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Edition No.14 - December 2021

Cannabis World Journals (CWJ), is a digital magazine focused on the most relevant changes happening in the cannabis industry worldwide. It provides insights of legal experts in the cannabis industry’s regulations, business tips to entrepreneurs, investors, and participants. In addition, it seeks to educate medical personnel and scientific researchers as well passionate growers. We want to drive people’s attention to the most updated content in the cannabis world.

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the positive effects of cannabis on health and sports

Much has been said about the benefits of medical cannabis. Some see it as a possibility for entrepreneurship and income production. Others use it as disease treatment. Over time, this sector has grown strong thanks to government regulations increasing to expand its use, leaving behind the stigma attached to the plant. Currently, some sectors are still reluctant to explore the benefits of medical cannabis. The sports sector is one of those areas benefiting. Despite its technological advances, it sees cannabis as that extra push to improve performance through different disciplines. However, many do not know that it has many properties to overcome muscle injuries or any other pathology. According to different studies, athletes subject their bodies to high stress through exercise. Resulting in fatigue, pain, nausea, and even rupture of ligaments, bones,…

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cannabidiol and anxiety: what should we know before taking it?

Before the pandemic, the worldwide prevalence of anxiety disorders was 3,824 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Later it increased to 4,802 per 100,000 inhabitants, equivalent to 374 million people worldwide, with women and young people being the most affected (1). Today we can count on a pharmacological arsenal of antidepressants and anxiolytics as well as non-pharmacological therapeutic options such as yoga, mindfulness, psychotherapy, exercise to treat pathological anxiety. In recent years, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity as a therapeutic option to lessen this condition. But what should we know about it? Scientific studies show that CBD significantly reduces symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder. This condition manifests because of the person’s experiences during social exposure by way of palpitations, restlessness, trembling, sweating, facial flushing, accompanied by a fear of…

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i marijuana business daily

Marijuana Business Daily will be in Las Vegas. From December 11 to 13, one of the most important annual conferences in the medical cannabis sector will occur in Nevada, La Vegas. We are talking about the Marijuana Business Daily, an event that brings together major companies and exponents of the medical cannabis industry. An estimated 35,000 people from 70 countries, 1,300 exhibitors, and more than 1,250 investors in the industry will attend. It will be a three-day program filled with more than 50 expert sessions on different topics. Delegates from countries that greatly influence the cannabis market, including Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil, are expected to participate. The Hemp Project: PROYECTO CÁÑAMO The Civil Association PROYECTO CÁÑAMO (The Hemp Project) from Argentina, studies, learns, and educates people about the hemp plant through its varied…

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the ideal cannabis strains for atheltes

The cannabis market is opulent. You can find a great variety of hybridized genetics to produce a product with both morphological and genetic very interesting characteristics: a great diversity of aromas, flavors, and, above all, specific cannabinoid content that generates the desired effects for its destination. Today you can find a great variety of "strains" that work very well for athletes. Thanks to the concentration of certain cannabinoids that have great benefits such as: muscle relaxation, contraction, pain treatment, combat anxiety, managing stress, and many more properties. For this reason, some varieties which are perfect for the treatment of some symptoms that may occur in athletes before, during, and after training and competitions: - CASEY JONES: it has a concentration of 14% THC, with a Sativa predominance. One of its most characteristic terpenes…

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in the expert’s room:

“Hemp oil saved my life in many ways” Edwarda Oliveira, Paralympic athlete The story of Edwarda Olivera could be a source of inspiration, perseverance, discipline, and even a bit of gallantry. This Brazilian Paralympic volleyball player was born without one of her limbs: her right leg. As she grew older, her pain during the change of prosthesis became worse and "unbearable.“ Although traditional medicine did its thing, her exhaustion due to the long training days and championship competitions became another obstacle. That’s when she decided to explore the medical cannabis industry. Even though she says it was difficult "tostart, acceptand understand its use," today she considers "that medical cannabis saved her life.“. Edwarda had a pleasant conversation with our editorial team, we share this interview with you below: Cannabis World Journals (CWJ): Tell us…

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the medical cannabis legalization debate is still going strong in america

REGULATIONS In the United States, there are two levels of drug legislation: federal and state. In all scenarios, federal laws take precedence over state laws, including those on recreational cannabis use. These are their primary federal laws: Controlled Substances Act 91-513 of 1970: This law established a system of classifying drugs into five categories, ranging from Schedule I (high abuse potential, significant safety risk) to Schedule V (acceptable therapeutic use). Cannabis was included in Schedule I. Anti-Drug Abuse Act. 99-570 of 1986: This law stipulated mandatory minimum sentences for offenders, including those caught using cannabis, it was determined based on the amount of cannabis they had. In 1988 an amendment was made adding minimum sentences for minors found consuming cannabis. ACCESSIBILITY So far, more than 30 states have created laws allowing the use of cannabis and…