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Car and Driver November 2020

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crosshatch cars

1940–42 Chrysler Windsor Highlander & New Yorker Highlander In the early ’40s, Chrysler offered its six- and eight-cylinder cars in a Highlander trim, which featured moleskin leather seats with tartan inserts. Unfortunately, Toyota didn’t get the memo about the patterned interior when it co-opted this name for its SUV. 1955–61 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Just like the spectacular Mercedes W196 Grand Prix racer and 300SLR endurance machine, the famous gullwing 300SL had checkered upholstery. For those of you who recoil at the sight of plaid seats, the pattern didn’t seem to bother Fangio and Moss. Benz sells the SL’s fabric now, should you want to make a bedspread or a sport coat. 1975–76 Cadillac Calais Cadillac dabbled in plaids in the ’70s. Cloth-seat versions of the entry-level Calais came with Morgan plaid and vinyl upholstery that bled…

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going nowhere

Sometime in the fall of 2003, I felt a tightness in my chest, as though the air were thinner, harder to hold in my lungs. I’d just had my second baby and was lucky enough to be taking six months of maternity leave. I’d made the most of my summer, bringing the littles to lakes and spending time in the sun and the shade. But as the days turned shorter and the nights cooler, I felt panicky. It was as if Ned Stark himself were whispering to me. So I did what any rational person would do. I declared I’d write a book about online support groups for moms. I loaded up my 1996 Ford Explorer with diaper bags and a playpen and hopefully enough toys to keep a toddler entertained…

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prime mover

While everyone waited with bated breath for an Apple car, Amazon extended its reach into the automotive landscape far and wide. Building and selling new vehicles is big business, but it’s only the tippity top of the industry iceberg. Hundreds of thousands of car businesses exist beyond assembly plants and dealerships. Here’s where Amazon’s presence is having the biggest impact. PARTS AND ACCESSORIES According to automotive marketing agency Hedges & Company, the online parts and accessories market is expected to exceed $16 billion in 2020, with $10.3 billion of purchases made through Amazon. To make online buying easier for consumers, Amazon has established partnerships with local installation outlets, and the Amazon Garage makes recommendations for replacement and aftermarket parts based on the vehicle information users store in their accounts. Amazon claims that…

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2006 toyota prius

I have a confession to make: I learned to drive in my mom’s 2006 Toyota Prius, and instead of painting the high-school parking lot with burnouts, I spent my teenage years browsing Prius forums and practicing various tricks for maximizing mpg. There are more efficient cars that would stretch my final gallon of gas over a longer distance, but I’d want my last fling with internal combustion to end the same way it started. And I was sure that my hypermiling expertise would come back to me just as easily as remembering how to ride a bike. The Prius I found for the task was hardly an ideal example of a second-gen car, which, I would like to remind you, was named to C/D’s 10Best list in 2004. This one had…

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mclaren’s crossover

It took a while for Patient Zero, the Porsche Cayenne, to infect the luxury-car world with its virulent strain of performance and practicality. But here we are, with an Aston Martin SUV. And utes from Bentley and Lamborghini. Ferrari is working on the Purosangue, its jacked-up people mover. It’s all so inevitable—people buy these things, and car companies like to build things that people buy—but also sort of sad. The world needs Kia Tellurides, but et tu, Maranello? Among this glut of 600-hp palanquins, we find the McLaren GT. This is the closest McLaren gets to a crossover, which is not remotely close at all. Hallelujah. The GT is McLaren’s take on dignified utility. It’s a nitromethane-powered chain saw with three cupholders. It’s a polite knock on the door from an…

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2019 honda civic typer

After feeling the Civic Type R’s incredible ferocity, the sports-car-shaming directness of its steering and especially its brakes, it’d be natural to assume that Honda, in the quest for this level of tenacity, would have ditched the back seat and installed a huge strut-tower brace in the cargo area. Furthermore, you’d expect the high-state-of-tune 306-hp turbo 2.0-liter to guzzle oil and require more frequent servicing. But that’s not the Honda way. This latest Type R, only the second vehicle wearing the vaunted red “R” badge to be sold in the U.S., has just as generous a back seat as every Civic (albeit with one fewer seat) and the largest cargo hold among compact hatchbacks. It may have appeared strange to see us loading a half-dozen bags of mulch into the back…