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ricci’s garage

“WITH THESE CARS, CHASING POWER GETS PROPERLY ADDICTIVE” I remember seeing a copy of TopGear in 2002 which had the tiniest snippet on Nissan’s Skyline GT-R ending production. And, seemingly unaware that cars could be picked up second hand, I assumed I’d never get the chance to own one as an adult. This made me quite sad. As a 14-year-old who hadn’t yet discovered girls, I’d already decided the R34 GT-R was the best car in the world. Way cooler than any Ferrari or Porsche. Obviously, I’d already bought fifteen of them – virtually – within Gran Turismo 3. Each tuned to a ridiculous level and sitting on textbook Volk TE37s. But it was the first car I properly wanted to own when I got older. That and a 1992 Dodge Viper, but even…

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what else we’re running

REPORT 4 VOLVO XC40 PHEV A lot of complicated stuff going on under the surface here - electric, petrol, regen. The XC40 juggles admirably, leaving you largely oblivious. But Just occasionally, the brake pedal serves up the mildest wobble of unevenness. It's marginal stuff, and certainly not enough to truly dent the XC40's overall sheen of solid professionalism. But hey, nice to have something to complain about, right? SP REPORT 2 AUDI E-TRON SPORTBACK Peace: one thing this car does very well. While we like our EVs to have some kind of character and sound signature that links with progress, the a-Iron's total lack of it and the acoustic glazed side windows (£595) make It a truly peaceful place to travel. You progress silently on a raised perch totally isolated from the world. Engaging, no.…

1 min.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit This is Mario Kart but not as you know it. In the box is a radio-controlled kart with a mounted camera, which you pair with your Nintendo Switch. The augmented reality races take place on a circuit constructed on your living room floor using cardboard gates. Unfortunately this game does require you to occasionally peel yourself out of the bum-shaped imprint on your sofa. The kart itself isn’t much quicker than walking pace, but the fact that the camera is about four inches off the deck, the video feed is populated with virtual opponents and the Switch pumps out BMWesque synthesised engine noises makes it feel convincingly quick. The tech is clever, but the game’s longevity is directly proportional to how much space you have to…

1 min.
lr discovery sport

REPORT 3 £50,635/£58,990/£570 WHY IT’S HERE To prove LRs are best when they’re more ‘utility’ than ‘sport’ DRIVER Tom Ford YOU’LL SEE THE DISCO DEFENDING its honour on p38 against the Merc GLB, and it acquitted itself well. The Sport has a calming USP that derives from its off-roadability. Strange to say it, but the fact it is so capable off-road means it’s less focused on being pseudo-sporty, and that’s a welcome thing. Every time I get into it after a long day and fire up the excellent Meridian stereo (a £630 option), journeys just seem a little less stressful. It’s been a busy month for it. We went and traced some lineage by tracking down an original Freelander, chased a vintage Aston and did some light off-roading when I got obsessed with the ‘transparent bonnet’ camera…

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making it happen

WHAT: LAND ROVER DEFENDER WHERE: CORBY, UK Fun fact – our shiny cover Defender needed 76 pairs of gold lamé hotpants, all recovered from the TG lost property bin WHAT: SNACK TIME WHERE: STAMFORD, UK A Ferrari petrol budget means a McDonald’s food budget. Fortunately that means dinner at Ottolenghi next time we’ve got a Dacia Sandero WHO: STEPHEN DOBIE WHERE: SHEFFORD, UK Disco ball, Seventies tache – Stephen is a revolving bed away from the full Boogie Nights, but the face fuzz is for a good cause WHO: MARK RICCIONI WHERE: CORBY, UK Busted. If we’ve learned one thing in lockdown, it’s that it’s much easier to shoot a group test when all the cars are tiny. You can’t even tell the difference WHO: ANDY FRANKLIN WHERE: DUNSFOLD, UK Andy was very sad to see all the 747s going out of service, but…

6 min.
lewis hamilton

Leading a race is one thing, so is winning a Formula One driver’s title. But there are few figures in any sport who become a leader off the track, a truly influential voice. Statistically, Lewis Hamilton already sits at the very top of motor racing greatness, but during 2020 he has really found his voice. We caught up with him just before the Turkish GP where he secured his seventh F1 title. CHRIS HARRIS: You’re now the most winningest driver in F1 history – congratulations. What do you think the 16-year-old Lewis would say to you now? LEWIS HAMILTON: Jeez. I don’t remember myself at 16. I think he just wouldn’t believe that this happened. He wouldn’t believe where I am. CH: Do you have one eye on the history of it? I…