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AERO Magazine brings you the latest information on business and commercial aviation. Written by an international team of pilots and experts and read by airplane owners, pilots, and the aviation trade, we bring you the must-know information on airplanes, helicopters, airports, technology, history and full coverage of the most important trade shows around the world.

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direct from las vegas

As it always happens at the end of the year, we have gone to Las Vegas, in the United States, and we show the NBAA’s novelties of this year. The highlight is the launch of the Gulfstream and the contract of over one billion dollars closed by Embraer. Moreover, we have here identified and revealed some of the major trends of a market that reinvents itself. We have also tested one of the fair’s highlights, the new version of an icon between the helicopters, the Jet Ranger. We have made an hour and half flight with the Bell 505 VIP, and we have reported our impressions about the restylized, modernized and remotorized aircraft. Without disregarding general aviation, we have published an article on the trends in aircraft cabins: of avionics, air quality…

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at what speed is my aircraft flying ?

One of the main objectives of the aeronautical industry is the search for higher and higher speeds. After all, the time saved in a trip can be used in other more productive or pleasant activities. However, when it comes to measure how fast their machine flies, many people have doubts about the method to be used. In ground vehicles, it is easy. It is just counting the number of wheel revolutions in a given space of time and transforming this value in units of distance per time. In the case of an aircraft, the challenge is somewhat greater. PITOT TUBE The most obvious way is measuring the speed with which the aircraft is displaced through the air. All the aircrafts have a kind of speed indicator that works using a method with…

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the 12 labors of hercules

Romans refer to Heraclitus, the demigod of Greek mythology, son of Zeus and mortal Alcmena, as Hercules; the hero stood out by his strength and courage. He has become famous for completing twelve dangerous labors and ascending Mount Olympus after a genuine Greek tragedy. Many centuries later, Lockheed, the American manufacturer has thought that its four-engine tactical cargo aircraft was worth of the feats of the mythological hero and gave the C-130 the name of Hercules. For over 60 year’s operations, the aircraft has proven that in fact, it was worth of its name. Presented in a classical aviation book as “the world’s most powerful and versatile aircraft”, the four-engine aircraft has already performed at least one thousand different missions. Here we have selected the most curious ones that go…

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a new jet ranger

Someone who knows about aviation especially that one of rotary wings, has already certainly heard, seen and probably flown in a Bell Jet Ranger. It is a mythic, iconic aircraft, developed in the early 1960’s, up to now renowned for its robustness and reliability. The machine was first delivered in 1966; it was a Bell 206A with an Alisson 250-C18 turbine that delivered only 318 SHP. The assembly known as Jet Ranger has been developed over the years and has incorporated changes mainly in its turbine, providing more weight availability in the operations. Naturally, as market and technologies develop, new projects come to view. This way, the Jet Ranger program, in 1975, has originated its Long Ranger brother, capable of accommodating seven people on board (one pilot plus six passengers), equipped…

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new bet in las vegas

Set in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas was born and has grown thanks mostly to the business aviation development. It is not by accident that Nevada’s most famous city alternates with Orlando, in Florida, in the organization of the largest global conference of the private air transport market, the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) - in fact, they are the only cities of the United States with sufficient space to accommodate 1,100 exhibitors, receive over 27,000 visitors from all over the world and expose up to 80 aircrafts in a near airport. But it has an advantage, its history. Venue of the event in 2019, the Las Vegas Convention Center is annexed to a building closely related with this market, the old Hilton (today Westgate), where Elvis…

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what is to be expected from business aviation?

1 EVTOL This segment is becoming so popular that a special area was dedicated to it in the fair. Vertical takeoff and landing electrical aircrafts (eVTOL) have become a major focus for companies like Uber, for example, which was recently associated to Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest chain of aviation bases with over 200 FBOs. Signature will soon begin to build the infrastructure for eVTOL aircrafts in selected places called skyports. It is a rapidly growing aviation segment and, although it does not intend to completely substitute the helicopters, it will be a common way of mass transportation in the 10 next years. It will be green, safe and fast. Wait for further news about this segment in the years to come. 2 SUSTAINABLE FUELS In order to maintain itself ahead of…