Bathroom Yearbook

Bathroom Yearbook 2021

Bathroom Yearbook is an annual addition that highlights the best bathrooms of the year, offering an array of features for readers looking to create a functional space or sanctuary or for those who are looking to develop their existing bathrooms. This publication offers inspiration for complete renovations, designs from the country’s leading companies and the world’s most spectacular hotel bathrooms, illustrates the season's latest looks and provides expert advice on saving costs.

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suite disposition

Designing an ensuite can be quite a personal project. Unlike the main bathroom, which needs to be designed to suit the needs of the entire family, an ensuite is a personal space in which you can relax and unwind without disturbance. Chances are you will find yourself questioning your needs and desires when designing your ensuite, which is perfectly normal and actually advisable — your ensuite will no doubt become your private sanctuary, so it should be exactly how you want it. SPATIAL AWARENESS When embarking on an ensuite renovation, the available space will most likely be your most pressing limitation. It’s important to acknowledge the fact that this is the norm for most ensuites and focus on choosing only the essentials for your space. If other bathrooms in your home have showers,…

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destination: tranquillity

International travel may be temporarily on hold, but you can still journey to another place if your bathroom has the right design. These spaces from The Bathroom Pro have the power to transport you worlds away from the worries and stresses of everyday life. The Bathroom Pro team was commissioned to renovate the ensuite and walk-in robe of this home. They achieved this by making the robe larger and adding a sliding cavity to maximise the use of space. Two new bathrooms were also created, as well as a guest bathroom downstairs, all with walk-in showers. The multiple spaces required a uniform theme to ensure a sense of cohesion. This began with the large-format tiles, which also promote a feeling of spaciousness. Their colour variation adds interest while still making the rooms…

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bathroom pleasure all year round

Enjoy optimal conditions all year round in your bathroom with the SAHARA from Ventair. This four-in-one bathroom fan/heat/light/exhaust product is the perfect way to make using your bathroom a pleasure, no matter the season. The SAHARA is one of the only four-in-one bathroom products available in the Australian market — and it’s incredibly unique in a variety of ways. The SAHARA’s fan heater/blower heats the entire room as opposed to the traditional infrared radiant heaters, which warm just the surface of the skin. This results in less steam, which makes your bathroom less likely to fall victim to mould. High air extraction from the SAHARA’s strong fan is also ideal for the control of steam and moisture. The premium 20-watt LED light panel with high lumen output allows for optimal illumination, and…

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bringing nature home

Invite nature into your home and turn your bathroom into a wellness retreat with the Villa collection from Omvivo. Many of us felt challenged in 2020. Now more than ever before we want our homes to feel safe and tranquil. Omvivo meets this need with the Villa collection, a fantastic example of the power of a beautiful organic colour palette paired with a wonderfully smooth, matt surface. The result is a range that truly inspires a sense of calm in the bathroom, transforming it into a haven akin to the kind you might find in a luxury resort. Yet it’s not just stunning looks that set the Villa collection apart. The range is finished by hand and produced from a blend of acrylic, natural minerals and a unique formula of individual particles…

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live well for longer

You want your new bathroom to be a space you’ll be happy in for years to come. The team at Hardware & General are here to help you achieve this with their expert staff whose mission it is to help you make the best choices for the long term. Living independently at home is a common goal for many of us. Consider this when planning your bathroom and future-proof your investment with a renovation that lasts. Many products from Hardware & General will assist you in achieving that goal, such as those from the Caroma LiveWell Collection. This suite of designs is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with the Caroma team working closely with health and care experts to ensure their products surpass industry standards. They help make bathroom beauty accessible regardless…

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from house to home

MYHOMEWARE truly does have the right ingredients to help you transform your house into a home! Whether it’s for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry, you’ll find everything you need here. This North Rocks-based business showcases its range over two complete floors, with the downstairs showroom featuring bathtubs, vanities, basins, LED mirrors, shaving cabinets and laundry tubs. The upstairs showroom houses toilet suites, bidets, shower stations, shower screens, kitchen sinks, tapware, accessories, floor grates and much more. Branded kitchen appliances and smart home automation systems are also available for your viewing pleasure in-store, which means you only need to make one trip to their showroom for almost all your homeware needs. MYHOMEWARE adds trended products to their already extensive range and aims to make it a one-stop shop for your convenience. Experienced sales consultants…