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Conceal & Carry Spring 2018

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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2 min.
choosing the one

I wish I could settle on one. I’ve changed my primary carry gun numerous times over the last few years. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Familiarity and repetition are elements of becoming proficient with a handgun. It wasn’t always so. A limited budget and family priorities ensured that I had to be appreciative of what I had. My first handgun was a Smith & Wesson Model 28 revolver in .357 Magnum with a 6-inch barrel, a graduation gift from my brother. Many years and countless handguns later, it still has the best trigger of any handgun I own. It continues to be a great field gun, but it is rather large for concealed carry. I was given a Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special five-shot revolver a few years later, and that…

5 min.
diverse defense

01. RUGER SP101 REVOLVER NOW IN 9MM Ruger is now offering its sturdy SP101 stainless steel five-shot revolver in 9mm. This revolver features a 2.25-inch barrel, black ramp front sight and rear groove rear sight. It comes with a cushioned, black rubber grip with plastic inserts for a recoil-absorbing secure hold. Like all Ruger double-action revolvers, this new SP101 features Ruger’s patented transfer bar mechanism to prevent an accidental discharge and a triple-locking cylinder for strength. The SP101 can be taken down into its major sub-assemblies without special tools, making for easy maintenance. Included are three full-moon clips that each hold five cartridges for speedy reloads and to facilitate ejection of the spent casings. The revolver has an overall length of 7.2 inches and weighs 25 ounces unloaded. Web: www.Ruger.com MSRP:$719 02. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY’S…

6 min.
edc blades

I had been away from them for too long. After taking a fresh look at some Spyderco knives recently, I wondered why I had not kept current with the company’s products—specifically its EDC blades—for several years. Early in my law enforcement career, I bought a Spyderco Delica lockback folding knife with serrated edge and carried it both on and off duty for several years. At the time, that knife with its Spyder Edge serrations and innovative Trademark Round Hole for one-handed opening were relatively new things. It was lightweight, handy and performed well on every cutting task I asked of it. But I liked to try new things. Along came a series of knives from other manufacturers and I set that Delica aside. That was a mistake. But I’m making up for lost time…

4 min.
q4 tac

Versatility in a handgun is a good thing. Being able to use the same handgun for competition, home defense, concealed carry and tactical/ law enforcement applications allows you to develop a thorough familiarity with the gun’s particular handling qualities. That, in turn, benefits establishing your grip, acquiring the sights and making fast, accurate shots. Walther Arms has introduced the Q4 TAC model in 9mm Luger that offers an array of features that makes the handgun suitable for multiple missions without the need to pick up a different handgun each time the task at hand changes. SPECIAL TOUCHES The Q4 TAC comes with a suppressor-ready barrel with standard ½ x 28 threads. A screw-on cap protects the muzzle when no suppressor is used. Because a suppressor can also change the dynamics of a recoil-operated firearm,…

1 min.
duelin the desert

It was Walther versus the media in the deserts of Utah. If you want to torture-test new firearms, there’s no better way than to let a group of writers and editors abuse them for a couple of days. Walther sponsored such an event recently to familiarize members of the media with the new Q4 TAC pistol. Under the expert instruction and oversight of Jim Staley and his crew at Deliberate Dynamics, the writers participated in a number of tactical drills incorporating multiple targets, movement, use of cover, low-light shooting and exercises in live-fire shoot houses. At the center of the event was the Q4 TAC, which proved to be a capable, reliable pistol throughout the event. The handguns fired thousands of rounds of ammo, often as quickly as they could be stuffed with…

7 min.
never in the dark

Night or day, inside or out, there are always dark places you might need to light up, whether you’re identifying a possible threat, trying to retrieve a piece of dropped gear or looking for a safe avenue of escape. Today’s newest LED lights are dependable, bright and fit in your pocket. They are a critical part of your EDC gear. Here are some of the top new lights covering a wide range of sizes and brightness levels. Some are powered by rechargeable lithium cells, some take commonly available alkaline batteries, and some can use either. 01. COAST HP10R The new Coast HP10R rechargeable flashlight combines an extremely bright light with a versatile power system for go-anywhere illumination. The HP10R features Coast’s Flex Charge Dual Power System allowing it to be powered by either…