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Camper Trailer Australia

Issue 143

Relaunched in May 2017, and specialising in the world of campers and adventure trips, CAMPER magazine is for those who ‘have a penchant for good banter around the campfire and beer tasting in five-million star locations’. With a bold new design and revitalised content line-up, CAMPER will showcase the best in campers, feature characters, hero destinations, gear and technology, DIY hints and techniques and a celebration of an adventurous lifestyle through Aussie eyes.

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outback splendour

The Outback is where Aussies bid farewell to urban life and greet the world as nature intended. Like sailors who cheer after rounding Cape Horn from the Atlantic into the Pacific, overlanding campers cheer as they transition from the Simpson to the Innamincka. A primal awakening of the senses occurs when bearing witness to legendary locations, like the ocean off Cape Horn or the fabled red dunes of the Simpson desert. Australia is the smallest of the world's continents. It is also the lowest, flattest and, aside from Antarctica, the driest. The highest point on the Australian mainland is Mount Kosciuszko, at 2,228 metres above sea level. The lowest point is the dry bed of Lake Eyre, which is 15 metres below sea level. So across the vast expanse of the…

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camper trailer australia

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a lap of corner country

You gotta be joking, I thought, as Dick stepped across the hole and stood on the rickety wooden stage. But he wasn't! “Step onto the platform and then across to the ladder,” Dick advised, as we looked down into the hole we were about to descend into. “It’s only about 40 feet to the bottom and there’s a light down there,” he continued, before promptly disappearing into the earth. I was left on the edge trying to placate my fears of small, dark, confined places. When I’d finally mustered the courage and headed down into the underground, I found myself on the small jackhammer used to break up the soft clay at the head of the mine. Here, the mouth of what really is a giant vacuum cleaner laid in waiting, whistling…

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as the eagle flies

How do you become a camper manufacturer? For some it’s a long, slow and trauma-riddled path from making your first, finding a buyer, then moving on to your second, third and so on, as you build up a name and a reputation — attending shows, watching your bank account evaporate, and wondering where the next dollar is going to come from. Then, very rarely, you’re in the right place at the right time, and you grasp an opportunity and there it is, all finished and pristine and travelling along as fast as you can build your product. “SET-UP TIME REMAINS AT AROUND EIGHT MINUTES WITH PACK-UP AT AROUND TEN MINUTES. PRETTY GOOD BY ANY MEASURE” For Darren Houston, a young electrician from the central NSW coastal city of Newcastle, that’s how he became…

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wedgetail campers wtc

TRAILER Tare710kg ATM N/A SuspensionN/A BrakesN/A Coupling N/A Chassis60 x 40, 40 x 40 and 50 x 25mm RHS aluminium Body Marine grade aluminium and fibreglass Wheel/tyreN/A Style Side-fold slide-on DIMENSIONS Box size 1800mm wide Length 2500mm Height 1200mm Tent size 3400 x 3600mm Annex 3000 x 2200mm ACCESSORIES Gas cylinders 2 x 4kg Water 90L Cooktop Three-in-one barbecue plus two-burner stove top Kitchen Laminated aluminium Battery 200Ah lithium PRICE AS SHOWN $77,990 ENQUIRIES Wedgetail Campers Address 29 Teralba Road, Broadmeadow, NSW 2292 Phone 0458 130 106 Email info@wedgetailcampers.com.au Web www.wedgetailcampers.com.au camper.hemax.com More pictures Specs to compare…

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for the dual cab users

For slide-ons, dual cabs present unique problems, in that the extended body reduces available space behind for carrying a camper. Nonetheless, Darren Houston has begun work on a dual cab version of the Wedgetail. This results in some compromises, with the fridge box reduced in size, which limits the fridge size to around 40-50 litres. The water tank size is reduced to around 40 litres and there’s no internal gas bottle storage at this stage of developments, but it is hoped that as the design is refined it will be available elsewhere.Also there is no ensuite option — for now — and the rear storage pod is gone in the interests of reducing rear weight. At the moment it is hoped that it will be suitable for use on Ford Ranger, Mazda…