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Blue Mountains Life

Blue Mountains Life

April - May 2020

Blue Mountains Life magazine is the premier publication with its intoxicating blend of stories on this magnificent rural region that includes Bathurst, Orange, Hawkesbury and the of course the Blue Mountains. Features include people, homes, gardens, interior/exterior decorating, food, wine, fashion, health, travel and motoring. A bold and glossy, large-format magazine that delivers the who, what, when, where, why and how of one of Australia’s most affluent regions. Stunning photography and quality journalism all in one publication.

Blue Mountains Life
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how does the weather affect your solar panels?

HOW SOLAR PANELS WORK If you’re unfamiliar about how solar panels work, here’s the rundown. Solar panels convert sunlight – not the sun’s heat – directly into electricity through photovoltaic cells that capture the energy of the sun in the form of DC energy and convert this DC energy via a solar inverter to AC energy, this AC energy is what is used in your home. Your inverter is wired into your main switch board where the AC energy is utilised in your home first and if any excess energy is available it will be sent to the grid in exchange for a ‘feed in tariff’. If a battery is utilised on the home the excess energy will be stored for night time use, oppose to being sold to the grid. One of…

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eclectic homewares... where the perfect piece is waiting for you...

are you looking for that perfect bespoke piece to complete your room? Look no further then bespoke on main, which has recently opened in Lithgow. From the vibrant black and white striped shopfront to the black and white checked floors, bespoke on main has a certain je ne sais quoi. You will find glassware, kitchen items, china, homewares and furniture pieces that look like they have come straight from a chateau in Provence. With new stock arriving weekly, you’ll want to make this a regular destination. The name says it all... Pop in and see Gaile and Denise @ 41 Main Street Lithgow. bespoke on main…

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lithgow restoration supplies

a dam Taylor has always been interested in Vintage and Antique and loves the reproduction period products that are available these days. Having renovated older houses first hand and sourcing supplies from Windsor, he saw the opportunity for a restoration supplies shop in Lithgow as that covers the Blue Mountains and surrounding regions, where there is a demand for reproduction pieces. Open for just over 6 months, the shop in Main street Lithgow has become a mecca for those seeking good quality products that match period homes and cabinetry. With most items on display you can physically feel, turn, slide the products, as well as see the quality first hand. Adam is there to answer your questions and help with your choice. Also, stocking Pressed Tin Panels, these can be used…

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keep warm with a lopi fireplace

here are 32 Lopi products available with countless design options available to suit the décor of any home. The options and features are seemingly endless and overwhelming to many. Some people believe that ‘a fireplace is a fireplace’ no matter what design but that is not the case, so how do you choose between them? LOPI GAS FIREPLACES Lopi gas fireplaces are ‘natural draft direct vent gas fireplaces’ meaning they naturally draw their oxygen supply from outside of the home and expel all the bi-product back outside again. This process means that the air quality in the home remains the same whilst not being reliant on fans to assist in the process. The Lopi ‘Premium Range’ features GreenSmart® 2 technology which includes a Smart Thermostat mode that can modulate the flames up and…

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beyond the forest

This is the perfect time to get creative and come up with new ways to spend your time as a family. when it comes to managing your money, raising a family can present a serious challenge. If you’re worried about how to discuss being broke with your children, there are a number of ways you can handle this all too common situation. Instead of being negative and constantly focusing on being broke, try to approach the situation in a more positive way. One way to do this is to talk to your kids about saving your hard-earned money for a rainy day or for a major purchase. If your children ask you why they can’t get that new pair of jeans or go out for ice cream, let them know that you’re planning…

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look the age you feel

a ward winning injector Jill McIver brings over 9 years’ experience in making you look the age that you feel. She has, impressively, completed over 10,000 treatments across NSW, the ACT and Victoria as a registered nurse, Jill has built a reputation on understanding what is best for her clients. Jill individually assesses each face and advises a personalised treatment plan for each client. She ultimately ensures that her clients achieve their desired look without feeling too different, every time they leave the clinic. Jill McIver is qualified with an MA in Adult Nursing from the University of Sheffield, England in 2003. Having also studied a Diploma in Art from Northumbria University, Jill recognises the importance of having an eye for detail and believes that this has a huge role to…