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Conceal & Carry Summer 2019

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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what do you believe?

It’s just not getting any easier, is it? There are so many things to consider when it comes to personal defense. And with all of the “experts” shouting to be heard over one another, how do you know what to believe? When it comes to handguns, there are many very good ones. While the choice can be difficult, it might not be as critical as you think. Select one that’s well-made and that you’re willing to carry regularly, convenience aside. Whether it’s a revolver or semi-auto, striker-fired or a hammer gun, single-action, double-action or anything in between, if it proves reliable, you’re probably OK if you train with it until its operation doesn’t require you to stop and think about it. Your life probably won’t depend on whether a pistol has…

4 min.
the armory

STREAMLIGHT ADDS TO ITS TACTICAL LIGHT LINEUP Streamlight’s line of tactical lights continues to grow. New this year is the Pro Tac 90 handheld LED light. This light is just 3.78 inches long and features an angled head and removable clip so that it can be attached to MOLLE gear such as the shoulder strap of a pack for hands-free use. It features multiple power-source capability: It can run on either one CR123A lithium battery, one AA alkaline battery or one AA lithium battery. It has a maximum output of 300 lumens on high. It features the company’s Ten Tap programmable switch, so that you can set it for high-strobe-low, high only or low-high modes. The MSRP is $68. New to Streamlight’s lineup of weapon-mounted lights are the TLR-8G and the TLR-6…

6 min.
shapely & sharp

Gerber’s new Fastball folder should find a following among those who carry a pocket knife on a daily basis. The new knife is sized to offer a good balance of performance, utility and convenience of carry. It features an excellent blade configuration made of good steel, is made in America and incorporates Gerber’s improved manual flipper design that separates it from the competition. “IT FEATURES AN EXCELLENT BLADE CONFIGURATION MADE OF GOOD STEEL, IS MADE IN AMERICA AND INCORPORATES GERBER’S IMPROVED MANUAL FLIPPER DESIGN…” FANTASTIC FLIPPERS I like a knife that features a flipper that allows the blade to be opened easily with one hand and then, when opened, provides a finger guard. Most of my daily cutting chores are pretty ordinary, but there are occasions when I am holding or steadying something with…

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positive feedback

Getting the biggest benefit out of the time you spend in your self-defense training has just become much easier. And a lot more fun.. MantisX has introduced three new models of its motion-sensing firearms training devices. The X3 is designed for use on both handguns and long guns. The X7 is specifically for shotgun shooters. The X10 combines the features of the other two into one all-purpose training device. All of the new MantisX devices are said to be 40 percent smaller and 60 percent lighter than the original, but provide three times the battery life before needing to be recharged. The data transfer rate is four times faster as well. Like the original MantisX, these new models attach to the accessory rail of your firearm. Some adapters are available on the…

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mighty mouse

“….32 ACP BULLETS WERE ABOUT THE SAME DIAMETER AS 00 BUCKSHOT. BY FIRING A FULL MAGAZINE ON AN ADVERSARY… IT WOULD BE LIKE HITTING HIM WITH A SINGLE CHARGE OF BUCKSHOT.” “THE SEECAMP IS STILL ONE OF THE FINEST SMALL CONCEALMENT PISTOLS EVER MADE. AND, UNLIKE MANY TINY PISTOLS, IT IS VERY RELIABLE AND VERY SAFE.” Defensive pistols seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Yet, with all the new models out there, we often overlook one of the better designs that’s been with us for quite a while: the Seecamp. A LOOK BACK Back in 1981 or 1982 when Larry Seecamp developed the Seecamp mini-pistol, he sent me one of the first examples produced. That original pistol was in .25 ACP, a caliber I had carried occasionally in a Baby Browning, but…

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what do you feed a seecamp ?

Seecamps always came with admonitions about what ammo to use. That is still the case, but the availability of a wider variety of good defense loads in .32 ACP and 380 ACP has broadened the recommendations. Currently, the following loads are recommended: LWS-32 • Winchester Silvertip 60-grain HP • Federal Premium Hydra Shok 65-grain JHP • Speer Gold Dot 60-grain GDHP • PMC Bronze 60-grain JHP LWS-380 • Winchester Silvertip 85-grain HP • Federal Premium Hydra Shok 90-grain JHP • Aguila 90-grain JHP • PMC Gold 95-grain Starfire HP (SFHP) I’ve tried all of the .32 loads except the PMC one and all of the .380 loads except the Winchester and Federal. All were reliable and accurate given the lack of sights. Because my wife uses the .32 ACP Hydra-Shok load in her Kel-Tec, I keep a good supply of it.…