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Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete magazine in its sector, a rich source of information on fabrics, yarns and accessories. All the trends, atmospheres, colours and lines over a year in advance. Reportage from international trade fairs. 4 issues per year. La rivista più ricca e completa dedicata a tessuti, filati ed accessori. Tutte le tendenze, le atmosfere, i colori, le linee con oltre un anno di anticipo. Reportage dalle fiere internazionali. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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With sustainability increasingly becoming a part of a common conscience, also thanks to the awareness-raising work carried out by environmental organizations, the attention of consumers has intensified on a global level. The clothing supply chain starts upstream, not only from the selection of the materials used but even before the farm and crop management stage, in order to control impact, both on an environmental as well as a social level, imposing sustainable materials, non-harmful chemical products, and production techniques that respect both humans and animals. A necessary evolution, adopted by fashion brands, to be competitive in a market with precise demands, where new generations pay much more attention to the environment than the previous ones. Many textile companies now make serious choices to this regard, and important trade fairs dedicate…

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collezioni trends

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Carvico, leader in the production of nonsnagging stretch fabrics, uses its high technical skills to create the Lifestyle collection, entirely dedicated to the world of furnishings. Quality, technique, and very high performance, the fabrics designed for interiors adapt and enhance any shape and volume. Perfect for covering accessories, they can be personalized in many ways. The Carvico Lifestyle collection proposes a wide range of textures: from resistant and compact surfaces to silky velvet, with a rich color chart that offers endless possibilities. Solid colors but also sophisticated and original print combinations. The fabrics can be selected in a simple or coupled version, for more thickness and compactness. Waterproofing membranes and water-repellent treatments also make them suitable for outdoors. Lifestyle reflects Carvico’s commitment to innovation. A collaboration with important names in…

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Cariaggi, excellence Made in Italy, and an international reference point in the production of fine yarns, bets on sustainability as a corporate value, investing in programs to improve environmental impact and reduce energy consumption deriving from industrial processes. The recent inauguration of its new building, in the historic site of the company in Cagli, represents Cariaggi’s philosophy, aimed at safeguarding the territory, with plants that work at low temperatures, fine dust exhaust flues, and systems for rainwater recovery reused in the production cycle. From a constant commitment towards the environment, the “Organic Cashmere” project was created in 2015: a farm located in an unspoilt area of Inner Mongolia, where the entire life cycle of the animals (a limited group of Hircus Laniger goats) and the territory are constantly monitored to…

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about socks filoscozia®

Pitti Filati 85, the international event for the knitting yarn sector, ended on June 28th. The fair, besides being a show where the trends of the future are introduced, proves to be an important springboard for young students of fashion & design courses who have the opportunity to present their wonderful creations at the stands of the various exhibitors. In fact, this year Filmar, as a sponsor of the About Socks competition, has exhibited at its stand, the winning project that saw the use of the precious Filoscozia® yarn to make some beautiful socks. The ABOUT SOCKS award is addressed to young designers of the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts who have presented 5 designs of socks, entirely designed with Filoscozia® yarn. The yarns have been made available by Filmar…

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the colors of the city

The new trends in the Fall/Winter collection by Zegna Baruffa, manufacturer of high-quality yarns, draw inspiration from an urban landscape, in a range of colors that reflect the atmosphere of the city with genuine, recognizable shades, like beige and mélange, while grays are present in all their nuances, and the star of the show is blue in its various shades, along with bright colors that revive the winter darkness like the artificial sparkle of windows and signs. The quality of the yarns stems from the manufacturing company’s philosophy and a respect for the territory, along with a love for tradition and a commitment towards sustainable production, following strict parameters, with the objective of safeguarding people and the environment. A protocol that is consistent with the demand of the company and…