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Bathroom Yearbook 2017

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Bathroom Yearbook is an annual addition that highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of features for readers looking to create a functional space or sanctuary or for those who are looking to develop their existing bathrooms. This publication offers inspiration for complete renovations, designs from the country’s leading companies and the world’s most spectacular hotel bathrooms, illustrates the season's latest looks and provides expert advice on saving costs.

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from the editor

If I had to design my dream bathroom, it would most likely be a minimalist, Scandi-inspired space with plenty of plants and natural materials, a welcoming bath and some indulgent scented candles. I love little luxuries, and nothing relaxes me more than a long, tranquil bath at the end of a busy day. A modern-day bathroom ought to be functional and practical but, above all, it should be a sanctuary, a place in which you can relax a nd rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. It should reflect the needs and personalities of the home’s occupants while remaining aesthetically pleasing. All of this was kept in mind as we crafted this edition of Bathroom Yearbook. Our Modern Living feature explores must-have products, appliances and accessories, while Nature Calls details how…

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what we love

PANTONE ® 15-0343 Greenery BATHROOM GREENERY Greenery, Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017, can now be infused subtly into your bathroom with Kohler’s Toobi tapware collection. Inspired by the original, free- form delivery of water via a bamboo pipe, this modernist collection is outstandingly contemporary, with a pop of lush green at its spout. W: TILES WITH CHARACTER We can’t get enough of tiled feature walls and feature tiles such as these fabric-look tiles by Beaumont Tiles. They add an element of interest to your bathroom, and experimenting with tile structures, colours, textures and placement is a great way to ensure your bathroom is unique and full of character. W: ONE-STOP BATHROOM SHOP We got to spend some quality time at Hardware & General’s newly revamped bathroom showroom in Brookvale, NSW, recently and we…

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the bathroom yearbook glossary

Bevelled tiles Tiles with an angled edge. Bi-fold door Two door panels that are connected by hinges and fold in the middle to open. Excellent for showers in a small bathroom. Cistern The tank that holds the water used to flush a toilet. Claw-foot Refers to a freestanding bath with four clawshaped “feet”. Clicker waste An alternative to a sink plug that must be clicked to drain the water Console A freestanding sink that is supported by legs, giving the bathroom an open, more spacious feel. Cornice An ornamental moulding around the wall of a room, just below the ceiling. Decorative hardware Handles and knobs for drawers and cabinets. Diverter The fixture that enables water to be accessed by either the bath or the shower. Drop-in bath A bath that is installed or “dropped” into the floor or a…

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modern living

SOFT AND GENTLE Getting fingers caught in shower screens is never enjoyable, which is why we love Stegbar’s soft-close screens. Suitable for use with frameless shower screens, the Polaris soft-close hinge features powerful spring magnets and shock absorbers to ensure gentle, safe closing from any position, reducing instances of damaged glass and injuries. Stegbar soft-close shower screen, SKY’S THE LIMIT This one isn’t for those working with a tight budget or compact space, but is ideal if wellness is an important aspect of your lifestyle. The Sky Line 60 sauna is beautifully designed with neutral tones and simple lines, and is created as a complete furniture piece that can be integrated seamlessly into a bathroom or any other space in your home. The benefits of a sauna are generated by a bath of…

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make an impact

Many people lean towards safe and traditional styles when it comes to bathroom decor. Minimalist bathrooms have been a hot trend in the last few years and function often takes precedence over form. While used every day for its intended purposes, the bathroom is also an escape or retreat where people can pamper themselves, relax and unwind. You want to ensure your bathroom is harmonious with the rest of the home, rather than a completely separate entity. While injecting a hint of personality and individuality into the room keeps it from being stark and lifeless, there is no need to go over the top with colours and patterns to create a striking and unique design. Statement features are the perfect solution to achieve this without the aesthetic becoming overbearing. From claw-foot bathtubs…

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nature calls

Bathrooms are the ultimate room in which to unwind and destress, so it’s no coincidence we often see shampoo commercials featuring women bathing under exotic waterfalls in lush rainforests. Incorporating natural and organic elements into your bathroom design is not only on-trend, it also helps create the perfect ambience for relaxation. For a nature-inspired bathroom, focus on various aspects and try to evoke the sights, smells and touch of our natural environment. Raw materials create a tactile response, and the overall visual of a room can also have a significant effect on the senses. The goal for a nature-themed bathroom should be to create a calm and balanced environment that evokes an innately cleansing atmosphere. Here, we explore the many ways you can incorporate nature’s essence to create your own eco-sanctuary. FLOORS AND…