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Australian Flying January-February 2019

Australian Flying is Australia's premier General Aviation magazine, dedicated to educating and entertaining those at the sharp end of aviation. Each issue of Australian Flying delivers hands on tips to better flying along with advice and reviews on the latest technologies, accessories and techniques on the market. Australian Flying also brings you the latest news and most current topical issues affecting the aviation industry. Australian Flying is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of writers and pilots who share a common goal to inform and inspire better pilots.

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the professional ppl paradox

Years ago I sat down in a class at Moorabbin. It was a one-off weekend course entitled “PPL Refresher”. My PPL certainly needed refreshing because my bank account had forced it to go stale. The opening statement from the instructor had me thinking I’d walked into the wrong room. “We’re here this weekend to make you all professional pilots.” As I was beginning to collect my pencils and pens and go search for the right room, he elaborated enough for me to stop packing up. “You are private pilots, but that doesn’t mean you are necessarily amateur pilots.” I got what he was saying–I think the whole room did–and have never forgotten to this day: a commercial pilot can be unprofessional and a private pilot doesn’t have to fly like an amateur. Professionalism is…

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Editor’s Pick Andrew’s letter expresses a growing concern in general aviation that bickering and in-fighting is overshadowing the desperate need for reform progress as strategies to out-manoeuvre rivals become the primary focus of organisations. Let’s Stick Together Hi, Steve, I am responding to the sentiment you expressed in the editorial you wrote after the AGAA [Australian Flying September-October 2018]. Your appraisal is probably pretty on the money. The summit sounds like it uncovered lots of issues. I may sound like a Zen master, but I ask this: what do we want? What I think I see in your editorial is something this country suffers a lot of, and that is a lack of leadership. My limited view is the GA industry must take ownership and not expect too much from Canberra. They are only one component in…

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self-assessed medicals: is it about money?

The advocacy battle for self-assessed medicals for general aviation pilots appears to have become one of finance, which sees Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) concerned about the implications for their balance sheets and the Australian General Aviation Alliance (AGAA) asking why CASA is regulating to advantage a private company. As it stands, only holders of RAAus Recreational Pilot Certificates (RPC) will be able to fly without any form of medical examination. Holders of Recreational Pilot Licences (RPL) and Private Pilot Licences (PPL), which are administered by CASA directly, must undergo some form of medical examination to be allowed to fly. RPLs can still fly using the Recreational Aviation Medical Practitioner’s Certificate (RAMPC), but that is slated to be phased out and replaced with the Basic Class 2, which requires assessment by a…

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breaking news featured on www.australianflying.com.au recently

1 Vulcanair V1.0 bound for Australia 2 ATSB singles out Flap in Air Tractor Crash 3 Handiflight aims to Conquer the World 4 Act Changes slated for New Year 5 ATSB honours Mac Job with Media Studio 6 AMROBA calls for Parliamentary Resolution 7 Nextant introduces 400XTe 8 Minister opens Sixth Round of Airfield Upgrade Program 9 Withdraw "biased" Survey Report: AOPA 10 Airflite takes over Kodiak Agency SIGN UP TO KEEP UP! The Australian Flying website is updated daily with the latest GA news stories. Visit us online now at www.australianflying.com.au to also check out our free classifieds section, photo and video galleries, blogs, flying tips articles and comprehensive Warbird coverage. And be sure to register for our FREE weekly electronic newsletter, which delivers the latest news FREE to your inbox every Friday morning. This is the perfect way to…

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sonka wins 2018 world championship

Czech pilot Martin Sonka clinched the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship with a tense victory at the final round in Texas in November. Sonka beat Australian Matt Hall, the USA’s Kirby Chambliss and Briton Ben Murphy in the Final 4 to finish the year on 80 points, five points clear of Hall, who has been crowned runner-up for the third time in his career. American pilot Michael Goulian finished third on 73 points after failing to make the Final 4 in Fort Worth Three pilots–Goulian, Sonka and Hall–went to Texas with hopes of coming away with a championship title, but fate pitted Sonka and Goulian against each other in the Round of 8, meaning only two of the three could hope to become champion. Racing third in the final, Hall laid…

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mahindra sells first airvan 10

Mahindra Aerospace has made the first sale of a GippsAero Airvan 10 single-engined turbo-prop (SETP). The aircraft was ordered in August by Botswana-based Major Blue Air, a charter and scenic flight company operating from Maun International Airport. Major Blue Air has a fleet of 15 aircraft including C172s, C206s, Airvan 8s and Grand Caravans. The Airvan 10 will be the 16th aircraft added to the fleet since the company started in 2009. SP Shukla, Group President – Aerospace, Defence and Steel at Mahindra said "[we are] delighted that Major Blue Air of Botswana has become our first of the FAA-certified new 10-seat turbo-prop aircraft from Mahindra Aero. Heartiest congratulations to Arvind Mehra [Mahindra Aerospace CEO], Keith Douglas [GippsAero CEO] and the Airvan team on their flying success." The Airvan 10 is a 10-seat SETP…