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BeanScene is Australia’s world-class coffee magazine. Not simply one for industry insiders, BeanScene caters for coffee aficionados who love what ‘coffee culture’ contributes to everyday life and leisure pursuits. Packed with fascinating barista profiles, inspiring feature articles and tantalising coffee reviews, BeanScene is a must-read for coffee lovers in Australia.

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There may be no snow in Melbourne during these cooler months, but the mountain-inspired chalet that is The Hungry Fox Café in Essendon, Victoria, is the ideal winter escape. The café opened in 2018 as an extension to the nearby LaManna Supermarket in Essendon Fields, and has become a favourite hangout for locals looking for a suburban retreat. With the café still relatively new, as is its coffee supplier, SoCo Roasters, BeanScene Editor Sarah Baker says it was a perfect opportunity to feature both brands on the cover of our winter edition. “What a fantastic opportunity to celebrate a passionate café that embraces family, food, and fantastic coffee, and a new roaster that thrives on story sharing and supporting the local community. It's the perfect alignment of values,” Sarah says (see page…

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Dr Monika Fekete is a chemical scientist with a passion for coffee. She is the Founder of Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy. She has collaborated with innovative coffee companies, roasters, and competition baristas, helping them underpin coffee research and development projects with solid scientific principles. Monika regularly hosts workshops around putting coffee science to practice. She also works for the Department of Food and Agriculture Innovation at Monash University. Babin Gurung is the Suntory Coffee New South Wales Barista Trainer. With a Masters degree in accounting from the University of Southern Queensland, the only numbers Babin crunches these days are extraction and dose times. He came to Australia from Nepal 11 years ago to study, fell in love with coffee, and hasn’t looked back. Babin has worked…

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is the romance dead?

Somewhere along the line, coffee became a romantic product desired by consumers to transport us to a magical place. It’s presented as the “drink of choice” for a catch-up with friends, the DNA to Australia’s cultural fabric, and the subject of commercials presented by celebrity actors and tattooed baristas. But how did it come to this? In July, I attended Toby’s Estate’s Knowledge Talk series where El Salvador coffee producer and roaster Emilio Lopez Diaz gave audiences a reality check on the challenges faced across the supply chain. He also spoke about the decisions specialty coffee producers face amid growing pressures from saturated coffee markets looking to be “unique”. Emilio is one of the lucky few. He had an education and exposure to support networks early in his career to help him…

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takumi sakamoto of deluca coffee wins 2019 australian coffee roasting championship

Takumi Sakamoto of Deluca Coffee has won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) 2019 AMC Australian Coffee Roasting Championship, held at Criteria Coffee in Port Melbourne, Victoria in late May. Pat Connolly of Genovese Coffee placed second and Daniel Shadbolt of Veneziano Coffee Roasters placed third in the competition. “I’ve been roasting for six or seven years and never entered any competitions... I just can’t believe I won,” Takumi tells BeanScene. “I had no idea what to expect. To win in roasting is an amazing feeling, especially in Australia, one of the ‘coffee capitals of the world’.” Takumi roasted in a smaller one-kilogram batch so more hot air would fill the drum, maximising its convection power. “I made sure I got the best tasting coffee in a cupping format. If I was to roast for…

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aussies compete in world coffee championships

The World Latte Art, Coffee in Good Spirits, and Cup Tasters Championships were held in Berlin, Germany at the World of Coffee Expo from 6 to 8 June. Danny Wilson of Ona Coffee placed ninth in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, with Dan Fellows of Origin Coffee in the United Kingdom reclaiming his title. Jibbi Little of Jibbijug made it to the semi-finals of the World Latte Art Championship, where she placed 11th. Italian Manuela Fensore of Barlady Café Academy took home gold in the competition. MJ Kim of Shamble Coffee Brewers placed 39th in the World Cup Tasters Championship, where Daniel Horbat of Ireland proved to be the fastest and most accurate coffee cupper. New Zealand’s Alan Bruce of Flight Coffee placed fifth. In 2020, the three competitions will take place…

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elida estate repeats best of panama victory

In 2018, Wilford Lamastus of Elida Estate made Best of Panama (BoP) history when he won in both washed and natural Geisha categories and broke the coffee quality competition’s record for its highest scoring coffee. Now, Elida Estate has done it again, winning both categories and setting new records at BoP 2019, which took place from 22 to 25 May. The Elida Geisha Green Tip Natural ASD (anaerobic slow dry) scored 95.25 out of 100 in the natural/special process category, beating last year’s score of 93.34 points. Its washed equivalent scored 95 in the Geisha washed category, beating the previous record of 94.66 points. “It feels unbelievable, like a dream. There was always this thought about winning one category and doing well in the other, because no-one had ever won both categories in…