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September 30, 2020

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tesla could be about to pull ahead again

TESLA BOSS ELON Musk certainly knows how to generate a headline. Musk has thrown plenty of things out there over the years, and not all have stuck; for every success like the Model 3 and Gigafactory, there’s the new Roadster (revealed in 2017 but not seen since) and the Cybertruck, which Musk now unsurprisingly admits won’t be sold globally, due to regulations. Yet Musk is much more than a quotable business leader who knows how to put on a show. He’s a designer and engineer, and his innovator side was in full flow last week in outlining the EV battery technology that aims to reduce the cost per kWh from as much as £150 now to less than £80 by 2022 (p10). A Tesla costing less than £20,000 would be the…

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nothing to complain about

Ford’s decision to name its landmark first EV the Mustang wasn’t without its dissenters. The name is bound up, they said, with V8s, Route 66 and burning rubber, not zero-emissions mobility solutions. Similar sentiments emanated from enthusiast circles when the new Puma was revealed. Here was a high-riding family hauler that, although dynamically remarkable and boldly styled, was a far cry from its apex-hunting coupé namesake of the 1990s. However, even the most ardent traditionalist would struggle to find fault with the Puma ST’s conception. It’s a good deal more potent than even the Racing Puma (not to mention faster), it packs bags of handling-enhancing trickery not offered on the coupé and, with five very usable seats, a large boot and efficiency-boosting tech, is a much more practical proposition. As it stands, the…

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hot 508 phev packs 355bhp

Peugeot’s new Sport Engineered division has unveiled the 508 PSE as the brand’s most powerful production car yet. As the first in a line of hybridised performance models to be sold under the PSE banner, the hot new 508 acts as a “technological showcase”. It also arrives as Peugeot gears up to make its landmark return to top-flight motorsport with a Le Mans Hypercar entry in 2022. The 508 PSE production car is available in both saloon and estate guises and holds predominantly true to the aggressively styled concept of the 2019 Geneva motor show. Its bright-green exterior accents and brake calipers are a nod to its electrified underpinnings and – together with bespoke 20in performance alloy wheels, aerodynamically enhancing front winglets, a gloss-black diffuser and black contrasting trim details – set the…

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ghost story: how rolls-royce suspended animation

A 1959 ADVERT for the new Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II carried the line: “What makes Rolls-Royce the best car in the world?” Apparently, the answer given by a Rolls-Royce engineer was: “There is really no magic about it – it is merely patient attention to detail.” If the unique front suspension design of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is any guide, that philosophy is still alive and well more than 60 years later. Rolls-Royce engineers named their new design Planar Suspension, reflecting the feeling that the Ghost is riding on a flat plane. It goes much further than that, though, by tackling the subtle nuances of ride quality that sometimes even the best of premium cars struggle to get right. Ride quality is split into two categories, primary and secondary, which could equally…

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vw’s co2 claims for id3 and id4

Volkswagen said production of both its ID 3 and new ID 4 electric cars is effectively carbon-neutral, because of a huge investment in its Zwickau factory, where both models are made. The German plant is powered entirely by hydroelectric, wind and solar power, heating from the on-site powerplant is provided by natural gas and VW said it has minimised energy consumption in key areas. But there’s a difference between ‘carbon-neutral’ production and ‘zero-carbon’ production, and VW notes that with the ID 3 and ID 4, it “compensates for unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects”. As with the Polestar 2, the lifetime carbon footprint of VW’s ID models depends on where the power comes from to charge them, with the firm claiming they’re ‘net-CO2-neutral’ if powered entirely by renewable energy.…

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my week in cars

TUESDAY Feeling distinctly guilty about having had a wonderful week that started with an all-action (and carefully sanitised) morning at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb near Worcester, hurling the latest Abarths up the steep, 1000-yard track. Abarth cars do well in the UK: a couple of years ago, the company’s 5000-plus annual sales volume beat the Italians! My test car was a top-spec, £30,000 695 70th Anniversario, equipped with every possible gadget and the top 180bhp power output. It felt plenty quick, especially after I’d been coached about the correct line through Shelsley’s highly technical Esses by the chief instructor. The car’s short wheelbase is great and it’s easy to drive, but there’s no disguising the substantial torque steer. Still, one of these would be a great daily-driver-cum-weekend-motorsport option for people who’d rather drive…