Amateur Gardening 10-Apr-2021

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editor letter

“It’s funny, I spent so much of winter waiting for spring, and then when it finally arrives, I get overwhelmed by all the tasks I need to do. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing: it’s just that so much needs doing at the same time that it becomes a juggling exercise, especially for those of us whose gardening is mostly restricted to weekends. Ten jobs all need doing at the same time – which do you start first? As a perennial bumbler, I just start on the first thing that comes to mind, keep going until I run out of steam, and then count what I have left to do! The important thing is always to stand back and take stock of what you have achieved. I bet it’s…

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get lawns fit for summer

OUR lawns took a battering over the winter months, but now the mercury is rising, the soil is drying, the grass is growing and this all means we can start preparing them for summer. There’s nothing you can do in winter as walking and working on a saturated or frosted lawn will simply turn it into a mudhole and even kill off the grass. But now it is growing again and the ground is drier, it’s time to get on with mowing, raking, feeding and weeding. Multi-tasking products such as Westland’s Aftercut 4-in-1 or Miracle-Gro’s Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 have been formulated to feed the grass while, at the same time, killing weeds and removing moss. They strengthen the grass, making it more resistant to being outgrown by any weeds and moss that try…

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a walk on the wild side

IF you like to leave an area of your lawn to grow into a wildflower meadow for the summer, spring is a good time to get sowing for it. The preparation work takes place in autumn, when you sow the seeds of yellow rattle, a semi-parasitic plant that weakens grass making room for wildflowers to grow. Different grass and flower mixes for a variety of soils (salty maritime, chalk downland, for example) are widely available online and offer a range of native flower seeds specifically chosen for your site. These are generally preferable and more beneficial to wildlife than the generic ‘wildflower and grass’ mixes available from mainstream gardening brands. You can also buy wildflower plug plants cheaply online, which are easy to plant and quick-growing. I bought a variety that included…

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your gardening news

Grow to help homeless Gardening guru Charles teams up with charity Crisis HOMELESS charity Crisis has teamed up with gardening guru Charles Dowding to encourage people to raise funds to get people off the streets – by gardening. The campaign was conceived because while the Coronavirus pandemic has been tough for everyone, it has hit the homeless even harder as they are more vulnerable to catching the disease and less likely to be able to access help. Unemployment caused by C19 is also putting more people at risk of hopelessness if they are forced into rent or mortgage arrears. For these reasons, Crisis is encouraging people to get out in the fresh air, grow together this spring, and raise vital funds to help bring an end to homelessness. The charity is encouraging gardeners of all abilities…

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how to get a good cut

CREATING a good lawn requires effort and patience and a good lawnmower. A popular budget-priced choice for a small-to-medium-sized lawn that is close to the house is a cabled, mains electric model. The cable should be long enough to reach a power point in the house or garage and always attach the mower to a circuit breaker, for safety’s sake. Such mowers are light and quite cheap, powerful and they work very effectively. Many are rotary bladed, with a propeller-like blade mounted facedown to the grass. This type of blade can tackle coarse and long grass, and still gives a very neat cut You can also buy mains electric cylinder mowers, with a cylindrical arrangement of blades mounted like a roller at the front of the machine. The spinning cylinder blades clamp grass…

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stay on top of weeds

ONE of the New Year resolutions I made and stuck to is ‘weed more often’. I’m glad I have, as now those unwanted plants are really coming into their own in the garden, often growing faster and more robustly than the cultivated varieties. Weeds not only make borders look unkempt, they take nutrients, water and light from cultivated plants, are vectors for disease and host pests. The key to keeping on top of weeds is to do little and often, which in my case means running a sharpened hoe blade over the beds every week. This is better than forking and digging as it doesn’t activate buried weed seeds. It cuts off the weedlings and I leave them to rot down and feed the soil. I make an exception for perennial weeds such…