Anytime the market is given the news that a new aircraft will be launched, our thinking automatically addresses the few and traditional already existing manufacturers. After all, a new project requires, in addition to many money, research and development capacity, which renowned brands have since many years. Since, around 2006, we are surprised with the information that a new manufacturer was installing itself in Switzerland and launching an ambitious project. At that time, Marenco Swiss Helicopters presented the project of a new single-turbine aircraft, with capacity for up to 9 seats, versatile and with the promise to provide the market withan up to then never seen concept of high cargo capacity and low operating cost. With long tradition in the fixed-wing aeronautical industry with the renowned Pilatus turboprop, the European country…

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push for a revolution

Embraer has delivered to Azul Linhas Aéreas the first E195-E2. Circulating around the aircraft, it is noticed that the greater model of the E-Jet family has grown in size. It is always possible to notice that, when being redesigned, it was given more internal space, new avionics and more sophisticated wings. What really differ the jet from its predecessors, however, is the performance. With 20% fuel economy in relation to the previous generation, the E-Jet E2 has had range and efficiency increments The main responsible items for this transformation are under the aircraft wings. They are the new Pratt & Whitney PW1900G engines of the Pure Power family, which stand out by the outstanding body position and the size of the fan, exceptionally great for that power range. They are part…

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should i takeoff?

“The crew’s acceptance to operate the aircraft above the weight and passenger limits without considering the possibility of the occurrence of an emergency situation, like the breakdown of one of the engines, has contributed to make the flight inviable” “Although he had knowledge about the right fuel to be used in the aircraft, the pilot has fueled it with automotive gasoline, which was improper and that has caused an engine power drop during takeoff ” “He has not started the electric fuel pump, which may have contributed to the engine not restarting after the failure” “There has being and inadequate evaluation of the situation on the part of the pilot, leading him to fly under improper visual conditions for visual flight” “In several situations, the employer will ask the pilot to perform operations against…