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Australian Flying January/February 2020

Australian Flying is Australia's premier General Aviation magazine, dedicated to educating and entertaining those at the sharp end of aviation. Each issue of Australian Flying delivers hands on tips to better flying along with advice and reviews on the latest technologies, accessories and techniques on the market. Australian Flying also brings you the latest news and most current topical issues affecting the aviation industry. Australian Flying is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of writers and pilots who share a common goal to inform and inspire better pilots.

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with whom lies the power?

Pinning our hopes for salvation on a senate inquiry into CASA could be like hailing the arrival of a knight in shining armour who brandishes a string sword: there’s a lot of good intent, but their power to smite our enemy looks questionable. There is no doubting the sincerity of the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (RRAT) and its chair Senator Susan McDonald in wanting to find out the truth behind the impacts of regulation on general aviation. RRAT has stared down CASA over the most painful wounds that mis-regulation has inflicted on GA and now you get the feeling they've had enough of being given answers they can't trust. It’s always comforting to know that someone else out there feels your pain, but in the case of…

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Editor’s Pick Instructors should inspire not scare Dear Steve Those recently published tales of instructors deliberately scaring ab initio students witless are indeed shameful. Clearly I was much more fortunate. Those who took me through my early stages to UPPL and later gave me endorsements all had different approaches. Some were better teachers than others but all were conduits of knowledge. They also inspired me to read and build experience from the knowledge of others. That’s the essence of good teaching in any discipline. In one’s newbie days the best instructors let you fly the aircraft pretty much all the time, only taking control to demonstrate techniques, or when something is about to go wrong that he or she can still fix but you can't. My most memorable lessons were those where I went…

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senate launches two-year inquiry into casa

The Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (RRAT) will conduct a two-year inquiry into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to gauge the effectiveness of regulation it has applied to general aviation in the past 10 years. RRAT Chair, Nationals Senator Susan McDonald from Queensland made the announcement in December last year, saying the aim of the inquiry is to establish how regulation imposed on GA had achieved CASA’s stated aim of balancing safety, relative risk, and economic costs. “[the inquiry] will look at the social and economic impacts of CASA decisions on charter businesses, helicopter mustering, agricultural operations and maintenance operators across regional, rural and remote Australia,” she said. “We want to examine the relevance of the Civil Aviation Act in relation to maintaining the highest safety standards while…

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garmin introduces auto land for general aviation

Garmin International introduced the world’s first auto land system for general aviation aircraft in November last year. The Autoland technology will be made available on select aircraft fitted with Garmin 3000 avionics and has already been confirmed for the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet and Piper’s M600 single-engined turbo-prop. In the event of an emergency, the pilot or passengers can activate Autoland to land the aircraft. Once activated, the system calculates a flight plan to the most suitable airport, initiates an approach to the runway and automatically lands the aircraft. The system takes into account several factors in identifying the most suitable airport including weather, fuel status, runway surface and length, terrain, obstacles and more. “The vision and development of the world’s first Autoland system for general aviation was a natural progression for Garmin as…

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breaking news featured on www.australianflying.com.au recently

1 Financial Woes hit AirVenture Australia as Future Plans canceled2 CASA opens Consultation on Charter Maintenance Regulations3 Robinson Crash highlights Lack of Powerline Maps4 Mareeba Upgrade enters Service5 E1000 Deliveries to Start Next Month6 ATSB releases Swan River Investigation Report7 Regional Express buys Ballarat Training Academy8 New Partnership creates Pathways to Airline Careers9 SETP Shipments slump as Pistons forge Ahead10 Storm Clouds gather over Mooney SIGN UP TO KEEP UP! The Australian Flying website is updated daily with the latest GA news stories. Visit us online now at www.australianflying.com.au to also check out our free classifieds section, photo and video galleries, blogs, flying tips articles and comprehensive Warbird coverage. And be sure to register for our FREE weekly electronic newsletter, which delivers the latest news FREE to your inbox every Friday morning.…

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airservices to trial digital towers

Airservices Australia will test remote digital control tower technology next year after signing a contract with Searidge Technologies last November. Digital tower technology enables runways to be controlled from remote locations rather than the on-site tower. Searidge will initially provide a prototype contingency system for Sydney International Airport. “Digital Aerodrome Services will allow us to optimise our future service delivery and improve safety outcomes for the industry and travelling public,” Airservices Executive General Manager of Air Navigation Services Peter Curran said. “It also means we can support greater resilience at our major airports and be responsive to service level requirements.” The SYD prototype will showcase the Ultra High Definition (UHD) views of the main operating areas and create a facility for controllers and the regulator to experience the extensive benefits and features of a digital…