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7 min.
eaton best

“THIS IS A VANTAGE IN END-OF-LINE LE MANS TRIM WITH 600BHP” Think ‘most powerful production car in the world’ and what imagery does your brain conjure up? The car is probably mid-engined, four-wheel drive and shaped like a B-2 bomber’s wing, designed in a room surely as neat and orderly as Ron Dennis’s cutlery drawer and packed with computers. You probably don’t imagine a workshop with half a dozen blokes sketching designs and welding a load of steel together. But wind the clock back just a decade prior to the development of the Bugatti Veyron and you arrive at the mid-Nineties Aston Martin Vantage. With 550bhp in standard trim, it was once the most powerful car you could buy fresh out of a factory. It was also two tonnes, trimmed with the…

10 min.
rock star cars

Rock stars love cars. From the moment Elvis parked his pick-up at the end of Lonely Street outside Heartbreak Hotel, the die was cast. Cars inspired countless classic songs, provided the perfect metaphor for love, escape and self-improvement. But they were also a great way of blowing royalties, a key signifier of this wild new musical era. When the freshly anointed rock aristocracy established itself in the Sixties, the piratical Keith Richards enjoyed winding up the old guard by landing a Bentley, a car he himself admitted was technically above his station in life. Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney both owned Aston Martin DB6s. (Macca worked on the melody for Hey Jude while driving his on a visit to Julian Lennon.) The costly crunch of supercar tyre on country house gravel was…

2 min.
baby boomer

£70,690 (£75,490 Performance Battery Plus) FOR Cheapest Taycan is suitably fast. Spend savings on options AGAINST Very little, unless you suffer from Tesla speed envy Interesting car, this: the baby Taycan. It’s the only flavour of Porsche’s electric fastback with no extra letters or words after its name – no ‘4S’ or ‘Turbo’ topper. At £70k, it’s £13,000 cheaper than the 4S, which has 4WD and more power. It makes do with only one motor – the 4S’s rear motor, in fact – driving the rear wheels. Officially, Porsche rates the car good for 321bhp, but it ‘overboosts’ to 402bhp when you flatten the throttle. Porsche reckons Taycan buyers add 10-15 per cent onto the base price in extra garnish, tech, and features. At the top of the list for £4,800, Porsche will sell you more…

3 min.
future proof

Toyota hopes when it sells you a Supra that you don’t twig how much BMW there is underneath. But we car nutters know. Because engines and chassis and operating system are integral to the soul of a car. So, to a degree, is where it’s made. Isn’t it? Is a Supra in a dealer in Osaka a local product? No. All the world’s Supras are assembled in Graz, Austria, by a company called Magna. You will correctly guess that the same plant also makes the BMW Z4. In the past it has contract-built various other BMWs and Minis. Certain Mercedes too. These days that same factory also makes the Jaguar I-Pace. Is the Jaguar any the less British for that fact? Does an Austrian VIN plate further erode the Supra’s Japanese…

2 min.
the overrun

JAGUAR XF P300 R-DYNAMIC HSE £44,760 FOR Vastly improved infotainment, quality AGAINST Engine lacks low-speed refinement Jag’s forgotten saloon staple seeks to arrest sales decline with major makeover. Only 4cyl engines now, the 2.0-litre petrol making 296bhp in the P300, but 201bhp MHEV diesel’s a better bet. Ride and handling remain impressive, but the main event is the new Pivi Pro infotainment with fast, simple to use 11.4in touchscreen. Major progress on interior quality, with much improved attention to detail. It’s cheaper to buy, too. JB AUDI E-TRON S £86,285 FOR Tesla-embarrassing build quality, oh-so refined AGAINST Badly inefficient, heavy for a five-seat crossover The sort of people who buy £90,000 Audi sports 4x4s don’t habitually put on thermal underwear, leave the car in Eco mode, or cower in the inside lane at 65mph. So, who is this e-tron…

1 min.
1000 miglia

Nowadays the Mille Miglia road race is essentially a driving holiday for investment bankers and the odd celebrity chef. Back in the race’s Fifties and Sixties heyday, though, it was a breakneck lap of Italy on public roads, cutting through rolling countryside and blasting through provincial towns frightening the locals. It’s exactly that lunacy that the 1994 game 1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally sought to recreate, albeit crunched down into an isometric arcade racer. The game’s toybox selection of 10 cars was ripped straight from decades of the race’s history, including the iconic Stirling Moss 722 Mercedes 300 SLR, and each was blessed with a remarkably throaty engine note and the ability to shoot a five foot sheet of flame from the exhaust. Your grand tour started with you slithering…