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Australian NZ Snowboarding

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As the number one snowboarding magazine for Down Under, A+NZ Snowboarding Magazine delivers in-depth stories combined with unbelievable action photography from the best snowboarders and photographers within Australia, New Zealand and around the globe. We inspire and educate our readers with travel stories, technical articles, interviews and up to date gear guides for the dedicated snowboarder and the weekend warrior alike. Reading Snowboarding Magazine will put you on the inside of one of the most addictive sports on the planet. Snowboarding is a seasonal title publishing 2 issues PA in the Australian winter months.

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the journey

In this issue, we explore a whole bunch of different means of travel – from helicopters, snowmobiles and skinning to 1953 fire trucks and good old-fashioned chair lifts and T-bars! We take a look at some heli boarding in Revelstoke, hiking in Japan, Austin Smith’s fire truck, and some park boarding at the Stomping Grounds! At the end of the day, these different types of transport all lead to the same things: adventure, exploration, fun with friends and getting the shot! They all play a huge part in putting together this magazine. We also go deep with Mark McMorris about his not-so-smooth journey to the top of the snowboarding ladder! So sit back, immerse yourself in these pages and get excited about the adventures to come!…

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heading north

Last issue’s gallery was all from the Southern Hemisphere, so I’m sure you’ve already worked out where we’re going with this one... We’re heading north! Let’s be honest with ourselves, that’s where the real good shit happens: the nose-flaring, spine-tingling, hold-onto-your-lunch boarding! From the best urban spots to deepest pow, if it exists, it’s up north. Make sure you’ve eaten an hour before you get to the gallery – I don’t want you getting sick on the stoke when you see what we’ve served up!…

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cover story

That glacier line was hands down the gnarliest line I've ever seen go down in person. Mahi Mains free-climbed the ice wall – no ice axe or crampons – with a board in hand. We didn't even know if that would be possible, let alone the mandatory 30-foot drop to the ice. I couldn't believe he made it out alive and unscathed. Then, an hour later, the glacier caved next to the line and put a 100-foot powder blast over where I had been shooting… We probably shouldn’t have been there, to be honest. We just had to make our moves in the moment. Apparently, that’s a famous line called the ‘Hairy Tongue’, and it hasn’t been ridden in ten years since the bottom of the line collapsed. The locals couldn’t…

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jesse parkinson

I love snowboarding because there are so many different aspects to it – like park riding, powder and groomers. This mixes it up and keeps it interesting. When you need a break from one discipline, you can do something different, which keeps it fresh. I really like riding with mates. I’ve made some really good friends in Australia and Japan, so no matter where I’m snowboarding, I have a lot of fun. This is good for my progression because if I’m happy and having fun, I’m going to spend a lot of time doing it. Riding with my brother is the best because we always push each other and have heaps of fun without any pressure. We explore new lines through the trees in Niseko, looking for pillows and hips to…

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why australians the f # * k are so good at it?

I was never a competition kid. I rode for myself, with my mates and for sponsors. I was my own boss. There weren’t even boxes to put us into; snowboarding was everything you did on your board. Since becoming a rider, I started editing this mag and then others overseas. Then I moved into building events, Stylewars and The Mile High, and lately, I've been channelled into high performance sport – something I knew literally nothing about. After 12 years of editing ANZ Snowboarding, I am the person in the sport sitting on all boards that run competition snowboarding – TTR, WSF and FIS. I work for SSA, who work with NSWIS, OWIA and VIS; I literally live in an acronym. It has taken a few years to understand the…