Amateur Gardening 21-Aug-2021

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“Midsummer is all about keeping the flowers going for as long as possible, and that’s been my task for the last few weeks: deadheading, pruning, feeding and watering to maintain those beautiful blooms. My big challenge has been trying to keep black spot at bay on roses. Some varieties are more susceptible than others, and my David Austin Pilgrim, which gives an abundance of yellow blooms, has an equal abundance of black spot. I find myself constantly pruning and clearing the ground of yellow and black-spotted leaves. But I guess that’s the price you pay for not using any chemical deterrents, and I’m still getting great blooms.” Contact us: Subscriptions: 0330 333 1113 Editorial: 0330 3903732 Email: Advertising: 0330 3906566…

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containers for autumn

IT’S been a strange summer in many ways, partly due to the weather and partly down to the lingering effects of Covid. As with last year, the garden has been a place of sanity and sanctuary for many of us this summer and hopefully we will be able to get out into it and enjoy a few more weeks of warmth and sunshine yet. I want to see summer out with a bang, and what better way to do this than plant up pots and baskets full of cheery, eye-popping colour? Moreover, what better time of year to do it, as late summer segues into the vibrant russet tones of autumn, when slightly cooler days and the increased chance of rain help boost the longevity of plants, and there are some wonderfully…

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optimising baskets and pots

WHETHER you are planting a container or basket there are certain things you can do to get the best from your plants and maximise their flowering potential. Firstly, choose healthy plants and stand them in water to give their roots a good soak before planting them up. If you are reusing a container or basket, disinfect it first to remove debris and any residue of pests and disease. When it comes to choosing compost, there are several proprietary blends mixed specifically for containers with added nutrients and water-retaining compounds. However, they often contain peat, which will be banned from 2024, so I recommend using a peat-free product and supplementing it with a granular fertiliser such as Growmore or Vitax Q4. Water-retaining granules that store and release up to 80 times their own weight in…

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trust steps in to help bees

WE all want to do our bit to save the bees, and now to encourage and educate more people about how it can be done, the National Trust has teamed up with BBC Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge 2021 and launched a plant guide listing bee-friendly plants for every garden. The Trust has also planted a Buzz Border packed with pollinator-friendly plants at its North Yorkshire property Nunnington Hall and is sharing tips on how everyone can attract these important pollinators into their gardens. Nunnington Hall gardener Cal Stewart, who designed the border, said: “While many of us will be familiar with bumblebees, there are more than 200 species of bee in the UK and they are critical, pollinating food crops we all rely on. We hope the border, and wider garden,…

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small machine, big power

AS gardens become smaller and time more precious, the machinery we use also shrinks or, to save time, does the jobs for us – hence the rise of robot mowers. However, I quite enjoy mowing the lawn, even though our petrol mower is rather cumbersome and heavy. So I was delighted when Gardena’s lightweight PowerMax 32/36V came into my life. Small enough to negotiate the narrow paths between our raised beds and follow pathways through the wildflower lawn, yet powerful enough to get the job done, it is a delight to use. Handily, the two 18V Bosch batteries that power the machine fit more than 70 other gardening tools from Gardena and other leading garden brands. The batteries slot easily into a top-loading holder and there is a safety key (bright orange so harder…

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it’s seed-saving season

THIS is the prime season for saving seeds from around the garden, allowing you to propagate your favourite plants where you want (as opposed to at Mother’s Nature’s whims) and save money at the same time. Whether you are saving annual, perennial or biennial seeds, or stashing away edible varieties, it’s a great fun thing to do, saves a lot of money and is incredibly satisfying when the results of your labour come to fruition. Collecting seeds is done when the seed heads or pods have ripened and turned from being flexible or soft and green to dried, brittle and usually brown or red. Gather them on a dry day, ideally after a run of rain-free days, as unless they are completely dry when stored they will go mouldy. Timing is key as…