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Conceal & Carry Fall 2018

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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the price of self-defense

How much do you have to spend on a good concealed carry handgun? There are generally two sides to the debate: One group advocates buying the best handgun you can afford as more expensive handguns are likely to be made of higher quality components, be manufactured to higher standards and be able to provide reliable service for a longer period. Spend the money. After all, how much is your life worth? The second faction believes that there are plenty of good handguns out there for reasonable prices. You don’t need anything fancy or highly customized. Keep the money you save for ammo and training. After all, if you did use an expensive gun in a defensive shooting, it would rust away in a police evidence locker for who knows how long. So, who’s…

5 min.
the armory

01. NEW STREAMLIGHT TACTICAL LIGHTS GREAT FOR EDC Pick the size you like. Streamlight has an EDC flashlight for every purpose. The new Protac HL-X USB is based on an earlier model, but now the light comes with the company’s new rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery. There’s a micro USB charging port right on the battery. Charge it with the included cord; there’s no need for a separate charger. The light can also be powered by two CR123A batteries. The light puts out 1,000 lumens on high for 1.5 hours. On low, you get 65 lumens of light for 23 hours. It comes with Streamlight’s Ten Tap programmable system so you can choose among three switch sequences. It’s aluminum body features an anti-roll bezel. It has a two-way pocket clip and comes…

4 min.
compact companion

“AFTER MUCH USE, INCLUDING CUTTING CARDBOARD, WHICH ISN’T KIND TO A KNIFE BLADE, IT WAS STILL IN GOOD SHAPE.” Usually, I’m not fashion conscious enough to coordinate the styles of my EDC gun with my EDC knife. I do, however, demand some of the same traits in both a knife and a gun. They must both be of good quality, sturdy and reliable. They have to carry comfortably. They must perform well and must be reasonably priced. Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is licensed to produce an exclusive line of Ruger knives. The knives are designed by some of the world’s top designers and, like Ruger firearms, tend to be of very good quality and are a good value. With the new Ruger LCK (Lightweight Compact Knife), CRKT did much more than stick…

3 min.
a woman’s perspective

Michelle Cerino is a busy woman. As a firearms instructor, she brings a woman’s perspective to her work with the Cerino Consulting and Training Group, a company she formed in 2011 with her husband Chris. Her passion is instructing in FASTER programs, a comprehensive, no-cost training program for educators to prepare them for possible school violence events. She runs the Princess Gunslinger website covering everything of interest to a modern, adventurous woman. She’s the managing editor of the online magazine, Women’s Outdoor News. She writes a monthly column on training for Gun World and the What’s in Your Range Bag column for the NRA’s Shooting Sports USA magazine. She contributes to other publications as well. She’s also a sponsored competitive shooter and brand ambassador for various companies in the firearms industry. 01…

7 min.
micro size, maxi perform ance

It’s just like your father’s 1911 in .45 ACP only smaller, much smaller. That’s the Springfield Armory 911 in .380 Auto. Springfield Armory’s new 911 pistol is a 1911-style, micro-subcompact in .380 Auto that you can have with you at all times, no matter how you are dressed. When SHF, your Springfield Armory 911 will be there so you can be your own first responder. NOT JUST ANOTHER 1911 The Springfield Armory 911 pistol fits square in the middle of the Taurus Spectrum, Glock 42, S&W Bodyguard and Ruger LCP II pack by both size and weight. What the others lack is the 1911 pedigree of the 911. Even though there are significant differences between the 911 and a traditional 1911, the similarities are striking. It not only looks like a 1911, but it…

1 min.
best ways to pack the new 911

Springfield Armory supplies a zippered nylon case with the 911. It contains a pocket holster that is secured to the inside of the case using hook and loop material. There is also an elastic loop to hold a spare magazine and a compartment to hold a concealed carry permit or other paperwork. The provided pocket holster works reasonably well and does a good job of covering the trigger, thumb safety and the magazine release. The one drawback that I find with this holster is that it is bulkier than necessary due to the thick, padded material used. One plus is that you don’t have to spend $35 or more for a holster after paying $500 to $550 for the gun. Perhaps a better holster alternative is the DeSantis Gunhide Tuck This II…