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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing November - December 2018

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CAPTAIN: RICK POLLOCK Rick grew up in Southern California, exposed to a nautical lifestyle. He’s had a rod in his hand from the age of three, and has since enjoyed a successful career on the water, first as a deckhand and then as captain. He’s run boats in Mexico, Hawaii and now New Zealand, where he’s resided for the past 40 years, helping clients aboard his long-range, live-aboard game fishing charterboat Pursuit, setting several world records for his clients in the process. DECKIE: LEAH MILLS Leah has always had a huge love for the ocean, but her passion deepened further when her husband Chad introduced her to fishing 14 years ago. Leah now works side-by-side with Chad, living and breathing fishing every day while running their Blue Lightning Charters operation in northern Western…

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a grandiose target

There are 454.59 kilograms in 1000 pounds – the lofty and rarely attained weight that in big-game fishing circles we call a ‘grander’. Granders are a target that many of us aspire to, or at least dream of. Fish of that size are simply awe-inspiring and whether you’ll ever really catch one or not, they are exciting to think about and see in photos. One thousand pounds is a nice, round number and the word grander rolls off the tongue far better than its awkward metric equivalent. Bumping up the target to the semi-round 500kg still does not offer a nice handle, and more practically, a fish of 500kg is such an unlikely specimen that it is almost beyond the realm of dreams. The reality is that fish weighing more than 454.59kg…

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two great fishing lodges in arnhem land

Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge This iconic lodge has been completely refurbished, offering luxury wilderness accommodation in an area teaming with sportfish. Location Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge is situated on the western side of Port Essington on Cobourg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, western Arnhem Land. Sportfishing Seasons October / November 2018 March to November 2019 Fishing Lodge guests have access to a huge expanse of bays, headlands, offshore reefs and islands where Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, golden snapper, coral trout & many other pelagic and tasty reef species abound. Plus the many sandy mangrove creeks and flats offer great barramundi, threadfin salmon and mangrove jack fishing. Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge Booking Peak Seasons Only Following the complete refurbishment of the iconic Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge, professionally-guided fishing tours only take place during the Top End’s two…

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amazing growth rate for pacific bluefin tuna

Tunas have been around for millions of years. Fossil records suggest their common ancestors were relatively small tuna-like pelagic fishes in the late cretaceous to early Eocene period, around 50 to 65 million years ago. Southern bluefin tuna (SBT) are relatively slow growing for a tuna, reaching 50cm in their first year and maturity between 8 and 10 years old at 130 to 150cm fork length. They can live to beyond 40 years of age and grow to around 2.3 meters and 200kg. At their only known natural spawning ground off north-western Australia, 4- to 13-day-old SBT of 3.5 to 7.5mm in length gained around 0.3 to 0.4mm per day (around 5 to 8% of their body length), with growth rates ultimately constrained by prey availability. It was found in some patches…

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igfa world record atlantic blue marlin on 10kg

This year I took my boat Silver-Rod-O and international crew to the Portuguese island of Madeira to chase IGFA world records for Atlantic blue marlin on light tackle. During our first nine days of trolling we had raised only one marlin, which my wife Sherrell had fought for fifteen minutes on 4kg tackle before the estimated 180kg blue threw the hook. Then at 4:20 in the afternoon of our final day before flying home, the fish that we had been hoping for crashed the right-long teaser and pursued it back to the boat like a freight train while Cairns deckie Andy Dow retrieved it in preparation for the switch. With my pitch-bait positioned, the marlin struck with an aggressive inside-out bite, and I was hooked-up on Momoi IGFA 10kg test line. The…

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sydney marine park ignites angler backlash

A furore erupted from recreational anglers last winter when the NSW Liberal/ National coalition Government proposed a new and restrictive set of marine park closures for the Sydney region. The proposal threatened the recreation and livelihoods of millions of Sydney anglers and businesses, spurring more than 70,000 protesters into one online group alone. Instead of being based on science and consultation, aiming to create a marine park that would enhance fish stocks and angling opportunities, the move instead seemed purely to appease extreme green activists. Yet with no scientific studies to back it up, the park threatened to lock anglers out of extensive sections of the Harbour and coastal waters out to three nautical miles. In mid-September, however, that all changed with a massive back-down by the government that has set a…