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Conceal & Carry Summer 2018

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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2 min.
the next big thing

I will never wear out the guns I currently own, even though some of them are, like me, getting old. Part of the reason is that I’m continually testing new models. The guns I like well enough to buy sit in my safe. I rarely get to shoot my own guns because my time is spent reviewing what I hope will be the next big thing. So, what will be the next big thing to come along? Revolvers, for the most part, have changed little in more than 100 years. The 1911 has been with us since, well, 1911. Polymer-frame pistols are newer, but believe it or not many younger shooters never remember a time without them. Sure, we have seen improvements along the way. Bullets are better than ever, the steels…

3 min.
bullets & blades

01. SPYDERCO INTRODUCES THE WARRIOR HAWK Laci Szabo has had U.S. Marine, law enforcement officer, martial artist and knife designer all appended to his name. Now he’s designed the new Spyderco H03 Warrior Hawk, an all-purpose tomahawk suitable for both close quarters combat and utility use. The tomahawk is 13.68 inches long and weighs 31 ounces. Formed from a single piece of D2 steel and coated with black titanium carbonitride, it features a 5.88-inch faceted blade on one side of the head and a spike on the other. The Warrior Hawk is fitted with grooved G-10 handle scales for a secure grip. The end of the handle includes a pry-bar tip and lanyard hole. The tomahawk comes with a molded Boltaron sheath. MSRP: $479.95 Web: www.Spyderco.com 02. OUTDOOR EDGE ADDS 3-INCH RAZORLITE EDC TO ITS…

6 min.
swiss tool spirit xbs

Carry a gun every day and chances are it will never leave your holster. Carry a knife every day and chances are you’ll use it for something every day. I have many knives with the word “tactical” applied to their tough-sounding names. I carry one because, well, you never know. But my EDC gear also includes things I do know I’ll need at some point most days. That gear includes a more practical, versatile knife for everyday chores. More times than not it’s a Swiss Army Knife that gives me a variety of tools because, no, I’m not going to turn a screw or pry a lid with the tip of my $200 tactical knife. Sometimes, however, I need something for more heavy-duty tasks and if I can’t get to my full-size…

2 min.
taking stock with stockman

“ONE-HANDED SHOOTING MAY BE REQUIRED TO FIRE INJURED, WHILE SEATED, WITH RESTRICTED MOBILITY, OR THROUGH OR AROUND A BARRICADE.” Retired Major David Stock-man, USMC, has been immersed in the techniques of armed combat his entire adult life. He was a heavy lift and assault support helicopter pilot, participating in nine combat operations. He was captain of the Marine Corps Pistol Team, in the process earning five gold distinguished badges in the service rifle, service pistol, revolver and police combat. He is a sworn Pennsylvania Special Deputy and Homeland Security Investigations firearms instructor. He also serves as a private sea force consultant specializing in threat analysis and security team equipment. Stockman founded Mil-Spec Safety & Security to provide guard services for the construction industry. He offered his insights into concealed carry. 01 CCH:…

9 min.
double defense

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. Predators thrive in every environment. From the most remote corners of undeveloped backcountry to the world’s major metropolitan centers, these predators pursue their prey, seeking out the weak, the unprepared. Personal defense firearms allow us to level the playing field and defend ourselves and others, whether that’s against two- or four-legged aggressors. Like so many Americans, I spend most of my time in urban landscapes. The great wild predators—grizzlies, wolves and mountain lions—are no longer a threat where I live. But one doesn’t need to spend much time searching through local news stories to find a situation where some innocent person was victimized by one of their own kind. And while I pray that I’ll never have to defend myself against another human, I…

2 min.
choose the right cartridge for double duty

There are a wide range of suitable cartridges for personal defense, everything from the .380 ACP and .327 Federal Magnum (and even the .22s and .25 Auto, depending who you ask) up to the .45s. When you consider cartridges that are also suitable for personal protection against the world’s largest predators—specifically the bears—the field narrows considerably. And while there are cases of hikers, anglers and hunters stopping big bears with calibers as small as 9mm in emergency situations, (such a case occurred in Alaska in 2016 when a fishing guide killed an attacking grizzly from 3 feet with a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-auto) I believe—and most guides and outfitters who operate in bear country agree—that a .357 Magnum is the minimum and the powerful .40s are a better option. Because no…