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Cocina y Vinos


February/March 2020

Introducing brand-new Allrecipes…the only magazine that brings you the absolute best of the best from over 43,000 tried-and-true family favorites on allrecipes.com! Each issue brings you hundreds of secrets you won’t see anywhere else – fast tips to save you time and money, step-by-step how-to’s, and ideas to help you put your own spin on every dish!

United States
Meredith Corporation
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letter from allrecipes

DID YOU KNOW? You’re a Trendsetter! CLICK HERE FOR MORE TRENDS & RECIPES Click here for more trends (and trending recipes) from the “State of Home Cooking” report on Allrecipes.com. As part of our Allrecipes community—57 million and growing—you help shape the trends that we cover each month in the magazine. From family-friendly meals and special diets to seasonal ingredients and cuisines from around the globe, we look to our community of home cooks to learn what interests you all the time, sometimes, and what’s just beginning to get your attention. You might be surprised to learn that Filipino food is beginning to trend, but not at all surprised that so many of us are choosing to fill our plates with more vegetables and fruits than ever before. What we used to call a snack…

3 min.
state of home cooking 2020

AN ALLRECIPES SPECIAL REPORT As a new decade dawns, we’re serving up and celebrating the biggest home-cooking trends from the most enthusiastic cooks we know: our community. We crunched the data from 1.2 billion annual Allrecipes.com visits and 2.5 billion annual page views. Then we dug even further, surveying Allrecipes cooks about what’s in their carts and fridges, on their stovetops and tables, and on their minds. We learned a lot about the recipes and products they love, the fresh ways they explore food, and the new ingredients and diets they’re most curious about. This issue offers a sampling of the trends they’re cooking up in 2020 and beyond. As you’ll see: The future is now, and it’s delicious. THE TREND AUTHENTIC ETHNIC Home cooks are seeking increasingly specific ethnic foods and authentic dining experiences. Nearly…

2 min.

Editorial & Design EDITOR IN CHIEF Jennifer Dorland Darling CREATIVE DIRECTOR Michael D. Belknap Executive Editor NICHOLE AKSAMIT Managing Editor DOUG CRICHTON Senior Associate Art Director KYLI HASSEBROCK Senior Associate Editor CAITLYN DIIMIG, RD Contributing Copy Editor DIANE PENNINGROTH Contributing Health Editor MARGE PERRY Editorial Administrative Assistant COURTNEY BUSH Interns Tanner Owens Alyssa Raver Test Kitchen Lynn Blanchard Sarah Brekke Linda Brewer, RD Juli Hale Colleen Weeden CONTRIBUTORS Shelley Caldwell Ashley Flaws Terri Fredrickson Brianna Greene Yana Gilbuena Tracey Minkin Amy Palanjian Annie Peterson James Rodewald Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD Photographers Carson Downing Andy Lyons Blaine Moats Aubrie Pick Stylists Kelsey Bulat Greg Luna Sammy Mila Sue Mitchell Preston Nesbit Sofia Odero Jennifer Peterson Mikhael Romain Advertising & Business SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT/GROUP PUBLISHER Mark Josephson VICE PRESIDENT/PUBLISHER Karla T. Partilla ADVERTISING NEW YORK: 212-455-1110 Account Managers Maggie Connolly Alison Fernandez Associate Business Development Manager Alyssa Conte CHICAGO: 312-853-1224 Account Directors Michelle Butler-Mingey Jennifer Swanton National Travel Manager Katy Hildman Sales Assistant Tara Coyle DETROIT: 248-205-2571 Detroit Director Karen Barnhart LOS ANGELES: 310-268-7670 West Coast Account Director Molly Wootton Sales Assistant Blair Shales MARKETING Group Marketing Director Sophia Juarez Marketing Director Jennifer Freire Group Design Director Alyssa Dainack Group Art Director Lela Maloney Associate Marketing Manager Maria Cosentino Group Promotion Coordinator Tara Secilmis Senior Publicity Manager Jill Davison Director, Sales Strategy & Insights Nancy Elias Senior Research Manager Cheryl Campbell PRODUCTION Senior…

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what’s new & trending @ allrecipes.com

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOW Click here to watch Addison and Cory stuff an entire game-day buffet into a supersized egg roll. NEW VIDEO SERIES Slam dunk: Chunks “If it falls apart now, just pour a shot of whiskey and make soup out of it!” That’s not typical cooking-show advice. But it’s what you’ll get from chefs Addison Porter and Cory Bolton, the pair behind the new Allrecipes video show Chunks. With beers in hand, the duo dispenses pro-grade cooking advice with humor and a “Yes, you, too, can do this!” enthusiasm that’s soul-soothing in these Instagram-perfect times. In their first episode, they make an egg roll with an entire game-day feast stuffed inside. Catch it at armagazine.com/chunks or hover your phone’s camera here to watch it right now. food FIGHT! WHICH SIDE ARE YOU…

8 min.
game day / graze day!

“These Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings were delicious and a lot less greasy than regular fried or baked wings. Instead of making the sauce, I used bottled wing sauce and barbecue sauce. Next time, I’ll at least double it.— TEECHURKIDS” GRAZING GEAR CHEF JOHN’S SUNSET MICHELADA HANDS-ON 15 MIN TOTAL 15 MIN SERVES 12 SUBMITTED BY CHEF JOHN 2 REVIEWS 2 pints cherry tomatoes¼ cup chopped celery¼ cup chopped red bell pepper¾ cup lime juice2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce2 Tbsp. Mexican hot sauce, such as Cholula1¼ tsp. reduced-sodium soy sauce½ tsp. salt½ tsp. black pepper1 Tbsp. sea salt flakes (such as Maldon)¼ tsp. ground chipotle chile pepper1 lime halfIce cubes (optional)6 (12-oz.) cans or bottles Mexican lager, chilled12 slices lime 1. Put cherry tomatoes, celery, and bell pepper in a blender. Cover and pulse several times, then blend…

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smart storage