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Australia’s leading dressmaking magazine is a favoured by all dressmakers in every age group. Fabulous garments, technical instructions and step x step photos help guide even the most novice sewer to complete perfect garments every time. All the latest patterns and fabrics are covered in every issue plus we trial patterns to give the lowdown on how to improve on each pattern’s instruction sheet. We showcase makeovers of real people, give wardrobe-planning advice and show the latest trends from the USA and Europe.

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7 min.
finding the balance

Everyone has a different shape, and even though 10 women might wear a size 12, undressed they will all look different in their proportion. With some figures (and some designs) it is very easy to find the balance of the garment, but everyone has had a garment that needs adjusting – it may slip off the shoulders, the neckline rides to the back, or front for that matter. It’s about getting the overall balance right so it sits well on the body. In all the years Martyn’s been fitting garments he knows what to look for and how to fix the overall balance of a garment/pattern. He now shares this knowledge with you … Being a patternmaker, I’ve never really had the need to use many commercial patterns. Whenever a client brought…

1 min.
painterly chiffons!

For high summer check out our PAINTERLY CHIFFONS – soft fluid fabrics in plains and prints. Our prints go from botanicals to abstracts. Colours include grass green, orchid pinks, daffodil yellows, forget-me-not blues and orange zinnia! THINK floaty day dresses, a full blown shirt, wide-legged pants (lined with plain georgette), float tops – or simply just add an extra-long chiffon scarf to a classic linen dress or pantsuit. These light-as-a-feather fabrics are ideal for cruising – for dinner at the Captain table – and for tripping the lights fantastic! Happy sewing – David Tinworth, Martin & Savage Fabrics – david@mands.com.au 1. Dig. Ptd. Chiffon, design: Sunset, 100% polyester, colour: Multi, 145/147cm wide. 2. Hi Multi Chiffon, 100% polyester, colour: Lemon, 147/152cm wide. 3. Dig. Ptd. Chiffon, design: 26813, 100% polyester, colour: Ivory, 145/147cm wide. 4. Hi Multi Chiffon,…

5 min.
fabrics with natural movement – chiffon & georgette

Georgette and chiffon – the mere mention of these names makes the most sensible home sewer start pulling out their hair. Novices to intermediate sewers alike view these fine materials with nothing short of fear. While we cannot dispel all the fears surrounding these free-›owing textiles, we can offer some valuable information that may help you progress through this sewing project with some degree of confidence. What is the difference between chiffon and georgette? Georgette is a heavier version of a chiffon-like fabric, which uses crepe yarns to create a fabric with a fine texture, matt finish and natural movement. Styling In order that sewing difficulties are reduced, the first order of business is choosing a style that is suitable to the fabric then choosing a project measuring up to your sewing skill. Since…

4 min.
a-line with a twist

An A-line skirt has stood the test of time, and is only fashion defined by the length of the hem. To give this basic design a little twist, an overskirt is attached, all created from your original pattern. No need to run out and spend more money on patterns, you have all you need with your one original good fitting straight skirt pattern. This design is meant for a crisper fabric such as wool, linen, gabardine or denim. The design profile is a gentle A-line that gives a lovely silhouette for any figure type, but adding a twist with the overskirt standing minimally away from the body to add a balance of colour from the underskirt. The dip in the front of the overskirt confuses the eye, as does the angle of…

5 min.
the small bust – a & aa cup

It seems that most articles on fit address the issue of a large bust but forget about the smaller-busted female. The main reason is the pattern will fit around a small bust but does not fit around a large bust. Although the pattern fits the smaller bust – it is unlikely that it will fit properly. While it is not mandatory that the pattern be adjusted for the A to AA bust cup, it certainly will improve upon the final look of the garment. This is of particular importance in a design that has a tight to semi-fitted bodice region. Determining bust adjustment In general, one can compare the differences between the full bust and high bust to determine if a person has a small bust cup. The high bust measurement is…

1 min.
on the loose

B6171: Pullover tunic has sleeve and hemline variations, and very narrow hem. Sleeves and hemline can be tied or buttoned. Other detail variations include mock-sleeve bands, pockets, drawstrings on sleeves or sides extending into tie ends. For gauze, cotton or linen. Misses’ sizes: XS (4-6) – XXL (24-26). B6172: Loose-fitting, pullover top or tunic has sleeve, layered panel and shaped hemline variations, wrong side shows. For challis, georgette, or linen. Misses’ sizes: 6- 22 B6176 ‘FAST & EASY’: Very loose-fitting, unlined kimono has front, trim, pocket and hemline variations and narrow hem. For lightweight woven and stable knit fabrics such as polyester georgette, cotton lace, peach skin, satin, challis or sweater knit. Misses’ sizes: XS (4-6) – XXL (24-26). www.butterick.com…