African Hunting Gazette

African Hunting Gazette

Spring 2021

Our Objective is simple and clear - to promote hunting in Africa. And everything we do, focuses on this central mission. We believe that for the passionate hunters they are either hunting, or spend their time wishing they were hunting. This publication helps them get through that time when they are not actually in the bush. Our reader is more committed, more passionate and has tremendous interest in just about everything to do with the African Safari. From cover to cover the AHG brings you everything you need to know about hunting the great continent of Africa. From the southern tip of Africa to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, we go about pursuing our simple and unambiguous objective.

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news & letters

I enjoyed the article on zebra hunting in the recent issue, and Craig Boddington's piece "A Matter of Stripes." I took a Hartmann's Mountain Zebra in Namibia's range of hills, and it was one of the toughest hunts of my life. They may not be the rockies, but those are sure-enough mountains, and we chased that herd up and down and up and down and up again until I finally got a shot. One shot on the "triangle" did the job at 150 yards or so. I used a 1944-vintage Husqvarna Mauser in the wonderful 8x57S caliber; Norma's "Oryx" 196-grain bullet is ideal zebra medicine. I wrote up the hunt for "Gun Digest" magazine. It can be found on my web site: I was a veterinary professor for many years…

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During the 70s in Bulawayo, at 11a.m. on a Saturday morning, we’d listen to the Lyons Maid Top 20 Hit Parade. If you wanted to get one of the latest songs, assuming it was released as a 7 single, you could buy from one of just two record stores in town. If you wanted to record the song, you could use a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Later the cassette tape was launched – and that revolutionized listening to music (or so we thought). If you loved music and wanted a great selection it took time. Time, money and effort. Effort was important to note. Many folk had several LPs and 7 singles, but collecting music was a commitment. The records took up space; care was needed in looking after them, keeping them…

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the african dawn program

We introduced this last year and our plans have evolved. On a quest to engage more directly with hunters as we promote Africa, we appeal to every reader, loyal or fleeting, to become involved. You must have some contacts and connections, and we ask you please to share this. If we expect to have a chance in the PR battle that hunting is facing, we have to act. This industry – like many large associations - can’t seem to work together and is too busy trying to earn brownie points, grandstand on some ethic pedestal, or split hairs. For example, two organizations state how bad it is to hunt captive-bred lions. Yet one of these organizations allows these very same operators to exhibit at their show and sell (among other hunts), captive-bred…

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james fields’ of hunters and men

I have corresponded with James who has contributed to AHG over the year. It is always a wonderful surprise to see such a well-researched interesting book touching on so many points pertinent to Africa today. This book considers some of the human-originated problems that presently beset wildlife in sub-Saharan Africa and lightly touches on some of that continent’s colonial history. It also considers some of the reasons why hunting should not always be regarded in a negative light. The book shows how current global influences affect Africa’s animals and their habitat, leading one to conclude that its extraordinary human population growth rate could soon lead to the destruction of the world’s most precious wildlife in the not-so distant future, and puts forward some suggestions as to how the decline might be…

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rowland ward’s records of big game – thirtieth edition, africa

In 1892, James Rowland Ward (1848–1912), a British taxidermist, well-known publisher of natural history books and big-game hunting narratives, and the founder of the firm Rowland Ward Limited of Piccadilly, London, published the first of what has become an eponymous series of books, the Records of Big Game. Now, nearly 130 years later, the thirtieth edition has been released. Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game – Thirtieth Edition, Africa (Rowland Ward Publications, 2020, 824 pages). The record book journeyed beyond the family business some years ago, landing in California in 2015, where it’s now part of the group that publishes Sports Afield magazine and books under the Safari Press name. To the credit of the new owners, this edition is, without question, the best yet. It isn’t merely a rehash of…

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what africans want for their wildlife and biodiversity

These days one reads all kinds of articles in the media, and hears debates on TV, about banning the international trade in wildlife products because of disease risks to humans. This is particularly topical at present, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other vocal lobbyists and animal rights activists want to ban the movement of hunting trophies because they are the product of cruel and unethical practices. Yet others abhor the killing of wild animals for whatever sentimental and personal reasons, and will go to great lengths to persuade their politicians to implement policies that will somehow stop hunters from doing what they wish to do. The politicians in turn find new populist topics to hold forth about during their speaking opportunities in various debates, thereby seeking to enhance their visibility…