Change Your Life Issue 4

Whether you want to make a few tweaks to the way you live your life or find a completely new way of working, living and being, Change Your Life will help you create the life you really want. You may want to change your job, create a new business, reinvent yourself or the way you’re living your life. Whatever your quest, this series will inspire you to make the changes that you want, prompt you to answer life changing questions, and take action. We cover everything from how to consciously create a great start, operate with a beginner’s mind and overcome procrastination to inviting you to explore your greatest, grandest dreams. Imagine if you freed yourself to truly ‘think big’ for the future? Let’s pull back the layers shrouding our dreams, stopping them from seeing the light of day. Prosperity, a job we really love, romance and good health – what if you could have it all? This Change Your Life series will also help you if your goals seem too lofty and float out of reach. We feature experts who help you go back to basics and take sustainable action by practicing positive practical habits and baby step by baby step start building strong foundations. Change Your Life encourages you to be braver, inch out of your comfort zone, stop procrastinating and crack on with creating a life you love.

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Rachel Garnett Writer Rachel works as a writer for various publications, as well as being a PR consultant for charities and not-for-profit organisations. She talks on page 42 about how liberating and insightful a regular practice of journalling has been for her. After having been dismissive of it for years, being inspired to give it a go has led to increased self-esteem and awareness; as she says, it has become a ‘place of inspiration, a friend and a companion for life.’ Oliver Burkeman Journalist and author Oliver is an award-winning journalist for The Guardian and the author of The Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking (Canongate, £8.99). He talks about communicating with someone who holds a different view on page 88, suggesting that the key to changing minds is learning to influence,…

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strong, loud and clear

In this bookazine, we share with you how to build your confidence in your inner world before you go out there and speak up and make the changes you want in the outer world. In part one, Suzy Bashford explores why it’s useful to discover your own self-worth on page 26. Plus, Ellen Tout digs deep and discovers how to say how she really feels and asks to be heard on page 6. Rachel Garnett explores how to journal on page 42 and communes with her inner voice so she can get clear about her message. We also look into how to truly flourish when you’ve faced massive challenges – be it the loss of a child, infertility or a relationship break-up. How do you find the inner strength to go…

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time to be heard

Being the accommodating friend and colleague has always garnered me praise: a good listener, rarely rocks the boat and happy to go along with the majority. But, recently, I’ve found I want to shrug off that mantle and speak up for myself. In my friendship group, for example, a few people don’t speak to each other at points and often moan to me about the others. I feel deflated and frustrated by the situation but, instead of telling them, I listen to each person and try to keep the peace. I know it’s not the best way to solve matters in the long term, but I also don’t want to make things worse. Shoulda, woulda, coulda! Often, after a conversation, I reflect on what I should have said but, in the moment, I…

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how to bite the bullet and say your piece

Coach, speaker and mindfulness expert Neil Seligman’s guide to challenging conversations ● Aim to reflect your values, rather than being right or wrong ● Focus on what’s true for you ● Ask questions and say, ‘Help me to understand your view’ ● Stop, take a conscious breath, observe and then proceed ● Pay attention to your ‘blind’ spots; how you may be coming across to the other person: facial expression, tone of voice and body language ● Show yourself compassion, rather than worrying, after conflict ● Remember, you can make amends…

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zooming with confidence

Forget owning the room, we now have to own the Zoom, but that can present fresh challenges. As an introvert, I love how I can work from home in my PJs and slippers, network from my spare room and have a peek into other people’s lives during a video call. But group calls can be challenging – especially when the wifi is misbehaving or the house is a tip. There’s an added level of stress if you think people are judging your space. I make it a rule to ensure that the corner behind my desk is always presentable. Zoom calls can be exhausting, particularly for introverts. No matter your disposition, your brain has to work harder to process facial expressions and tone and pitch of voice because you’re not used to…

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the woman within

Apart from a few years during my late teens, I have spent my whole life believing I was unsexy. I wasn’t elegant or poised – I was messy and chaotic. As I strived for success in a business I created, I shut off my emotions to appear strong. I was fiercely independent and the fact that I was a woman didn’t even cross my mind. The world told me I needed to switch off my femininity and switch on a linear and consistent outer shell. When I turned 30, after punishing my body in the gym and restricting my food intake in a bid to achieve the ‘perfect’ body, I was anxious, exhausted, without a menstrual cycle, in a relationship that was falling apart and with a damaged disc in my…