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Combat Handguns Septmber/October 2019

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downed attacker…

In the November/December 2018 issue of Combat Handguns, we pointed out the fallacy of believing that once a homicidal gunman is down, he’s out. We delineated several cases showing that, contrary to popular belief, the offender with a remote-control weapon can still commit murder from a sitting, supine or prone position, and shooting him until he is no longer a threat has been proven to be absolutely justifiable. The key element there is the gun, a remote-control weapon. The same would be true with any other weapon that a physically immobile murderer could use to kill innocent victims from some distance away—a wounded terrorist suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest, for example. But what if the downed person is armed with a contact weapon, that is, something with which he must physically…

6 min.
what’s in your range bag?

We’ve been going to the pros to peek inside their range bags, giving us a firsthand look at everything from their guns to their favorite gear. And we might even pick up a few tips to improve our own shooting. This time, we bring you a double dose: not just one pro, but two. So buckle up and prepare yourself for all things Wilson Combat. Bill and Joyce Wilson are no doubt a dynamic couple. Not only are they both highly accomplished in competition shooting, but they’re also avid hunters of big game here in the states and around the world. Together, they are the heart and soul of Wilson Combat, a leading innovator of high-performance handguns and long guns. If you’ve never had the opportunity to shoot a gun from Wilson…

4 min.
keep it runnin’

People often ask me what my favorite pistol is, and I am careful to respond. Some are very passionate about makes and models, calibers and capacities. I will work with whatever platform is in my hand. There are courses where I am exclusively Glock, others Sig. But I do have an affinity for custom-built 1911s, however. There is something about the feel, craftsmanship, accuracy and action that only a 1911 can provide. I am no armorer or gunsmith, nor am I much of a gun geek. I like to shoot, and I have guns. I shoot them, I clean them. I will change out sights and triggers, but that is about as far as my gunsmithing knowledge takes me. I have been shooting 1911s since the early 1990s. I own several from…

8 min.
fire hawk

YES, yes, I get it. Polymer-framed, striker-fired guns are great. I wholeheartedly endorse them and the arena in which they serve. However, there’s a special place in my heart for guns born of steel and handcraftsmanship— guns that sit in the hands of a master gunsmith as he fits the individual components one by one, making sure that every part of the gun melts into the next and ultimately emerges as a ballistic piece of art. This is the world of high-end 1911s, and Nighthawk Custom has been a big player in this market since it first opened its doors over 15 years ago. The company has given us dozens of incredible semi-auto pistols over the years, but its most recent release literally made me do a double-take. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I was on…

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refined to be mine

On June 26, 2008, I received a permission slip in the mail from New York City’s One Police Plaza allowing the purchase of a Kimber Gold Combat II in .45 ACP. You see, living in New York City at the time meant that before any handgun purchase, it needed to be cleared by the NYPD. But this isn’t about the insane laws and hardship that New York puts on its law-abiding residents. This is about that Kimber 1911. After getting the permission slip, I called Kimber to pay for the gun and have it sent to my local FFL. While we were talking, the Kimber rep mentioned that I probably wouldn’t forget that particular day. He was right, since June 26, 2008 is also the day that the District of Columbia…

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meet the smiths

How did you get interested in gunsmithing? I have always loved messing with guns. I figured If I could make a living doing something I loved, then it would make life easier. Twenty years later, I am still making a living and enjoying it every day. How did you wind up at Nighthawk? I was hired right away from another local gun company when Nighthawk started. I was the first Nighthawk employee. What’s your favorite gun? Is there a model you love working on the most? My favorite gun is a Winchester Model 70, but I love working on 1911s. What’s the craziest thing a client has asked you to do? Do a complete custom rebuild on a “pristine” pre-1918 Colt 1911 that was very rare and collectable. What’s the worst shape you’ve ever seen a gun in? It’s…