Change Your Life Issue 3

Whether you want to make a few tweaks to the way you live your life or find a completely new way of working, living and being, Change Your Life will help you create the life you really want. You may want to change your job, create a new business, reinvent yourself or the way you’re living your life. Whatever your quest, this series will inspire you to make the changes that you want, prompt you to answer life changing questions, and take action. We cover everything from how to consciously create a great start, operate with a beginner’s mind and overcome procrastination to inviting you to explore your greatest, grandest dreams. Imagine if you freed yourself to truly ‘think big’ for the future? Let’s pull back the layers shrouding our dreams, stopping them from seeing the light of day. Prosperity, a job we really love, romance and good health – what if you could have it all? This Change Your Life series will also help you if your goals seem too lofty and float out of reach. We feature experts who help you go back to basics and take sustainable action by practicing positive practical habits and baby step by baby step start building strong foundations. Change Your Life encourages you to be braver, inch out of your comfort zone, stop procrastinating and crack on with creating a life you love.

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Laura Richardson Creative director and photographer Laura lives in Kent with her husband and daughter. She looks after all of the imagery in Psychologies magazine as well as photographing for it. Laura shot blacksmith Ashlee Donaldson for the My Life, My Way feature on page 70. ‘It was such a pleasure to shoot Ashlee – what an inspiring and talented young woman,’ she says. ‘It was like being on a film set inside this fascinating forge where generations of craftsmen and now women have laboured and created beautiful pieces of work.’ Oliver Burkeman Journalist and author Oliver is an award-winning journalist for The Guardian and the author of The Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking (Canongate, £8.99). He talks about appreciating the little things in life on page 30, suggesting indulging in…

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love your work!

Editor-in-Chief Is it really possible to be successful and happy? Yes! We’ve interviewed the best career experts, coaches and psychologists to uncover how you can find career fulfilment. Be it reinventing your career or starting your own business, this bookazine will help you identify what you need to find true joy and purpose in your work. In our Create Fulfilment section, we give you the tools to build the working life you really want. In our Reinvent Yourself section, we get you to do a deep-dive on your current skills and look at how you can transfer them into interesting new areas; in our Dream Big section, we help you to explore setting up either your own side hustle or your very own online business. And, in our Find Balance section, we…

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build the career you really want

Recently, I went for a walk with a dear friend. She’d just returned from holiday and was feeling blue about the prospect of work on Monday morning. My attempts to cheer her up weren’t exactly going down well. ‘It’s all right for you,’ she retorted. ‘You love what you do for a living. Me, I’m just hanging on for my pay cheques and the weekend.’ I didn’t point out that the pay cheques in question would make most people think they’d won money on the lottery – nor that we had always had different priorities. When my friend left university, her focus was to earn as much cash as possible. Growing up in a single-parent family, she dreamed of owning her own home, and of being able to help her mother…

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what stops you from having your dream job?

1 If you could get any support you wanted, you’d choose: An assistant to free you up from mundane tasks ♥ A coach to help you focus and take risks ◆ A mentor who has achieved what you dream of doing ● A therapist to work on your self-belief 2 At times it seems like success is: ♥ A path fraught with risk ● Something that happens to other people ◆ A secret you haven’t worked out yet Always just out of reach 3 You are most likely to make a big change when: ♥ You are finally certain that you can’t fail ● Someone convinces you that you can do it ◆ It’s clear how to make it happen You’ve had a break and time to think 4 Which quality would you like to have more of? Assertiveness ● Resilience ◆ Openness ♥ Decisiveness 5…

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“there is opportunity to found beauty everywhere; you just need to change the way you look for it”

“I love nature, but I also want people to look at the beauty of the obscure, the decaying”“One of my followers sent me a message saying:‘When I look at your pictures, it’s like I’m having therapy’” Brighton-based artist Philippa Stanton works mostly from her garden shed; it is a cosy, cluttered creative space, with the earthy scent of wood and dried paint mixed with paper and fresh air wafting in from the garden outside. ‘I love tending to the garden early in the morning,’ she says. ‘Weather permitting, I usually go for a bike ride afterwards, around 7am, either in the countryside or along the coast. Then I need to have a few hours to myself before I start anything that feels vaguely like work. My son is a teenager now,…

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passion project

How many of us have thought about turning our hobby into a side hustle that makes a little money and may even turn into a full-time job? Soap making, crafting, baking, writing – is it possible to make these things pay? And, with a full-time job, how do you find the time? I have been turning these things over in my mind for some time now, and watching others with the courage and determination go for it. As a full-time writer, I would like to launch a blog and podcast about faith and spirituality in the modern world. This is partly because I want to interview people and learn more about their religion – or lack of it – but also because I’d love to put my own stamp on my…