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Conceal & Carry Winter 2018

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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take it to 100

“Train with purpose because your life might depend on it.” I’ve been both the preacher and the choir on this one, and I’m sure you’ve heard it or something similar many times. Yes, you should take your handgun training and practice sessions seriously if you want to be prepared for a critical situation. But in that determination to tune up for the next competition or to be ready for an armed conflict, don’t forget that shooting is supposed to be fun, too. In this issue, we have stories on energizing your range sessions with some fun shooting as well as highlighting some of the targets available that you can use to do just that. There might be the misconception that casual plinking is a waste of time and ammunition. But any time you’re…

4 min.
the armory

01. WALTHER CCP M2 FEATURES TOOL-LESS TAKEDOWN Walther is now offering an M2 version of its CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) in 9mm. The most welcome change is that it now offers tool-less takedown. A takedown switch has been added to the back of the slide to facilitate easy disassembly. Also new is the red tip to the end of the striker, easy to see when the striker is cocked. The CCP was always different from other 9mm pistols in that it features a fixed barrel and a gas-delayed blowback action. There’s a small port inside the barrel, forward of the chamber, that channels some gas into a piston located in a cylinder below the barrel when the gun is fired. The fixed barrel enhances accuracy, and the gas system reduces recoil…

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classy carry

“CASE IS ONE OF THE FEW COMPANIES THAT CAN MAKE A KNIFE LOOK ANTIQUE, YET SHINY AND NEW ALL AT ONCE.” Idon’t require all of my everyday carry (EDC) gear to carry the “tactical” appellation in order for me to place my trust in it. When it comes to knives especially, I require a good amount of utility beyond any possible self-defense application. I’m more likely to open a package than a vein. And while I view my knives and guns too as purposeful tools, that doesn’t mean I have to settle for spartan models that are all function and no art. Performance is key, but being attractive is a nice plus. W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company has been selling quality knives that are both rugged and good looking for more…

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fast as lightning

Most everyone who has ever entered a handgun competition knows the name Jerry Miculek. The long-time Smith & Wesson-sponsored shooter began his competitive shooting career in 1976. He has captured 100 national and world shooting titles, including 21 consecutive ICORE Championships, the action shooting competitions of the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts. He has achieved numerous world speed-shooting records, including five NRA-sanctioned world speed-shooting handgun records and one NRA-sanctioned rifle speed-shooting record. He has mastered many types of firearms, but he’s recognized most as the fastest man alive with a revolver. As an example, in 1999 using a S&W eight-shot revolver, he fired eight shots on one target in 1 second even. Then he shot eight shots on four targets (two on each) in just 1.06 seconds. Using a S&W six-shot…

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into the fold

“THE ICING ON THE CAKE IS THAT BOTH VERSIONS HAVE HIGHER CAPACITY MAGAZINES THAN THEIR STOCK COUNTERPARTS.” Your life might hinge on carrying a handgun. Now, your handgun might just have a hinge to make carrying easier. Just when you think that you have seen it all, American ingenuity comes along and slaps you in the face with something new. We have folding knives and rifles with folding stocks, so why not a folding pistol? Full Conceal has taken an existing pistol with a reputation for reliability—the Glockand modified the least number of parts possible to create folding pistols. First in the line of folding pistols are the M3D (double-stack Glock 19) and M3S (single-stack Glock 43). WHAT THEY DID When carrying a firearm concealed, one of the problems we fight is the basic…

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drawing a folded pistol

The preferred method of pocket carry for the M3 pistols is with the barrel pointed up and the folded grip forward. This allows the shooter’s strong-side hand to grab the pistol grip in the proper orientation while withdrawing the pistol from a pocket. Once the pistol is clear of the pocket, the weak-side hand unfolds the frame and slide assembly from the grip and locks it into place. As the strong-side hand continues the route up and out, the opposite hand finds its grip in the support position as the gun is pressed forward and the sights are aligned. If you practice sufficiently, you will be able to draw either the M3D or M3S from concealment and get on target quickly.…