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March/April 2020

Australian Flying is Australia's premier General Aviation magazine, dedicated to educating and entertaining those at the sharp end of aviation. Each issue of Australian Flying delivers hands on tips to better flying along with advice and reviews on the latest technologies, accessories and techniques on the market. Australian Flying also brings you the latest news and most current topical issues affecting the aviation industry. Australian Flying is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of writers and pilots who share a common goal to inform and inspire better pilots.

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beware the creeping scope

Projects often get so large that the finished product has little relationship to what we set out to build. It happens so often that it has its own term: scope creep or mission creep. Things get added, things get changed and often things get out of hand. It’s something that could plague both CASA and RAAus in the future. CASA is drafting new regulations to permit RAAus to administer aircraft with maximum take-off weights of 760 kg, an increase of 27% over their current 600-kg limit. It’s probably quite natural that industry feedback overwhelmingly supported the move; it’s not a giant leap in terms of aircraft capability and shouldn’t stretch RAAus’ core competencies very far. The main aim of enabling recreational home-builders to construct more robust aeroplanes without cutting chunks out of…

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Editor’s Pick The debate about a fleet of CL415 firebombers is not new; it has been mooted before, but with almost zero progress. With the industry divided on the subject, this summers disastrous fires have reignited the argument and this reader believes it is time to make something of the concept. Wanted: one Fleet of Firebombers Dear Steve, I am a past member of the RAAF, a private pilot, I was a rural firefighter for eight years and an Auxiliary firefighter for five years. I know a lot about aerial attack on bush fires. I am trying to get support for an idea of mine to get the Australian government to purchase a squadron of about 12 CL415 firebombers that would be owned and operated by the RAAF. Every year there are hundreds…

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news casa to draft new mtow regulations

MTOW INCREASE PG 12 PIAGGIO AEROSPACE PG 14 AUSFLY DATES PG 14 ADVISORY NETWORK PG 16 REGULATORY REFORM PG 18 CASA will proceed with a project to allow Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisations (ASAO) like RAAus to administer aircraft up to 760 kg maximum take-off weight after feedback published last year showed overwhelming support for the idea. Currently, an ASAO is restricted to administering aircraft up to only 600 kg MTOW, which RAAus has been lobbying to raise for a number of years. Last year, CASA put three options to the industry in a discussion paper: 1. maintain the status quo and make no changes to MTOW limits2. amend the MTOW limits to 760 kg in CAO 95.55 and CASR Part 149 and develop CASR Part 103 Sport and Recreational Aviation Regulations and the Part 103 Manual of…

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breaking news featured on www.australianflying.com.au recently

1 Gas Plume could stall Light Aircraft: AOPA2 CASA Review recommends Class C for Avalon3 Textron buys Australian MRO4 ASQA pulls Box Hill's Aviation Approval5 First SkyCourier comes Together6 CASA seeks Feedback on Stall/Spin Training7 Firebombing to get $11 million Boost8 Senate to launch Two-year Inquiry into CASA9 Financial Woes hit AirVenture Australia as Future Plans canceled10 Airservices to trial Digital Towers in 2020 SIGN UP TO KEEP UP! The Australian Flying website is updated daily with the latest GA news stories. Visit us online now at www.australianflying.com.au to also check out our free classifieds section, photo and video galleries, blogs, flying tips articles and comprehensive Warbird coverage. And be sure to register for our FREE weekly electronic newsletter, which delivers the latest news FREE to your inbox every Friday morning. This…

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new contract to revive piaggio

An order for nine Avanti EVO twin turbo-props signed just days before Christmas last year looks set to revitalise Piaggio Aerospace and resurrect aircraft manufacture. The contract with the Italian defence force is worth around €196 million. Piaggio Aerospace has been under administration since declaring insolvency in November 2018 and was put on the open market in May last year. The agreement provides for the Italian manufacturer to produce and deliver five airframes in passenger transport and ambulance configuration and four aircraft for flight inspection over four years. Under the same contract, Piaggio Aerospace will retrofit a P.180 already operated by Italian Armed Forces. The value of the aircraft and retrofit has been put at €130 million. According to the agreement, the ministry will also finalise a commitment within two years for the retrofitting…

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dates announced for ausfly 2020

The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) has announced the dates of their national fly-in and air show. Ausfly 2020 is scheduled to be held at Narromine in central NSW from 8-10 October this year. The event co-incides with the 65th anniversary of the SAAA. “There will be aircraft static and flying displays, educational sessions and industry exhibitors,” the announcement said. “This is the opportunity to get up and close with aircraft, discover an amazing part of Australian aviation history at the Narromine Aviation Museum, and simply catch up with fellow aviators and like-minded people. “The planning for 2020 has already begun and we expect many exciting announcements over the coming months of what to expect.” Organised in conjunction with Australian General Aviation Alliance (AGAA), last year’s Ausfly presented one-and-a-half days of seminars and a…